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  1. @MarkintheDark Moving is absolute hell. But that might be the most obvious thing I've ever written. I live in a dump with windows that leak like sieves. Fortunately I like the cold so winter isn't as bad for me as it would be for others. But I cannot envision moving until they drag my @ss out of there.
  2. Oh wow. Best wishes while looking for employment. I am afraid that government corruption is becoming more normalized. We certainly have much corruption here in the US. The government can "lose" 6,000,000,000,000 dollars and nothing happens. Anyway, welcome and please keep posting!
  3. Thank goodness for our feline friends. My two have thrown lifelines to me many times. I just took a nap with them in fact. That might explain why I am in a decent mood right now.
  4. Dang. I haven't been online since Friday so I've missed all this. I hope you are doing better now.
  5. I cannot believe I've been missing these posts! I've been on a combo of Wellbutrin and Citalopram for five years now. It must have "worked" because I am still here. Best to you.
  6. All about maximizing those profits, of course. What was it...in 1973, Richard Nixon legalized medicine for profit in the US? It was the beginning of the HMO period.
  7. Deep Past, a fiction novel about a surprising archeological find in Kazakhstan. It's pretty good.
  8. I'm doing OK I guess. Just finished talking to a friend who is being admitted to a state mental hospital. That sounds very ominous. She's had a very rough go of it over the past year. I haven't been able to provide much help to her, which makes me feel plenty sh!tty. I'm stuck in this damned rut (most of it financial) and I can't do much of anything for anybody. I'm worth less than worthless. ,
  9. Starting to get that late Sunday afternoon/evening dread for the coming work week. It will increase as the night wears on until it completely fills my mind.
  10. Whenever I get the crazy idea to think about asking somebody out, a similar thought crosses my mind: Why would I subject anyone else to my messed up life?
  11. Yep. I'd drain their entire stock, then lurch over to the liquor store and fill up a U-Haul truck full of booze.
  12. Sorry you have been submerged in hell, my friend. Hope it gets better for you (like right now).
  13. I made it out the door of my apartment. Some days that is a colossal achievement in of itself. Helped my daughter get some of her assignments squared away for grad school.
  14. Thank you. You and I are on opposite ends of the temperature scale. I'm finally able to get outside and walk again, now that the temperatures and dewpoints are going down.
  15. Yeah. There is beauty in this universe but it seems to be completely overshadowed by all of the malevolence. Every day I come to the realization that I don't belong here...or if I do, it's to be a magnet for bad luck so that others can lead a decent and care-free life.
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