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  1. OK So i'll be honest I never thought I would put this out anywhere probably three people if that know what really is going on with me. I had a really bad stint of depression like 6 years ago. Had some suicide attempts (began self harming something I would do for years) got hospitalized and was put on seroquil for a while to help me sleep ( I wasnt at all for days at a time) a couple years ago I went back into a funk just as bad and started seeing a new doctor. They tried giving me seroquil again to help me sleep and it gave me a crazy reation, Half my body shut down and I was pretty sure at the time I was having a stroke or something. Needless to say it wasn't pleasant. Since then attacks come and go and for pretty much a month I was laid up taking ativan and trying to avoid stress. It almost made me fail out of grad school but not they let me back in and I started getting attacks again the last few days and to add to my already crazy anxiety they are threatening to throw me out of school. I had to be taken to the hosptial today because my possibly dystonia, possibly anxeity attack was so bad. Does anyone know how I can begin to deal with something like this and be functional again? Anything I can take? I get too scared to even take my anti depressants now and being off them for a long while too isnt helping. I havent been able to really get out of bed and do anything in many months. It;s getting pretty dire. Thanks.
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