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  1. Yeah, I hear you. I’m just angry & bitter with how my life has turned out. Nothing has gotten better & I just feel so lost in this life. I’m worried about my future everyday but feel I have no control over anything due to my situation.
  2. To update this thread from long ago my brother & his girlfriend are STILL living here. So you can imagine how big of an f’d up situation it’s been for me. I knew when they came back here they were going to take advantage. I don’t even bother talking to my brother anymore since all he cares about is when things benefit himself.
  3. I don’t understand how when it comes to things like social circles, jobs, relationships etc. it just feels like things just organically work out for everyone. It feels like magically everyone has dozens of friends they can talk to or hang out with, get great jobs, find relationships so easy where if they break up with someone than all of a sudden a month or two later they’re with someone else. I don’t know if it’s just me that notices this type of stuff but it boggles my mind how it always feels like things just fall into place for everyone when I’m not around. When I’m at work I always constantly see guys with good looking women or if I overhear convos they mention how they have a house & have a great job or whatever else. Than seeing the groups of friends together all the time when it’s almost impossible to start a social circle in 2019 once school is done with. It’s just annoying that anywhere I go people view me like I’m a ghost unless it’s at my job where people are forced to interact with me otherwise they wouldn’t say a single word otherwise. Why do things fall into place for everyone is what I don’t understand.
  4. I just feel trapped since I can’t deal with my job anymore. I want to quit so bad but than I’d have no money coming in. My issue is I’m not good at anything so I’m stuck working awful jobs & anytime I look online for other work it’s just nothing that interests me or you need a bunch of experience. I just don’t know what to do anymore. I wanted to just walk out of my job yesterday but I held myself back from doing it. Not sure what I’m supposed to do. It’s a vicious cycle whether I quit or not it’s going to be a miserable existence.
  5. Didn’t have it in me to message her again. It’s been 3 days now. I just take it as a loss & figured if she were still interested she would have messaged me again. I just knew when she asked if I was a shy person out of nowhere that she pretty much viewed me a certain way. I’ve said it for years now & expect to be alone for life. I honestly had this fear as a kid that as I got older I’d never meet anyone & it’s unfortunately coming true.
  6. Not sure there’s really a point. We haven’t talked in 2 days after the whole shy thing. Probably better off just not even bothering since she would have reached out to me by now I think if she were still interested.
  7. I never responded to her after asking if I was a shy person. I just asked that it’s noticable through text? And she just said yeah kinda. Than I never talked to her since. We were supposed to go out to dinner one day soon but once someone mentions me being quiet/shy I just know they get turned off. Women find me boring I think. I also have a bunch of health issues where I feel like I’m at a stand still. So many people at my job moved on to bigger things & I’m still there feeling left behind with not being able to do much more due to all my problems. I also feel like I can’t date since my anxiety just goes into severe overdrive where I can’t calm down. Than I won’t even be able to be myself on the date due to the stress of it all. It’s like the one date I went on I was pretty much just waiting for the end of it due to it being so awkward. I can’t be comfortable meeting someone for the first time so I’ll never be able to have a good first date with anyone. It’s like I’d have to organically meet someone somewhere to stand any chance. I read your entire post & appreciate what you’ve written. I just feel there’s no hope for me anymore.
  8. Well, I likely screwed it up anyway if she was still interested since after mentioning if I was shy I pretty much stopped replying after. I already feel she views me as weak already. I know how it is based on my own history that the vast majority of women just dislike shy guys. If they didn’t I should have been in at least 1 or 2 relationships at my current age. I’m a guy in his early 30s that’s only been on 1 date in his whole life. And I don’t consider myself bad looking either which women would likely think I’m crazy if I told them I’ve never had a relationship. I’m just so screwed due to health issues ruining my life. I don’t see a way out of any of this anymore. I’m beyond tired.
  9. I just don’t know how it’s came to this though. My life is a complete nightmare that never ends. I never could have imagined that this would be my life at my age. It’s incredibly depressing & makes me feel horrible. I pretty much am literally just existing for no reason. I’m just a useless waste of damn space.
  10. Not really but it’s definitely not a good sign. From my experience, women absolutely don’t like shy guys. They view it as a weak trait in a guy. I don’t even want to bother responding to her anymore. And deep down it gives me a little comfort sadly knowing I’m back in my comfort zone. lol it can’t get any worse than my life man. It’s such a joke being me.
  11. lol she flat out asked if I was a shy person through text. So even without meeting me she knows. Life is so lame man. I wish I just wouldn’t exist anymore. I don’t get the point of this anymore.
  12. It’s like where do I draw the line here. I feel I can’t do anything out of my comfort zone due to all my health issues. If I do than I’m just in severe constant stress where I’m than forced to stay in my comfort zone to end the severe constant stress. I mean what am I supposed to do? This is just a complete disaster of a life & it’s never going to end.
  13. Man, I’m such a loser. I matched with a really good looking Brazilian girl on one of the dating apps & she flat out hinted at me taking her out to dinner. I’m too nervous to agree to it & have severe stress at the thought of going out with her. Why can’t I just be normal & be able to do things without having severe stress & low moods from letting me do anything? It’s likely going to be another missed opportunity because I’m too stressed out at just the thought of going out to dinner with her.
  14. Yeah true, but I know for sure at least 90% of people I see when out likely have better overall lives than I do. My life just sucks all around in every area.
  15. It seems most places I go most people are already in relationships or have a group of friends with them. Yet outside of people that know each other already I notice no one is social at all. So how are so many people meeting others as friends or getting relationships when anywhere I go if a woman is by herself for instance she just keeps to herself or is glued to her phone or something else. I don’t understand how others just have good social lifes & can get relationships so easily while others no matter what just can’t do anything about it. The advice I always get is to join clubs or some other thing just to be on the same level as others that seemingly don’t have to put so much effort in. Things just seem to work out for them for no reason at all while for others they have to do dozens of different things & try hard just to try to be on the same level. Why does life have to suck so bad?
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