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  1. I have never had withdraws this bad not even when i got sober! My depression and anxiety are at the worst its ever been. If you are on Latuda or thinking about going on just a warning on how bad the withdraws are.
  2. My Doctor is not giving my shrink a choice but to take me off it. Having major withdrawls too
  3. Has anyone else experienced extreme weight gain on Latuda? Like ** lbs in 6 months? I already had a weight problem before i went on it :( This was my miracle drug and now i have to go off of it...... Any advice on it? Going back on to abilify.
  4. Welcome to DF ღ ~Lindsay

  5. Did anyone else have problmes with this one? It made me start to bleed out thru my nose and took four hours for the hospital to stop the bleeding they had to use illegal drug nothing else would work. I have not taken it since and was wondering if im the only one with that side effect it was like a miracle drug for me other wise
  6. Very depressed

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