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  1. Where am I going to go? I already know if I go out somewhere no one would say a word to me & I'll feel even worse seeing everyone else with people they know. It's why I never go to the beach by myself since it would be too depressing seeing others with their friends enjoying themselves while I'd be all alone by myself. I keep saying it but I'm just sick of this awful life. I suffer everyday due to health problems out of my control & I'm just tired of it. My life is pretty much destroyed at this point unless a miracle happens. I really don't know what to do at this point anymore.
  2. There's nowhere for me to get a social life at this point. I missed my window on that too. Where am I going to meet anyone at my age to actually become friends with & do things with? Everyone already has their own social circles, I'll just be the new tag along guy but I'll never be considered as close of a friend as the others if they knew them longer. I just really don't have the motivation anymore for anything. I don't know why I bother to keep going on living. This is just a joke at this point. I seriously genuinely wish I was dead a lot of days. Even having visions of me just hanging myself. But I don't have it in me to do it.
  3. There's some bars in my area just I've never been a bar/club person really. And nope I don't have anyone to go with anymore. I used to go with previous co-workers a few times a year but I don't work with them anymore.
  4. I guess I just don't have the motivation to do like 20 different things just to try to get a g/f when most others just get it without almost any effort. It's also almost impossible to get new friends once you reach your 30s. The vast majority of people in my age range are either married with kids, engaged, or have their group of friends that they've known for years. I'll never be anyone's close friend at this point. It's beyond annoying that I have to take classes, make decent money, have a good social life & whatever else just to be given a chance. It's just asinine. It's almost like do I really want it that bad to have to do so many different things just to be given a chance with a lot of women? Obviously with the job I'd want something better but I'd do that for myself not just to get a g/f. It just almost feels like it's not even worth it yet I'll be alone for life. Luck isn't on my side so I'm not just going to meet someone by chance anywhere or anything. Stuff like that never ever happens to me in my life.
  5. My problem no matter what I do is I can't approach random women. I'm nervous enough just meeting someone I've been talking to for weeks let alone walking up to some woman I never even talked to & try to flirt. It's just not happening since I don't have that type of personality. People have told me to try a dance class which I guess I could but it would suck if I do it just to try to meet women & no one even talks to me. I'm not sure if people say that because it's like that in the movies, but I doubt it's so simple in real life to just take some class & you all of a sudden will meet tons of women. I've looked into meetups & it seems most of the stuff is in the city, nothing really in my area. It just seems most people either meet online or through friends which is impossible since I don't have a social life. I just have a few people I talk through text that live an hour or more away so it's almost impossible to see them except a few times a year. Also, of course that girl I was talking to from California lied about coming back to Jersey in 2 weeks when I see her location change closer to my area. I guess she just didn't want to meet at all so she said that. I see why so many guys become angry & bitter towards women through online dating since a lot of them just use it for ego boosting & attention. It pi**es me off as well. It's just so annoying.
  6. Maybe so, but I still don't know how so many are meeting each other. I don't get how these women are agreeing to being these guys' g/fs when it just seems so difficult to even get a date. I just wish I knew what these guys possess that I & so many other guys don't. I think for me it's mainly my job and/or my personality. I'm uncomfortable with people I've only just met so the woman I go on a date with will have to think shyness/quietness is cute or else I'm already done after 1 date probably. I know having a g/f won't solve all my problems but it would still be nice to be with someone instead of alone all the time. Yes, that's true. I agree with you I maybe shouldn't be complaining but most women just stop replying mid conversation or even after 1 or 2 replies.
  7. I'm not sure if women settle as much as men at least judging from online dating. I see tons of the same women on there whenever I go back on to make a new profile. It seems a lot of guys just aren't good enough for a lot of women these days. As I said a lot of women are looking for something very specific that I guess a huge percentage of men don't have. I don't get how anyone even gets into a relationship these days anymore when it's just so difficult to meet someone. Are a lot of them settling? Are they just getting really lucky? I'll never understand this whole process of trying to be with someone. Yes, that's very true. If I don't like her personality than it'll be impossible to want a relaionship with them unless I want to settle. Settling seems like my most realistic option though which is scary. I've been talking to 3 different women & 1 just stopped talking to me. Another dropped a bombshell on me saying she lives in San Diego California when I'm on the east coast so realistically nothing will happen with her. It's her parents that live in my state but she moved. We've had a fun conversation too with a lot of common interests yet I'm just thinking like go figure. The other has been married twice & is 11 years older than me. Not sure if we're going to meet yet or not.
  8. I'm confused. Which woman are you referring to? This older woman I've been talking to or the woman that rejected me? Or do you mean somehow in general? Sorry, just unsure of what you mean exactly
  9. Also, still talking to this older woman. She said she's been divorced twice but her first marriage was when she was really young. I still possibly plan on meeting with her just to see what she's like in person.
  10. Are you saying I expected that girl I went out with to have a relationship with me? I didn't think that at all. I just was surprised that she was talking to me like normal after our date was over through text. Also, messaging me 10-15mins after it was over that she had a nice time. Than the following night she hits me with the let's be friends stuff. It was just very bizarre the way she went about it. It seemed like she didn't want to lose me as a friend I suppose so she was talking to me like normal until I asked when she wanted to go out again.
  11. True, it's just I sometimes feel it's my only option to be with anyone. Anytime I'm attracted to someone it always just seems way more difficult to get them to keep a conversation going or just don't seem that into me. I just don't know what a lot of women want. It seems they're looking for something very specific & I guess I don't possess the qualities that they like. And nursing definitely wouldn't be for me. I just hate hospital settings in general. I just always get an eerie feeling in hospitals since the atmosphere isn't anything positive at all. My issue is I don't know how I'm going to do that when I just have these health issues that literally don't go away. I think at this point the way I am now is going to be the way I am for the rest of my life. And I just don't want to be that guy that's like 40 years old that's never been in a relationship. Time moves on extremely fast so by the time I know it I'll be that age & never even having a relationship or possibly even sex. It would just be really depressing to be that age & still single or never being with anyone. I mean am I wrong to think that? Basically it would feel like anyone that laughs at the movie The 40 year old Virgin would be laughing at me.
  12. True, that happened with another girl that messaged me last night. We talked for a bit than she threw out that she's looking to settle down & start a family. I was just like no thanks to that lol. This older woman I'll see what happens with her. I'll possibly at least meet up with her to get more experience if given the chance if possible, but I messaged her before when I saw she was online but got no response yet. So I'll see what happens.
  13. I've actually been talking to an older woman in her early 40s tonight. She seems to be into me since she said she hopes to talk to me tomorrow. She's looking for something serious though. But I'm thinking of maybe at least trying to meet up with her for a date to gain more dating experience possibly. I don't know if I'm doing the right thing though since the odds of me wanting something serious with her are very slim. Should I at least meet up with her if given the chance eventually?
  14. I'm guessing he has an outgoing social type of personality. Maybe even a bad boy vibe to him. A lot of women for whatever reason flock to those types of guys. I guess since those guys literally don't care how they come across & can approach women without caring what they say it just reeks confidence to women.
  15. Because it seems a lot of women want something that most guys don't have. I literally had this girl I went out with crying from laughter & laughing throughout the date yet she still just wants to be friends. I don't know what these women want at all. I mean am I supposed to act like a cocky jerk or something? It's like I don't know what they think is good enough. My friend said it can be any little thing from the clothes I wore, to what food I ordered or whatever else. With online dating especially since women have so many options if there's just 1 small thing they dislike than you're done as an option & they move on due to how many options they have. It's just so absurd & it's why I feel I ruined my chances by only thinking about dating when social media/dating apps started getting huge. How can I not feel like I'd need to settle to be with someone? It just seems more & more people these days are stuck being alone. And I keep saying I'm not expecting a super hot g/f. This girl I went out with was probably realistically a 6 or 7 on a looks scale. Not a bad looking girl at all, but realistically speaking nowhere near model looks. I mean that I just need to be attracted to them personally. There's lots of famous women for example that society deems as really attractive but that I just don't find them that good looking. Some I'm just thinking like she's average looking to me yet a lot of guys think she's really attractive. I mean though who doesn't want to be attracted to the person they're with?