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  1. Add me to the list of those who WOULD care.
  2. JD4010


    Wow! What a brilliant bit of writing! That phrase is a gem.
  3. JD4010


    I've masqueraded as a "professional" for 33+ years now. I'm an imposter though. I'm as stoopid as your average rock and don't have a mind for much of anything. At one time, I had a little bit of confidence but that is now long gone.
  4. No need to apologize! That's what we are here for. I know I'm a broken record when it comes to my issues.
  5. That's a great outlook. Yeah, I am currently rotting away from a genetic disease that took my grandfather and my mother at young ages. I'm only six years younger than my grandfather was when he died. Both he and my mother died slow, miserable deaths that haunt my nightmares. If I "succeed" at anything in this pathetic life, I want to leave it on my own terms. Please grant me that one wish.
  6. @SqueezeWax Word. If I was more eloquent, I could have written that message. The universe mocks me continuously. My shortcomings are given a spotlight so that everyone else can plainly see them. My life is dictated by Murphy's Law.
  7. I shook hands with both Bill Clinton and Al Gore back in 1992. I still trusted the intentions of politicians back then and dutifully played the election game. I've awakened since then! 🙂
  8. Whoa, a DC-9. I think that was the first true jet I ever flew on . Ozark airlines flew those between Denver and Sioux City, a trip I made fairly frequently as a kid. The first plane I remember flying on was a Lockheed L-188 Electra turboprop, in Western Airlines livery. We flew in it from Sioux Falls to Denver in 1965.
  9. I wish you and your kitty the best. I've had too many of them leave me over the decades. I have a calico now who is around 13. She has some digestive issues that worry me as well.
  10. Well! My biggest wish is that I don't slowly rot away from some long-term disease or illness. I want to flame out like a fantastic meteor or rocket reentry in the atmosphere. Fizzling towards death is exactly what I DON'T want to do.
  11. I've been asking the same question. I'm completely broke. Chronically broke. I can't afford to live. I exist in a dump of an apartment and drive an old rusty bomb that's on its last legs (er, tires). I don't have cable or wi fi at home. I do have a cell phone though, but I'm on a cheap plan. I subject myself to the daily meat grinder at work and I'm very weary after 31 years of anxiety and disappointment there. Yet I'm still broke. Why bother?
  12. Please let us know how it goes with the counselor! P.S. I am a dad myself. I'd be mortified if I heard the kind of things your dad said come out of my mouth. It would be a deep shame.
  13. I know the feeling. Or at least something similar.
  14. Sorry I missed it...Happy (belated) Birthday!
  15. The toilet lid is my nemesis. I once read a story about some guy who left the lid open and his cat drowned in the bowl. Cat put his paws down on the slippery slope and couldn't get back up. After struggling for who knows how long, the cat finally gave up and slid into the water. Dude came home to find his cat dead in the toilet. I have two cats and the toilet is my biggest fear for them. They are both "interested" in the toilet because of the moving water aspect. I often check it 5 - 10 times as I'm trying to go to bed...shut the light off, lay down in bed...and think obsessively about the toilet lid. Get up, check it, wander back to bed...rinse and repeat.
  16. Grouchy. I'm very grouchy. My boss is doubling down during his last three weeks of being employed here. Every time I meet with him I come away thinking I'm the most inept employee ever. As if I had much self-confidence to begin with...
  17. This is all too familiar. I even agonize about starting to write the check. It might take me a day or three to finally make it happen. I ran out of cat litter last week. I agonized for hours about going to the store to get more. I'm a walking procrastination factory.
  18. Yes. Just adhere to society's "norms" and you'll be happy as can be. That's the crap they spew. Sorry about your ongoing pain. I also have a chronic pain issue because of a genetic disease I inherited. I found one substance that really helps but of course the benevolent government sees fit to classify it as illegal.
  19. Excellent, my friend! I finally was able to get a SQL query to work and spit out the data that my boss has been nagging me about for over a week. I sent it to him, with an analysis, and he immediately--IMMEDIATELY--fired back with, "what about those other projects you are working on?"
  20. Thanks everyone. Sometimes I feel like the proverbial broken record. And @MarkintheDark, I love that line about fertilizer. I hadn't actually heard that one. And I used to spread a LOT of manure back when I was raising cattle. Hahaha.
  21. I'm sorry that I keep b!tching about my job. You're all sick of reading it. "Either leave or learn to live with it."
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