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  1. I just realized that a friend of mine has the very same thing as you do. He's turning 60 this year. He's still doing well. His recommendation? Get thee some weeeed.
  2. Wow. I'm a premie as well. 7 weeks early. I spent a lot of time in the incubator because of malformed lungs. They still plague me. I enjoyed all of the old stuff my family shared with me as well. I still listen to old music and seek out old stuff.
  3. My boss has jumped into full douchebaggery mode. Again. I really don't want to blow up at him but he's pushing every one of my buttons. One of my coworkers finally had enough and he DID engage the boss. I guess it was quite an argument. Wish I could have been there to back up the coworker. I've had it.
  4. I hear ya. My BP has crept upward as well. So has my weight. I'm in the worst shape I've ever been. I've started walking again, a little anyway. I may get my bicycle out tonight or tomorrow as well. I have one of those bikes with an electric motor boost for the hills. I like riding it, but have to heft it up to my apartment every time I use it. The stairway is narrow and steep so it's a real chore to get it up there...the damned bike weighs 60 lbs. If I could leave it outside, I'd use it more. But it would get ripped off immediately in spite of the massive U-lock and chain I use to anchor it.
  5. Yeah. Something as "simple" of being out of bird food can send me spiraling down into the depths too. Or a stray cat that I can't bring home.
  6. My daughter is 24 and will be attending grad school here in town this fall. She's visually impaired and can't drive. I pick her up from work almost every night as a result. She still lives with my ex, which can make things a little dicey at times.
  7. People who flip on their left turn signals AFTER you've pulled up behind them at an intersection. I could have been in the other lane if I'd known you were going to turn.
  8. Damn. I'm very sorry about your diagnosis. I was similarly numb after I got diagnosed with kidney cancer, even though it actually confirmed my worst fear, as I had watched my grandad die of cancer when I was 12.
  9. Gosh yes. My life is centered around "others". I'm miserable as well. I've been that way for 50+ years. Wish it didn't have to be that way for you.
  10. Yeah. Same here. I had optimism about my future when I was young, even though I've always been weird. However, I'm not very smart nor am I good looking. Every morning I wake up dreading what I'll face throughout the day. I'm 59 now so my good times are probably gone from here on out. Some days I wonder why I bothered to stop drinking. If I hadn't, I'd be dead now.
  11. JD4010

    Welcome sober life

    Add me to the list of people who have "issues with alcohol". I discovered booze at age 18 and never looked back. I drank one helluva lot in my younger days. I moderated somewhat after marriage and especially when my daughter came along, but as my marriage sank further into misery, I began drinking again in earnest. I kept it up after the divorce, too. I stopped altogether last April. I was 58 years old. I've been sober almost a year now. I still get urges from time to time but I remind myself of how horrible I felt when I was hungover. Hey, join us in the substance abuse forum here on DF if you want!
  12. Here's the thing...there are some women who appreciate guys who aren't loud, assertive douchebags. Like you and I, those women are out of the mainstream so we don't encounter them that often. But I assure you that they are out there.
  13. Another "weirdo" here. My parents tossed me into the hospital when I was seven years old for "tests". I was problematic as a kid. They put me into kindergarten a year early because I was supposedly smart enough. As a result, I was punier than the other guys so I regularly got beat up. Well that, and the fact I was/am such a geek. I have never fit in with the mainstream, which in some ways is a good thing. But it sure can be lonely.
  14. If not for my cats, I would run over to the RR yard and hitch a ride on the next freight train out of town. I want to become somebody different than who I am right now. I've got too much crap hanging over my head and it's starting to fall on me. Yet I'm nailed to the floor so I can't move out of the way. On edit: my daughter figures into this as well of course.
  15. I fight with that emptiness too. Or maybe a better word is "worthless." I'm a net drain on the universe. In many ways, I should be happy. Well, I will be somewhat happy when I get home so I can hang out with the cats. But then I'll start thinking about work and it will all turn to shit again. Work simply serves to rub my nose in my own inadequacy.
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