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  1. Thanks. I have looked like a chipmunk storing up sunflower seeds in his cheek for weeks now. I got put on some strong antibiotics to go after the infection in my lower jaw. They scraped it out yesterday, which was an experience something like I imagine you'd find in Hell.
  2. I'm flying low to the ground today. Had oral surgery yesterday and my mouth is pretty sore. WAAH. Sick of summer. See post above.
  3. Send some of that our way. It's been beastly hot and humid here. I hate summer anyway...it means sweat, bugs, more sweat, quickly rotting food, buckets of sweat, and foot fungus to me.
  4. Are you ok?  I hope so.  ☺️

  5. Hey Brother, just wanted to say hi.  

  6. I want to go for a walk but it's hot and humid outside. Within three minutes of the start of the walk, I will become a sweaty mess. Other people go jogging or running in this weather and never break a sweat. I don't even need to be moving to sweat in this kind of weather. People look at me trudging down the sidewalk with sweat rolling off of my head and wonder if I'm going to keel over or something. I hate it. Just another example of why I don't belong on this planet.
  7. Excellent post! Very good description of the ride many of us are experiencing. I am sitting in the caboose of this train I believe. I need to be up in the engine with my hands on the controls. There are many cars between the caboose and the engine...a long journey.
  8. Where Were You When I Needed You ~ The Grass Roots (1966)
  9. All I want is enough to pay off my debts. Don't need anything else.
  10. I know of which you speak. It bothers me that I can only reply by nodding my head in agreement. I have no advice to offer. I see myself as a "net negative" on the universe (thanks for that term). A drag. A load. I wasn't good enough to "succeed" in this society. I didn't/don't have what it takes. I'm not sure where I'm going from here. I either plunge back into the hellish world of wage slavery, or I become destitute...and watch my ex and daughter lose the house that is still jointly mine. There is a third option of course but I can't go there.
  11. Oh yay, I have another infection deep down in my jaw underneath a tooth that broke off. It will be a minimum of $350 to get it fixed (tooth yanked, jaw scraped, and antibiotics). I just had this done three weeks ago on the other side of my mouth. I always wonder why we were designed to have so many pain sensors in our stupid teeth...seems like poor engineering to me. I finally got home internet so I can check in here more often again. The stupid local libraries are still limiting patron visits to 30 minutes because of fear of the BOOGA BOOGA virus. I finally decided it was time to give up on free wi fi and get my own.
  12. It is impossible to have a reasonable conversation anymore because people have become so polarized...you are either THIS, or THAT. You have to fit into the two categories or else you will be ostracized and ignored. I get asked "what I am" from a religious or political perspective and I always answer that I don't know. It comes down to individual issues for me. I don't fit neatly into any one category; never have.
  13. I want a job doing analysis and reporting results. I love messing around with data. However, I hate messing around with people.
  14. I need to follow in @sober4life 's footsteps. A road trip would be great! My only hangup is leaving my cats for any length of time. They are on special diets and need someone to drop in on them at least once/day. My dream is to have an RV so I can take them with me wherever I go.
  15. My brother went to NZ and didn't want to return! He said it's really beautiful.
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