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  1. In a bit of an update I've scheduled an appointment on the 30th of this month with a new dentist but I'm not expecting much at this point. I'll bring up my issue about this stuff but I already know he's going to think I'm crazy if I tell him all the doctors I've been to about this. I've just been having a bit of low energy & not feeling great these days at all. Just feel really lost. I have almost no motivation for anything anymore.
  2. It just seems like a case of that women have so many options today so in their mind if they feel there's even one thing they feel they're missing out on they'll move on to someone else. It's almost like I wouldn't even know who the trust at this point if I even had a chance with someone. Dating is just a disaster these days it feels like. I genuinely don't know what women even want these days. I obviously don't provide it since I've been on only 1 date in my life. Women aren't jumping at the opportunity to ask me out or anything so I'm obviously not attractive enough to be a head turner for women. I'm probably above average in looks at best but I'm not attractive enough to get women to be all over me or anything like that so it would have to be me doing the asking out & setting up dates & whatever else. Sorry to hear you got cheated on, that really sucks.
  3. I barely even been thinking about this stuff again lately. I can feel my mental health just getting worse. I don’t know what to say about anything anymore. Life really just sucks in every area. I feel if I ever get better it’ll be at a point where it’s too late for me. In terms of relationships I have nothing to offer & it’s just a waste to keep getting angry about it. The women I tend to like seem to be above me in social status as well as having dozens of options to choose from. Just tired of thinking about it & am more worried about my health. I’d genuinely be willing to bet my life savings on that I’ll still be alone with a lot of issues at 40 years old.
  4. I do want to go to school just it's hard to be motivated to just take up any old thing. My problem is I've never been good at something where it would lead to a career. A lot of other people of course were lucky with that too where they were good at some specific thing that they can make a career out of. I don't have that luxury unfortunately. My interests were never going to realistically lead to any sort of career even if as a kid I was delusional enough to think it would. I just hate the "what can you do for me now" mentality of how life is. If I got a better job & women are interested all of a sudden I'll just be thinking like where were you before when I wasn't making much. It just all comes across as fake to me. If I somehow became famous for instance & all of a sudden so many women would come up to me to introduce themselves & give me attention I'd probably just literally start laughing about how fake all of it is when before I was just some nobody no one gave a s***t about.
  5. As long as they're not stuck up shallow women with terrible personalities than they're fine to me. I wouldn't care to be with a really attractive women if her attitude was awful & she was always nasty to people. I'd rather be alone than to be with a woman like that no matter how attractive she is. My aunt last week said she thinks I'll meet someone eventually & that I'd make a good husband or whatever. I'm just thinking like yeah right. Since that's the type of stuff you hear when you're a kid just to motivate you when it's never true. I was lied to as a kid thinking everything would work out when life has been one huge disaster after another.
  6. Oh come on man seriously? Taking classes for this s***t? That's going to extremes now. All this stuff is just very annoying. I just don't get why people have to be the way they are for. I sometimes seriously just hate people. It's just so annoying how it's like everything has to be perfect to people to want to even talk to you or whatever else. I guess if I was born an outgoing guy I wouldn't deal with any of this stuff.
  7. How can one tell the difference between a quiet guy who's confident & one who's not? I mean if both are just sitting back not saying much how can they tell?
  8. Not at all. I don't know why after all this time you keep assuming that I'd only want these really hot women. It's not true at all. I just want someone I'm personally attracted to with a nice personality & some of the same common interests. I admittedly do for some reason find outgoing women more attractive I guess to counter my quietness. I just think it would make for a better relationship where she's more outgoing than me. I just wish I can pass the getting to know someone part of dating so I can be more outgoing with them. I'm never outgoing with people I've only just met.
  9. I'm about 5'7" if I want to tell a white lie. With shoes on I'm literally just below the 5'7" mark. I usually just say I'm 5'6" though but I guess stating 5'7" wouldn't exactly be a lie I suppose. True, I've been considering that. I'm a big boxing fan so I was considering going to a Boxing gym or something.
  10. It's just the thing is those other people are usually the outgoing type so I'm left out. It's like I'll have to gain like 30 pounds of muscle & be intimidating or something to be respected by people or something. I don't know really it's just pretty annoying though. People are so superficial & corny these days.
  11. To women being quiet = insecure. Which unfortunately is probably true since I have a lot of insecurities at this point due to my entire life situation in every area. And I'm still unsure what I want to take up. When I was at my barber, I was talking to her about my job situation & she suggested being an electrician or plumber. But I have absolutely zero interest in those fields.
  12. That's the thing there's no way I'm going to be able to change my personality at this stage. I'll always just be known as the quiet guy. It's like I can talk to people but I feel I don't keep people interested enough. I was at a party last week with relatives & I was talking to my Uncle for a bit about some things than all of a sudden 2 others come back to sit down near us & I'm pretty much out of the focus yet again in the background while the others are talking to each other. It's like I'm the one that's always constantly left out all the time. It happened at my job too yesterday I was talking to some guy I work with asking him something than all of a sudden he starts talking to others about the same subject & I'm out of the conversation yet again into the background. I don't know what to make of it at this point, it's like people don't find me interesting I guess or something I don't really know. It's not that people are even mean to me ever just a lot of them just don't seem to want to talk to me when others are around as well. Women just don't want a guy like me for a relationship since they probably view me as weak or something for being quiet. I just don't know since I can't read anyone's minds. Also, there's no such thing as faking being outgoing. If you're outgoing your outgoing. You can't just be really quiet & pretend to be outgoing.
  13. Doubtful these days. I notice like half of women I see with their bf/husband are these guys with tattoos & just have that bad boy type of vibe to them. I need to start going to the gym again since I slacked off yet again with it so I can be more intimidating a bit since that’s what women seem to like since they want some guy that makes them feel safe.
  14. I’m pretty almost done with wanting a g/f at this point since there’s too many things I need to work on to be with anyone. I might very well turn out to be a 40 year old virgin with no relationship experience but I just can’t take dealing with this anymore. I deleted most of my dating profiles except for Tinder/Bumble that I still have but are barely on them now. I realize women just don’t like my personality. I can tell women generally flat out dislike guys that are quiet for any sort of relationship to happen. It’ll always be a friendzoned situation. I can tell by the date I went on looking back that my quietness made her uncomfortable since she even made comments like “I think I make you nervous” which was an automatic friendzoned comment looking back I should have realized right then & there. I just don’t know what I’m going to do since I can’t change my personality at this stage if this is how I’ve been my entire life. It just sucks since I show a more outgoing side only if I’ve known them for awhile but unfortunately I’ll always mess up during the beginning stages of getting to know someone. It just sucks but I’m trying really hard to just forget about all of this. There’s glimpses here & there at work from frustration when seeing these good looking women all the time but I’ve been doing a bit better overall. I just don’t know what I’ll ever do if women just don’t like my personality though. It’s almost like a guy is better off being an outgoing cocky jerk than a quiet guy since at least those guys get relationships a hell of a lot easier. It’s a death sentence for a guy to be quiet to have any chance into getting a relationship. Being short, health issues & working a low wage job certainly pile on to the turn offs as well. I’ve realized there’s no way I can ever win over a woman I find attractive if I’m being realistic here. It’s just a rough realization when I used to think things would work out for me when I was a kid. But life has been a nightmare in every aspect that I’m genuinely surprised I’m still even alive at this point.
  15. Thanks. But unfortunately I'm not really doing better. I just really want to get to the bottom of this now. It's just extremely frustrating having to keep living life with all these issues.