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  1. thanks a lot for the advice. i'll try my best to be positive again. although everything seems to be caving in on me. it's hard to find people to confide in, none of my friends know about this, as i'm worried about what they'd think of me if i'd told them. it's difficult sometimes, i want someone to talk to, but i just couldn't trust any of them, and that's what brought me here i suppose. it's nice and comforting to find people who wouldn't judge you for being the way you are. i'm trying my best to change, though the crying spells do hit from time to time. anyone have any advice on that? and i appreciate all your replies. it means a lot. :)
  2. hello there. i feel the same way about myself too, every time. i've always felt as though everything is my fault, and that i'm a worthless human for not being able to straighten things out. but i'm trying to think positive, albeit to no avail
  3. hello everyone. i'll start from saying that I had a sheltered upbringing. my parents grew up poor and they didn't want their daughter to have to go through what they did. they gave me a good life, and was very protective of me. i grew up being naive of the world, and sorry to say that i don't really know how to handle real life situations. i was a bright student when it comes to academics, and that was the only comforting thing that i knew i had. going to college made me realise that there are many things that i do not know of, and that there are many things i cannot do. like play sports, or even debate. i've realised the only talent that i have are only in studies, and that i have friends only because they wanted to do well in their studies too, nothing more and nothing less. i do realise that studies is not the only thing that matters, and i have tried to try new things these past few years has been hard on me.(and i do feel selfish for feeling that way) i keep feeling inferior to everyone around me. i lack so much talent compared to everyone. no matter how much i tried, i just couldn't seem to improve. i think about this all the time and cry almost every night just thinking what a sad person i am. i couldn't handle failure well, and break down everytime i couldn't meet my own goals. i have seeked out advice from a few lecturers, but none of that seemed to help. my parents are worried about me, and that is something that i'm ashamed of. i wanted to be a good daughter to them, to be the happy person that they wanted to be, but no matter how much i've tried, i just couldn't seem to improve myself. my friends only see me as the nerdy girl who only knows facts and nothing more. i've always felt as though i'm the one looking in, as people live their lives, excluding me in everything. these days i get extremely sad often, and keep having crying spells for hours, and i don't know how to stop myself for feeling this way. i keep contemplating suicide, but i know that it'd hurt my parents even more. please help me, i'm really lost. i want to be a better person for society yet i don't know how
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