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  1. Try to appreciate the little things in life, technology has robbed us of noticing the flowers around us, the fresh morning air, our dog linking our hand to tell us he loves us, the colourful butterflies, the sound of the bees buzzing around etc. Now don't think I'm preaching, I'm not. I just got the thought, that's all. It would be great if we could form friendships within this great community. Just be good friends, nothing more. Regards, The Friend
  2. Hi and a very warm welcome to you. I'm not very familiar with your type of depression, but shall try to be of some support. I have all sorts of problems rolled into one and I really feel bad about it. The tablets keep mounting!!? Anyway I'd be happy to hear from you sometime. Regards, The Friend
  3. It is true that if you can solve it all with psychotherapy it would be wonderful. Wonderful because it isn't possible in practice, but equally wonderful, because once you start on meds you may have to take them for as long as you live, because they don't cure you. They can only maintain you, and considering my case which has not improved with years and years of meds such that I have taken every med in the book. And then your psychiatrist turns around and tells you, "you know, even people who have taken drugs from the beginning could get worse." But in contradiction I would say meds can make the difference as to whether you carry on or not in your life and taken with psychotherapy could be useful. If you feel you really need them then try them. I cannot suggest the least dangerous simply because you might need one that could be a bit dangerous. It's important that you find the right one for yourself. What might work wonders for someone else might do nothing for you. Your future doctor should be one who can understand your feelings as well as being efficient in his field. Bright hopes for the future.
  4. Actually MAOIs work differently to all other antidepressants. While the others concentrate on blocking the reuptake of serotonin or Norepinephrine or both or the reuptake of Dopamine and Norepinephrine by binding to SERT or NET or DAT, with some binding to the receptors in the post synaptic neuron as well, MAOIs in contrast do something else. Normally Monoamine Oxidase is an enzyme produced by the brain which breaks down Serotonin, Norepinephrine and Dopamine. MAOIs inhibit or stop the breaking down of these neurochemicals, and in this way increase the amount of the above transmitters in the synaptic cleft. Hope that helped! Bye!!
  5. SSRIs sometimes work better when combined with an appropriate SNRI. I see however that you have tried the SNRI Venlafaxine, you might try desvenlafaxine (Pristiq) which is a much more efficient option. However continuing the topic of combinations, sometimes even low dose antipsychotics are added to the antidepressant to add a punch to its effect. Please talk to your doctor about the possibility of effective combinations which would probably suit you. Given the fact that you have given ample time for the SSRIs to act I think you could try moving on. But hold on a bit, you say that you tried three SSRIs but they didn't work, why didn't you explore the others? There are currently about 7 SSRIs on the market. So you've not tried the other 4 ! Anyhow I leave it to you. If you think that serotonin inhibitors are just not enough for you, as I said you could try a combination, alternatively if you prefer to try monotherapy for some more time, there are quite a few more meds that you can try. Best of luck to you!!
  6. I understand how you feel. Although I do not think that most people would feel that way, when you do feel something like this it must be very scaring...May I encourage you to go into psychotherapy, as talking through your feelings might make them less traumatic. And remember this: you are never alone when God is with you. He is real and is constantly watching over you and your loved ones! Shall leave you with the words of a song that you might like : Too many miles, behind me. Too many trials are through. Too many tears help me to remember, there's just too much to gain to lose.
  7. I'd advise you not to confide every single of your feelings in them. Write down the feelings you find which coincide with the most obvious and well known symptoms of your case as you know it. I suggest this because people tend to misunderstand our innermost feelings as they might not conform to any well known disease and so they might even tell you that what you are going through is nothing and you just have to be positive about the situation and snap out of it. However if your family and friends understand how you feel then you can open up more! Anyway I hope you get the necessary support you need and also the therapy or meds as well so you feel better. You do deserve it. God bless.
  8. I would think that you could ask your doctor about SNRIs. That is Serotonin and Norepinephrine Reputable Inhibitors. They are newer sort of drugs which work at both Serotonin and Norepinephrine sites. Whereas Sertraline which is a good SSRI, works only at Serotonin sites. The only SNRI which has least side effects, at least by personal experience is desvenlafaxine (Pristiq) which also can be quite helpful too. However choosing the right med is usually a long process, just don't give up!! Best regards.
  9. Have you ever thought of getting a direct psychometric exam done by a qualified psychologist? Online tests hardly can substitute an evaluation in person. The problem is that in you answering questions according to how you access yourself is quite subjective. Whereas if you have a direct psychometric exam done. It will eliminate such problems as it will be both objective as well as subjective in nature. Since you have been toying with the idea of whether you have depression or not for quite some time, I should think it only logical to be properly evaluated and then have whatever treatment or therapy necessary for you to live a more fulfilled and complete life. Hope this helps. Lovingly.
  10. Well, I usually find propranolol the best as it crosses the BBB or Blood Brain Barrier, which means that it will be an ideal drug to reduce tension. Newer ones like Atenolol among others do not cross the BBB and so wouldn't be the ideal choice for tension, unless you just want to reduce your blood pressure. Before taking propranolol you will need to check your pressure to make sure you are not hypotensive. Also you can discuss the dose you need to take with your health care professional. Best of luck.
  11. Maybe you could change the antipsychotic if it isn't suiting you. I hope too that you can find a psychologist to talk all your thoughts and fears through, who can empathise with your feelings as well as be of a great support. I think you seem to be lacking support and the proper help and reassurance you need at this time. Professionals in psychology and psychiatry who can really make a difference to you could be quite difficult to find but just be at it till you find the right one. Just do your best and don't bother about the things you can't control. You will need to accept that you are just a human being and cannot control what is out of your control. As the old song goes.....que sera sera, what evers to be will be, the future's not ours to see, que sera sera; what's to be will be!!
  12. For a long time now, I too have felt the same way. At present I am trying to find God. I somehow feel that only He can fill this lonely void in my life that others don't seem able to do. I know if I find Him everything will be alright. Trust that you too find that God satisfies your inner void. The Friend
  13. Hello! It's sad to read your post. I am sorry that you feel older than you are and especially that you feel that your wife no longer loves you. When depression goes on for a long time it makes you weary. It feels as if nothing is worth while and that you have run out of options. This is something very serious and difficult to deal with. One feels that if only they had their life to live again it would all be so different. Basically from experience I would suggest a new therapist who really understands how you feel and is willing to try new methods of treatment. Your psychologist too needs to be of the same type and both ought to work together on the case. Some support group too would be a good thing to try. Please don't lose hope, we are here for you to share in your tears and in your sorrow. God has not forsaken you either. Never give into that thought although it is bound to occur, because it isn't true, even if every situation in your life points to it. He is our only hope and our joy for eternity. Believe in Him and love His people. Wait for Him to come to you.He surely will! When he comes he will end all your sorrow and give you a new life to live. One you never believed would be possible. The Friend
  14. Faith in God has brought me through many, many years of terrible depression. I know that it is by no means easy but having someone who you can depend on; a wellspring of love and hope always brings you a refreshment that no one else can give. The Friend
  15. Hi! I too seem to suffer on a daily basis although I've literally been on every med in the book and had therapy for five years. I really don't feel as if I can handle anymore as I have exhausted every drug and there are just three or four with which I have to do rounds!! The only reason that keeps me existing is that Jesus has promised to deliver me from all this suffering and although it has been a few years since the promise He assures me on almost a daily basis; offering comfort and support. I'm sorry to hear that you suffer to, I know it must be awful! By no means easy. I will leave you with the words of one of Beverly Shea's songs, here it is : Some through the water, some through the flood, some through fire, but all through the blood, Some through great sorrow but God gives a song; in the dark season and all the day long. With my very best wishes.
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