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  1. What the hell happened to my life?

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    2. gandolfication


      I go back and forth.  Doesn't seem like there's much upside, but I do fluctuate.
      I only think about and remember the bad though, and today, I feel like there's a 10 ton weight on me.

      Walking in molasses or something, and just feeling the worst about everything.

      Don't know why I'm posting this on your profile update either.  :sleepy:

    3. babyxgothxx


      What's happened? Hope you're okay,... We're all here if you need to talk :console::icon12:

    4. JD4010


      Yeah. I know that feeling of walking through molasses. I'm walking relatively lightly today. Not sure what is "wrong" with me. Hahaha. Beautiful weather and it's a Saturday, I guess.

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