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  1. I'm vacationing in the Covid suites of the Meriter resort hospital right now. Got progressively sicker over 3 weeks and almost kicked the bucket last Thursday. Got to the ER just in time. Feeling much better but recovery is going to be very long.
  2. I grew up in the upper midwest. I've been in Wisconsin for 32.5 years now. Oddly enough, I like the gloomy weather...fits my moods better I guess.
  3. I know of some independent bookstores where they have cats. That's a certain way of getting me to make a return visit.
  4. You are a good friend...part of the family here. I sometimes go for days or even weeks without checking in at DF. Ironic that I'm too depressed to visit a depression forum.
  5. As usual, I have a complete lack of motivation. "Why bother?" is my motto. I have a weird version of the Midas Touch. Everything I touch turns to sh!t.
  6. Wave at me next time you pass the 7th level of hell. I usually hang out there.
  7. I heartily agree. I wish they would let me bring my kitties though.
  8. I met that Mayor. His name was Stubbs, and he presided over Talkeetna, Alaska. Beautiful town. I saw the Mayor walking down the street so I followed him. He scampered under a parked car but I was able to coax him out again. He was a friendly old cuss.
  9. That makes two of us. At the very least, I'd like to move somewhere secluded in Montana or wherever...some place that the government doesn't monkey around with.
  10. I'm feeling slightly less depressed than usual today. Let's hope I didn't just jinx it. Sitting in a library using the wi-fi. My other home away from home, along with the laundromat.
  11. Best thing would be a big van or RV. I love that show. Bubbles is my hero. He even likes cats.
  12. I posted this on my Faceberg page earlier: "Re: Voting...Even trained rats will stop pushing the lever when turds are dispensed instead of food pellets."
  13. You just typed what I feel like too. Sorry you're feeling that way.
  14. Can never be free from the ruling class.
  15. My daughter and I are getting over a nasty virus. I recovered fairly quickly but she's still hacking like a drunk old golfer. Taking her to the urgent care later, to wait for 5 hours and get charged $500 just for showing up (neither one of us is insured now). I hope you feel better soon, brother.
  16. I want to live like Bubbles on Trailer Park Boys, but I'm about to end up like Ricky. And my car is a lot smaller than the huge 1975 Chrysler Ricky sleeps in.
  17. Thanks for the update! I'd like to try that treatment sometime. I've heard many good things about it.
  18. All I can say is, I hear ya. I no longer have therapy appointments now that I'm unemployed and have no "health insurance." I rely on my cats for therapy now.
  19. We would have to ask a corpse, I'm afraid...
  20. I've thought about it...as long as you have a plot of land and utility hookups ready to go, it would be great. I've also thought about living in a mid-sized RV. Cops chase those around here though.
  21. I think a lot of my hatred towards the rest of the world stems from my own self-loathing. Honestly, if I met myself in person, I'd be tempted to take off my own head.
  22. My life has turned into the car that is hopelessly mired in the mud. The tires have dug ruts so deep that the frame of the car is hung up. No amount of rocking back and forth will free it. In fact, the tires just spin uselessly. I'm also almost "out of petrol" (life) and have probably burned out the transmission. See you in the junkyard.
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