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  1. Got my face rubbed in more evidence today that I'm a complete load. I honestly had been feeling slightly better--which, as we know, is always a mistake because then the inevitable kick in the teeth comes along to set you straight.
  2. Well, you ain't the only one who is weak and can't handle this stuff. I had an experience today that completely deflated me and drove home the point that I'm absolutely worthless...a big waste of oxygen.
  3. For better or worse, I'm still here. I haven't been on the forum much since my life went upside-down. My daughter will be having extensive surgery in December for the mass on her liver. They will be taking most of the liver with it because of how it grew. It's touch-and-go whether she will need a transplant. Until then, she's basically laid up. She can walk short distances but gets exhausted quickly. I flunked the performance review at my new job so I'm unemployed again. I was an overnight grocery stocker. The management bases your performance on how many cases of whatever you can get on the shelves in an hour. At age 62, I was the oldest employee and I don't move as fast as the younger people, so I got the bum's rush out the back door. And on it goes...
  4. I'm watching Star Trek Voyager (again). I'm near the end of season 2. I've been watching the new Star Trek series--Discovery, Picard, and Strange New Worlds. I'm an old school first generation Trekkie so you'd expect I wouldn't like them. Well, no--I like them all. Christopher Pike has become my favorite captain.
  5. I shouldn't probably admit this, but I loved all of those math classes in high school. My favorite teacher taught all four classes each year.
  6. I was retired after working at the same transportation agency for 32.5 years. Quickly found out I couldn't afford retirement. I've been working as an overnight stocker at a grocery store. 10p - 6a shift certainly sucks, but overnight employees make $3.00 more per hour. It's a surprisingly physically demanding job. I won't need a gym membership if I manage to survive it. I was "asked" to retire from the transportation job. My mental health had taken such nose dive that my work quality had become absolutely sh*tty. Had a breakdown during the last month, which was just icing on the cake.
  7. I'm afraid of that. I'm near the end of season 5 and I'm not sure I want to go any further. Mike is one of my favorite TV characters of all time. I've been watching Sons of Anarchy. I gotta say, it's one good show. Kind of a warped Peyton Place full of motorcycle gangs and drug dealers (they aren't one in the same).
  8. I don't even have the expertise to lead my own life.
  9. Gah. Sorry I've missed so many posts on the forum. Between my new job and my very ill daughter, I haven't had a lot of time to just hang out. My new job was going well...until they transferred one of the day managers to the night shift (I work 10a - 6p). She's one of the most abrasive people I've ever met. She was/is military and runs the grocery stocking process like some kind of army exercise. I hate having my work timed, especially when I'm new, but that's what Military Karen does (apologies to anyone with the name of Karen...it sucks that it got hijacked. Well, my name (Drew) is merely the past tense of draw.
  10. I'm with @Extremebeginner here...I care as well.
  11. $100,000+ down the hole and they still don't know what's wrong with my daughter, and/or what to do about it. She's been down for seven weeks now, three of which she spent in the hospital. She's become very depressed because she really can't do a d@mned thing on her own. Even taking a shower is a massive undertaking for her. Me? I started a job stocking groceries overnight. My 62 year old body is not taking it well...I'm sore in places that I never even knew existed. My sleep patterns are all messed up too of course. It's miserable but I really need the money. I'm sick of running faster and faster on this horrendous hamster wheel.
  12. I just gave Plikki, my black kitty, some whipped cream in celebration. Of course I gave my ginger kitty Tika some too.
  13. We had a tornado rip up some of our corn one night when I was young. It left a trail through the field west of our house...probably 100 feet wide. It broke off a tree and sent a huge limb through the side of the garage. Our car wasn't in there; it was parked in front of the house and didn't receive any damage. Tornadoes are extra scary at night because you can't see them. I could certainly hear it however...and could feel the rain spraying on me as the wind shot it around the window frame. The house held up OK but we lost some shingles. It must have been a dinky tornado to not have done more damage.
  14. I was a day or two away from being homeless back in January. But here I am still enclosed within walls and a roof over my head. I'm thankful for that, but now I must speed my pace on the hamster wheel and start churning out more money. Can't wait to see the bills for my daughter's 3-week stay in the hospital. They will be in the six digits.
  15. I was hoping that by moving to your latitude, I could escape the heat and humidity. Looks as though that's not true. What is your humidity like there?
  16. They're always balancing the economy on the backs of those least able to afford it. The sooner people realize that the banks own us, and the government, the quicker things might improve.
  17. After a grueling three weeks, my daughter is finally out of the hospital. She had a strange confluence of health issues that almost croaked her. She's very weak and will be in recovery for a long time, but at least she's home. I'm hoping she's up and active again by the time her birthday rolls around in November.
  18. I put that last phrase in bold font because it's exactly how I feel about myself. I'm a complete waste of time and resources. I can't stop screwing up.
  19. I'm the same kind of party pooper. This entire neighborhood lights off fireworks for weeks. The guy across the street has his own "show". He's wealthy so he gets the big boomers and goes until 2 am. The drunkeness starts early in the afternoon, with probably 20+ people hanging out in his yard. My kitties go nuts because of all the noise. I really dislike this holiday. For one thing, we've forgotten how to be independent. Anyway, I hope you make it through OK @Epictetus.
  20. I'm doing OK. The coming week is gonna be He!!. The hearing on reducing the payments to my ex is on Friday. I expect a lot of wrangling on the part of her lawyer all week. I didn't get the job I really wanted either. Not high-paying, but the conditions were great. Good to see you Duck, and everyone else too of course.,
  21. Some of the bull snakes can get HUGE. I saw one that was probably 9 feet long in southern Kansas. I think it was trying to build a nest in the rock-hard ground. It kept sliding the front 1/3 of its body across the same area, trying to "scoop." Unfortunately it wasn't making any progress. I felt kinda bad for it but didn't want to stop and help.
  22. Good to see you! I haven't been visiting that much either. Same reason: No motivation to do anything.
  23. Animals aren't disingenuous like humans. Their souls stay pure.
  24. Truth. I knocked a glass of water off the table earlier. Broke the glass. No big deal, right? Well, it threw me into a deep funk. One more screw up for the day. It was hours ago and I'm still brooding about it. Then my mind tries to feed me other depressing stuff to further the mood.
  25. Here I am being my usual cheerful and optimistic self. I used to love to go to old car shows. I'd look forward to them for weeks. Today, there's a massive gathering of old Cadillacs within driving distance for me. But here I sit looking at the computer monitor. I can't get past the inertia of doing absolutely nothing. Plus there would be a whole lot of people there. Makes my cats happy that I'm always home though. Or at least it seems like it.
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