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  1. I can feel the depression and anxiety getting a grip on me, I can’t let this pull me under, I have a business to run, how can I stop this getting a grip of me? Ive been on venlafaxine 75mg for two weeks now but I feel awful still, all I’ve noticed is that I’ve felt nauseous sometimes, headaches and my penis feels numb, so I’m getting sides but no help with the anxiety & depression as of yet, will this get better? I feel like I have no energy or motivation, I just feel so low. I almost feel like I just want to totally give up and let everything fall apart and go into a mental home where they look after me for the rest of my life I just feel like giving in.
  2. She’s very good at hiding emotions but doesn’t seem to be grieving the loss as she’s straight away seeing someone else. This is gonna be strange to hear but I knew she was a liar for a long time, even before we got together but I was lonely and desperate. I then fell for her, she does lie a lot but also can be very sweet & kind, it’s a weird one. I am thinking of maybe trying to keep her as a friend but just make it clear that we won’t ever get back together as I wouldn’t want that.
  3. I feel crippled with anxiety, paranoia & sadness. I’m trying to fight it but I feel it’s slowly getting a grip on me. Really worried.
  4. Right I will try keep this short as possible. I was in a relationship for 5 years with a girl who I still love deeply, we ended the relationship mutually as we started to clash near the end but I truth is I think she started seeing someone as when I look back around that time she was purposely trying to start arguments and was lying. We agreed to be friends as we care deeply for each other and have been through a lot. Whats really tough is I want to keep her in my life but I’m not sure if it’s doing me anygood, I think somethings wrong with her as she doesn’t seem to have empathy, she can see I’m struggling with this but still takes days to get back to me or just ignores me for weeks. But every time we talk she says she wants to be friends and that will continue having days out in future etc. I don’t want to lose her out my life but I don’t feel free like she is still controlling me, what should I do.
  5. Thanks for the reply Steve, you brought up a good point about it being towed, how long would it have to be left on a street to be towed? I only leave it a day or 2. being honest I don’t really want to get friendly with neighbours as I have social anxiety and just no interest in getting to know them to be honest as they are all rough and scummy. Plus that neighbour who has no boundaries seems to talk to all the neighbours and if I said that to one neighbour they would just tell her which would cause more problems.
  6. Bit of a update here. Things are not going good really, 2 days ago when coming out to my car one of my neighbours who is actually ok was in his car and warned me that 3 people in balaclavas were snooping around the car park looking inside my car and his about 1am in the morning, they didn’t do anything but that’s made me even more anxious about my area. I’m also still being blanked by many neighbours. I parked on a side road near mine that night as I was worried and when I went to my car following day my car was ok but the one in front had its window smashed in, could tell it was fresh as glass was all over the floor, just seems the area is too rough. I now parked my car about 10 min walk away on a nicer quiet looking road but it’s ridiculous I have to do this and I’m worried residents there might not like a random car on the road, does anyone else think I’m worrying too much or should my car be ok there?
  7. I am going to attempt quitting illegal drug from tomorrow Without no help. think I may also try get on housing register but the fear I have is I could just end up another flat I don’t like and I don’t really have money to move, we spent a lot on carpets/decorating etc, but I honestly hate living in this area. What do you guys think?
  8. Even now there’s loads of neighbours outside arguing with neighbours across the road very aggressively, it’s all crowded outside mine I don’t want to even leave to go outside.
  9. I feel like I cannot relax, I feel extreme paranoia and sadness to the point where I’m shaking, I’m worrying about everything, I feel negative about everting, World Cup is on I’m watching the match but just don’t care and I love football, I cannot enjoy anything. Feels like hell.
  10. I had one counselling session in the past and it just made me feel worse tbh as some of my problems are not solvable. i feel way to anxious to go to NA meetings and even if I did how would I find them? Are they free?
  11. Guess I’m going to have to try force myself, excercise can help fight negative thoughts. I just feel so down/anxious that I stay in all the time.
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