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  1. Welcome to df. I look forward to reading your posts.
  2. I have my ups and downs. Am I depressed all the time? Yes, but I'm not down all the time. I know now that there are bigger things in life, so I look past my depression. It's not easy, but it has to be done
  3. I've been surviving with depression since I was a teenager. I was first diagnosed in my second year of high school and have dealt with it through college and still after. It's never been easy, but I'm still here.
  4. This is actually a huge deal in my life right now and could use some support on this. Is anyone still looking at the post?
  5. I'm not sure where else to go for my issue. I thought this forum would be the best place. I'm scared. Not scared of coming, because I'm straight. But scared for my dad. My dad is going to be performing a same sex marriage in November. He has been a minister for almost 30 years, and this could cost him his job. He is one of 30 ministers that will be performing this ceremony. They are doing in in protest against the church because of a minister who is being put on trial for performing a marriage for his gay son. I am super proud of him for taking a stand, but am scared beyond belief. This isn't the first time I've felt like this. My dad was arrested for civil disobedience a few years ago, when he preformed a sit in at a local gun shop. My wife says he's a grown man and can make his own decisions, but that doesn't stop me from being scared. I guess I'm just looking for comfort and support. I know he needs support to, but I can't get over my fear. Please help
  6. Rhode Island...neither a road nor an island...
  7. @Wyldewriter I'm loving the Trek reference.
  8. I just started playing DC Universe Online. I love it. I get to be an awesome superhero. It's also free, so no worries about money. *swoon* Anyone else on there or have a PS3 and want to start? I could use some online friends.
  9. I'm not sure of the scientific name or if there is one, but: Fear of Failing Fear of Rejection Fear of disapointing others Fear of Abandonment
  10. Franny and Zooey by Salinger is a great one. Also, Catcher in the Rye
  11. I'm Tim and I live in a small town in New Jersey, about 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia, with my wife Monica and my 16 month old son Seumas (shay-mus). I'm 28 years old and have been working as a call phone sales rep for 1.5 years for a carrier nicknames "Big Red". Prior to that I was a contracted tech for the same company for 3 years.
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