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  1. The financial battle I've been going through since the beginning of the year has been extended for another six weeks. I actually caved in and offered the "other side" (my ex) more $$$ but it is only a stopgap until the judge makes a final decision (now in July).
  2. I gave up on the whole electoral process, at least on the national level. All my vote does is encourage and validate their BS. Even trained rats will stop pushing the lever when only turds are dispensed instead of food pellets.
  3. The only thing I truly enjoy now is isolation. There's no place I'd rather be than in my dump of an apartment, surrounded by my books and having my two kitties hanging around with me. I dread going out and being around people. Had to take my car in for an oil change today. I was in the waiting room and a well-dressed, middle-management type came barging in. She was talking very loudly on her phone, apparently berating an employee that works for her. This went on for 15 minutes. We all had to listen to her nastiness. I really wanted to grab her phone and throw it out into the middle of the busy street.
  4. Trying to convince myself that it's better for me to be alive than not alive.
  5. Tales from the Loop...an offbeat sci-fi series on Netflix. It's pretty good.
  6. This sounds rather familiar. I'm a kidney cancer survivor (left kidney is completely gone) and also have a genetic condition that has been slowly destroying my lungs over the decades. I'm sorry for all of the physical--and mental--issues you've had to endure. It's not fair. In my case, my ex wife destroyed the relationship I had with my family. Every one of them. I missed the deaths of both my mother and my father--though I did "get to" attend the funerals. The minute I got home from them, she started in on me about how horrible my family is. She has some kind of personality disorder where she isn't happy unless someone else is sad or unhappy. I spent 30 years being sad and unhappy around her. My ex refused to listen to anything I tried to discuss with her and would simply reply "'get over it" or "what do you have to complain about?" After decades of this, it really wore on me. I even got suicidal in 2013 because I couldn't take it any more. Once my daughter graduated from high school, I moved out and we got a divorce a year later. I'm finally reconnected with my family but I've missed out on so much. I'm 62 years old and one step away from homelessness because she took me for all I was worth--and is still extracting thousands of dollars per month from me as "maintenance." She had a lawyer at the divorce but I wasn't represented. I simply WANTED OUT. Anyway...I wish you the very best. Please continue to post here!
  7. We were in Alaska back in 2005. Mosquitoes were non-existent in places like Anchorage, Seward, Homer, Valdez, etc. Also very cool, even in June...highs around 55 to 60F. I was in heaven. Then we went to Denali. The mosquitoes there were horrendous. They were BIG, aggressive, and would raise welts wherever they bit you. I was wearing mosquito netting but some of them can bite right through that. We went to Barrow (Utqiagvik) too...as far north as you can go. Had to fly in because there are no roads leading there. We took off from Fairbanks where it was 80 degrees. We had to circle the Barrow airport for a time because of a blizzard in progress. Once we landed, snow was still blowing around and it was 28F. Again, I was in heaven. I'd love to live in AK but it is terrifically expensive...everything has to be shipped or flown in. One gallon of milk costs $10 or more. I HATE heat and humidity--it literally makes me sick.
  8. We need to trade places, my friend. We've had a week of Florida-like heat and humidity here. Between 33C- 35C every day (92F to 96F). The humidity has been brutal. We usually don't see weather like this until late July. I hope this isn't a sign of things to come...
  9. Thanks for asking. It was kind of a non-starter...nothing really got resolved. The big day will be May 23. I'll be a complete wreck all day on May 22.
  10. Big meeting with a lawyer tomorrow to hopefully resolve an ugly financial issue. I ain't gonna sleep well tonight.
  11. Just the usual--hating myself and wondering why I haven't done something about it by now. Going through an intense legal battle to keep myself from becoming homeless.
  12. Dang. That sucks. Hope you feel better soon!
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