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  1. Your English is fine! I have been studying Swedish myself. If you are young, it is much easier to learn a new language. I am old though. 😞 Are you thinking about going to Sweden?
  2. Ahaha. I'm loving this. Glad you mentioned PKD as well. He's one of my favorite authors. Seems reasonable considering the mental issues he went through. Windmills! I've completely forgotten how to tilt at them.
  3. I don't want to open my work email. I screwed something up yesterday (again) and the repercussions could be really bad. I wish I could just build things out of Legos to make a living.
  4. Are you an author? The reason I ask is because I think you would be (are) a very good one. The phrase "Stygian m/sadness" hit home with me. Bullseye! I sometimes think about writing a story where the main character is a complete psychological mess like I am. I could certainly make it believable because I have "profound experience," as they say. I would make the character hate himself the same way I do. Have him be a magnet for all of the rotten timing and bad luck that have been hallmarks of my own life. Now, if only I can tame my ADD long enough to make it happen.
  5. @sober4life How is your grandmother doing? I should check in I guess. I'm doing reasonably OK. Not particularly depressed but I've got a bad case of anhedonia. I simply don't care about anything. I should be in a panic because of all the work I need to do but I just cannot bring myself to give a rat's @ss. About anything.
  6. I haven't been here for a week but I wanted to respond to your post now. Sorry you had to come back to the site. I struggled with booze for many years. It almost won...but I was able to pull myself out of it in the end. I loved booze beyond anything so it was a tough battle to quit...but here I am over two years sober. If I can do it, so can you. Hope you are OK right now.
  7. Exhausted. Not from any one thing, just life in general. Sick of the hamster wheel that spins faster and faster no matter what I do.
  8. Sorry I have been AWOL for a time. Lots going on at work, plus my daughter is back in college...her final year in grad school. That's a whole other story that I may or may not get into at some point. I've mentioned before that a dream is within my grasp. It came at me out of the blue. Serendipitous or whatever that's called. But I'm in such a horribly deep rut in my current life that I just cannot see a chance of making the jump to something better. Much of it is financial (including my daughter's tuition). Most of it is the massive debt that my ex rang up while we were still married. Of course, my name is on a lot of that debt too because of marriage. She still spends like a drunken sailor rather than trying to reduce the debt. I send her a stupefyingly massive check every month (through the state agency) and she buys knick-knacks with it. The house is full of that crap. Meanwhile, this unbelievable opportunity comes along for me and I probably won't be able to go for it because I'm still on the hook for all of that debt. It's infuriating and causes me despondency at the same time.
  9. @aterrou I do the same--chat with online friends far more than hanging out with people "in real life." I'm always self-conscious of my appearance and how I come across so I try to avoid direct contact as much as possible. People do say that I'm "funny" when they meet me (presumably in a good way) but it's just me trying to deflect attention from my bizarre personality I think.
  10. Haha. I happen to love bats. I feel so sorry for this one because he's probably hungry/thirsty. And he's in a panic because he's confined to that apartment. I hope to catch him sleeping so I can take him outside.
  11. I'm still coasting along. Didn't sleep well last night because there was a bat in the apartment. I tried to catch him for over half an hour but he was always able to outwit me. Haha. He flew into the bedroom about 1 a.m. and fluttered around the ceiling. Both of my cats were on the bed and essentially ignored the bat. I was like, "WTF kinda cats are you guys?"
  12. I've been working towards becoming all vegetarian. Meat is bad news...especially the crap that comes from the big confinements. It's full of hormones and antibiotics. It's a cruel and energy-intensive industry. I should know because I used to raise both beef cattle and hogs. Glad I got out of that horrible field.
  13. That one is short, sweet, and to the point. I wonder if old timey humans would get all worried and anxious if they didn't make the perfect flint blade for their spear? "Oh damn, now they are gonna be on my ass about this and probably throw me out of the clan!"
  14. They apparently posted a notice somewhere, according to them. Well, whatever. I found a cinder block that I'm going to heave through the office window after midnight tonight. No worries, I'll be wearing a mask and wrap around sunglasses when I do it.
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