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  1. Tired and very achy. Dog wants a walk and have a doctor appt later so I have to get going. I want to hide.
  2. Feeling relieved. Visit with therapist went well, at least I was able to tell her my story without breaking down.
  3. Got the trashcans out before the trash trucks got here - that doesn't always happen.
  4. Anxious. Seeing therapist this morning that I haven't seen for about 8 or 9 months. Never felt anxious before seeing her before but today I have to tell her about something that happened that I do not want to have to explain or talk about again. (I've talked to a few people about it and it brings it all back and it's tremendously upsetting) Last week I had an appt with her and got so sick to my stomach I didn't go - today I will go no matter what.
  5. Anxious and depressed. Trying to control my breathing and calm myself. Trying.
  6. Have been forcing myself to go out and walk for 5 days in a row now. I was feeling so bad about not walking my dog. I think it has helped with the anxiety and guilt.
  7. Yay for you, Nefret! I'm sitting here telling myself if I don't shower I'll get itchy. And I do, but that's not always enough to get me in there. I've done better since I figured out that thing about feeling exposed. Having to stand up straight and losing my protective shield. But, I am still sitting here, even feeling anxious about it after taking my xanax.
  8. My doctor (regular primary doctor) gave me a huge, enveloping hug yesterday after I had told her about something that had happened to me that left me extremely anxious and sad. That hug is still with me.
  9. I also have this problem. I have tried to figure it out. When I am feeling depressed, which is most of the time now, the shower feels invasive. I want to stay all closed up in a protected way and I have to sort of open up in a shower. I'm not explaining it well. It tries to strip off my cocoon where I'm hiding trying not to feel. Also....I just simply have trouble doing anything at all.
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