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  1. @Seeker206 Much of what you wrote above resonates strongly with me. I had to bail out of a similar situation five years ago. I was walking an endless path of eggshells.
  2. We lucked out...earlier, they were forecasting that a big-assed winter storm was going to nail us starting this afternoon. It would dump up to a foot of wet, heavy snow on us. Now, it appears that the storm track is further south so we won't be getting the full whammy. What a relief!
  3. Wow. I'm sorry you've been dragged through so much. I don't have much in the way of a response to offer but I did want to acknowledge your post and the pain you've been through.
  4. Agreed. Offices are like little self-contained levels of Hell.
  5. Exactly. Making us run ever faster in the hamster wheel just to maintain our current lives can't be the problem...it has to be our brains that's the problem. And it's not pointless. Keep writing that crap.
  6. Making a horrendously difficult change in my life that will hopefully be an improvement in the long run. The ability to read and post on DF! This spaghetti I'm eating right now.
  7. Seems as though we are in the same place. 😞 Hope it improves for you!
  8. Failure. That's what is on my mind...failure. I used to refer to myself as "the flop". Still entirely appropriate.
  9. Still reeling from a huge decision I made yesterday--to jettison myself from a relationship that was constantly weighing so heavily on my mind. I had been ruminating about it for many weeks and was falling further into despair over it. In the end, I had to make the decision what would be best for me. I feel terribly selfish and pissed off at myself. In the long run, this has to be a better course to follow. But for right now, it's a very dark cloud I'm under.
  10. No! It makes you awake. That same thing has been happening with me.
  11. Is that a chain, or a local place? We have some excellent, locally owned pizza places here.
  12. Bingo. Keep us in a constant state of fear and then throw purchase-able "comfort" at us.
  13. Yes. Same here. My tacit acquiescence has repeatedly wrecked my life (what remains of it).
  14. I'm feeling the same way today. Very worried and disgusted with myself.
  15. Weird. I'm having to do the very same thing today. It's eating me up. But I think it's the only fair thing to do for both of us. I've been sick to my stomach all weekend because I cannot stop ruminating about it. I need to turn my life around NOW. Or I'm done.
  16. Oh, absolutely. I wish I had never "discovered" the poison in the first place. It does offer an easy escape, but the price tag in terms of my health and lifestyle was colossal.
  17. Remind me to tell you my story of drunk tree-cutting sometime. I seriously wonder how I'm still alive. Today I came to work. It was a horrendous effort to get out of bed and trudge my way to the office. I have a terrible case of the IDGAFs.
  18. Ha. That's quite a masterpiece, if I do say so myself. I "miss" Scotch; my very favorite from the whiskee family (misspelling intentional).
  19. How is your daughter doing? That sounds like a hellish night. I hope she gets well quickly.
  20. That's called being a good parent. I still help out my adult daughter quite often. I think people who throw labels around are trying to project or justify their own shortcomings or whatever. Maybe that sounds harsh, but it often seems to be the case.
  21. Don't go. We need all of the positive voices we can get here. You're one of those. I hope you stick around.
  22. @adamrparr No, if anything, your post sounds as though you *feel too much*. This kind of thing has a profound effect on anyone with empathy and compassion. I'm sick of all of it too.
  23. Oh no. This is awful. I'm very sorry for your loss, which is also our loss. It's like losing a member of your family because you start to know the person from what they write about. I'm very saddened by this news. As @sober4lifesaid, another sweet & sensitive person is now gone because of what this world does to "good people." Thanks for letting us know.
  24. That's fascinating. And quite familiar. I never could put it into words quite like that. I tend to keep things as static as possible to avoid "popping the bubble" myself. I get it.
  25. Money--or more accurately, the lack of it, is by far the largest source of anxiety for me. I imagine that holds true for any of us who aren't "independently wealthy." I'd say reconnecting with your family is definitely worth a shot. I've kinda sorta done that myself. Fortunately, they are a forgiving lot.
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