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  1. Keep it up, Duck! I've been walking more recently. Still in dreadful shape but one has to start somewhere. Sorry you had to attend a funeral though.
  2. Or! Maybe remove ourselves from underneath the rule of sociopaths altogether.
  3. @duckand @sober4life: You have both helped me immensely. Sober was instrumental in my success of becoming...sober, and Duck's diligence is encouraging me to get more cardio exercise. Truthfully, all y'all here on DF have helped me so much. Thanks everyone!
  4. Do bananas help with blood pressure? Mine is very high right now.
  5. Yeah, let them duke it out with each other and leave the rest of us to live our lives. They can tax each other for the privilege too.
  6. Much of "the news" is designed to keep us in a heightened state of fear and anxiety. I quit watching it years ago.
  7. Binging Another Life on Netflix. It's dark and gritty. Katy Sackhoff is a beast!
  8. You do not sound stupid in the least. I appreciate the nice response.
  9. Same here. For some reason, I thought I could be a successful normal person at one time. Well, the truth is, I was delusional enough to think that. I sometimes daydream about an alternate me that did well without unraveling.
  10. The plant that shall remain nameless is what keeps me from going completely off the rails.
  11. You helped at least one other person become sober as well (me). I hated myself then and I must admit I still do. I consider myself to be a net drain on the universe. A load, in 1970s terminology. My sole reason for existence right now is to clean out the cat litter boxes.
  12. I've almost run out of money. There's a new homeless encampment set up in a park not too far from here. I often go by it on the way to do my pointless errands. Right now they are probably feeling relatively OK because it's not too hot nor cold. Soon though, it will be snowing and getting down below 0F. I have a pair of thickly insulated overalls that could probably keep me from freezing to death. This could well be the year where I find out.
  13. Our @sober4lifedefinitely has the best sense of humor!
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