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  1. Misery loves company? Same here. Captain Anhedonia reporting for duty.
  2. I'm one of them. I've had crappy teeth since I was young. Much of my young adult life was spent in the dentist chair. I'm surprised I haven't been poisoned from the amount of mercury in my mouth as a result of fillings--every tooth has at least one. A few years ago, my teeth started cracking and falling apart. I couldn't afford to visit the dentist so they have progressively gotten worse over time. I've had 4 yanked so far and some of the others are just gone. I got quoted $18,000 US to get the implants. That's $17,700 more than I have. Rent and food come before my appearance (which ain't much to begin with).
  3. My favorite place is in my recliner with the three cats all sitting on me.
  4. Seemann, deine Heimat ist das Meer ~ Lolita (1960) The 1973 re-recording of this song is very nice too, as is Petula Clark's English version (Sailor, your Home is the Sea) from 1961.
  5. Yes, I have insomnia. I found these videos on YouTube where they feature steady sounds, like rain or wind...my favorite is the sound of crew quarters on a starship. Very soothing. Or the fire in a fireplace while blizzard winds roar outside. All of these help me fall asleep faster.
  6. My social life didn't change with the lockdowns, at least very much. I miss going to the library and hanging out at my favorite coffee shop...but I did those things alone anyway.
  7. I'm happy that your temperature is back down, but sorry all of the worries are coming back.
  8. That's great info. Thank you! Best wishes for complete success.
  9. What's happening? Please check in.
  10. I dread Sunday evenings for this very reason.
  11. Looks like I passed my 8 year anniversary here--I joined in April 2013. Just in time, I might add...this was when I was really bottoming out.
  12. It's good to see you again, my friend...but I'm not happy about how you feel.
  13. I haven't been down to the lake, no. I'm sure that adds to my stress level. It's a five minute walk from my apartment.
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