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  1. Bingo! That's exactly what it means.
  2. I'm a long term user of Flonase...and don't think it has any effect on my mood. I do find it effective for allergies however. I'm glad they now offer it OTC because I hate visiting the doctor for prescriptions.
  3. Welcome. Many of us here are long term sufferers from childhood, similar to what you posted. I remember knowing something was wrong when I was about 7 or 8 too. They hospitalized me for "tests" at that age. I have no idea what the diagnosis was except that we soon moved back to the family farm afterwards. I think it was a better life than if we'd remained in the suburbs where my mom & dad fought all the time. Anyway, please keep posting. Lots of friendly and knowledgeable people here.
  4. I wish that was possible here south of the border. I couldn't even afford to live in an appliance carton in an alley somewhere, let alone feed my cats/pay rent/eat on disability here in that wonderful beacon of freedom, the US. We are free to starve or be thrown in prison for going belly-up financially I guess.
  5. Numb. Which is infinitely better than wall-climbing anxiety. I love being numb, and bored.
  6. I'm weary and exhausted. All I want to do is sleep. I've been up for 2 hours and I'm ready for bed again. My eyelids are about 10-lbs apiece. This has been going on for a few weeks now.
  7. I had a dream that I was somehow back together with my long-lost girlfriend (a former member here at DF). I felt overjoyed in my dream. But then I woke back up to my grim, gray reality and watched the dream evaporate from my mind. All I desire in this life now is find her and apologize to her for being such a selfish clod. It's gonna torture me until the lights finally go out.
  8. Hahaha. She's great. That whole show is great. When I grow up, maybe I can be like Miller.
  9. Heisser Sand ~ Connie Francis (1966) The song has rewired my brain (in a good way). It's beautiful.
  10. Binging my way through The Expanse again. Dark series with fantastic special effects.
  11. Oh, I'm definitely aloof from society's norms. But I still have to pay rent, buy groceries, send support payments to my ex, feed my cats etc...which means I have to work in a job that destroys my soul just to maintain my meager level of existence. I don't belong in this society at all and I've known that since I was in elementary school. It became abundantly clear early on.
  12. Sounds familiar. I lived through 30 years of marriage that were like that. My ex had no compassion for whatever was bothering me. After awhile, I simply clammed up and stayed drunk as much as possible. I finally got out of it and then stopped drinking as well. I guess I'm better than I was.
  13. I've come to believe that the lifestyle we are forced to live is a major cause of our depression. The system is inhumane...we exist to enrich the already morbidly wealthy. If we can eat and sleep in a warm, dry place, then we are the "lucky" ones in this grotesque system that tries to individualize everyone.
  14. I've been on Citalopram for 7 years...and have not experienced that side effect.
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