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  1. I'm the chronic failure that allows others to succeed.

    1. salparadise6132


      No, I truly believe I am, my friend!!! The reality is, you are not and neither am I.  Oh, I certainly feel like it, some days. But, it's not true. The truth is unknowable to us when we're so far down.

      I, for one, and more too, 'cause there are many on here, admire greatly what you have accomplished!!!  And that's the bloody truth!!!!! I wish I could do it too.  It's just that I have this friend, who I consider my last friend, and she comes to me in a bottle and she never let's me down. 

      You had the courage to send her to the curb!!!!



    2. JD4010


      @salparadise6132 Yeah, I was best friends with her for too many years. She promised much but in the end, only delivered more pain. I still miss her from time to time though. Fortunately, my last hangover was so horrible that I never want to experience anything like it again.

      Yeah, we aren't failures when it comes down to it...though I have checked off many boxes defining failure over the years.

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