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  1. I wish my dumb brain would learn to differentiate instead of constantly being "CRISIS MODE" forever I wonder, even if I get out of my current situation, if things will actually get better, or my brain will just always be sad and anxious. Sigh.
  2. Unfortunately my family doesn't get along with them They're actually getting louder lol (day 8)...
  3. It's an Indian wedding. Most of my neighbors are South Asian, but in all my years living here I don't know anyone whose had celebrations this long or loud before. Fell asleep after midnight last night and I don't know how I did it, they were still going strong
  4. I have been struggling with ignoring my next-door neighbors multi-day wedding festivities but it has been so loud...they are on their sixth day now. It is like living next to a club from 6 to midnight. I have no idea how all of them aren't deaf at this point. My therapist says I need to differentiate between "unpleasant" and "catastrophic". This is "unpleasant". I have other issues that are much closer to catastrophic.
  5. Phoned local distress line for the first time today after some stuff happened. She didn't give me any new advice but just talking to someone helped me calm down a bit. If I could, I'd go to the hospital, but I have to look after my dad so that's not really a choice.
  6. Thanks, JD. Sorry to hear about your health problems but glad you're on the mend. I guess we just have to keep on, keepin' on.
  7. Thank you for always providing words of comfort, duck
  8. I was talking to my younger brother about dreams last night and he said he dreamed about places he's never been before, big and wide open spaces, and that he would be flying or running and could actually feel it. Meanwhile, I usually dream about our awful house, or places that are very crowded or cluttered. The only sense I usually have is hearing - usually loud bangs or yelling. A good dream can really mentally reset me but I get them so rarely. It makes me understand more why he seems, at least in some ways, more mentally resilient than me.
  9. I was hit by a car 10 years ago but got away with very minor injuries. If I had known life would be like this, I wish the driver would've finished the job. Probably won't get a chance like that again.
  10. Thinking about my cousin who died last year a month after her mom died. She had mental health issues and lived at home and was very close to her mom. They both died of pneumonia. I heard from other family that she just didn't want to live anymore after her mom died. And I think about how people can just get to such a desolate place that even their body gives up. I was so sad for my cousin but also for her brother and sisters too. I was wondering how much further down I would have to go to reach that point. I don't have much interest in fighting for my life anymore.
  11. I would like to hire someone for one year to take care of all my problems. A personal assistant on steroids. If I'm having issues with someone, they could act as an intermediary or stand-in. If I need an errand done, they'll go do it. They'll do the caregiving stuff for my Dad. They'll cook. They'll act as an as-needed therapist and life coach. They'll figure out ways for me to live a more efficient and happier life. They'll stand up for me when I'm being bullied. They'll help me achieve my goals. They'll be there next to me when I need support. They'll make sure things still get done even when I'm at my lowest. I would pay a lot of money for something like this.
  12. DoorDash delivered my food to the wrong house so I went to get it and now I'm worried that I'm gonna get accused of being a porch pirate...I left a note under an Amazon box that was also there but what if someone steals the Amazon box and then blames me... I'm genuinely worried I might get charged with a crime for this. I Googled it after and it said it's considered illegal trespassing even if the items are yours. Dear Lord...
  13. I recently started writing again because I came across this AI writing app. If I get stuck, I let the app write something (you can edit it afterwards if you're iffy on the idea of something else writing for you, but it doesn't matter for me since my stuff isn't publishable). It's fun, kinda like having another person to bounce off ideas. Often the stuff it comes up with is nonsensical but will trigger a light switch in my head. The app I use is Dreamily but I know there's a few others like AIDungeon or NovelAI. I watch walking videos on youtube to "transport" myself to places around the world (I like a channel called Rambalac because they do a lot of Japan walking vids).
  14. The Green Knight - 5/10 I was surprised how much I disliked it. I think I just don't get David Lowery's work (also didn't like A Ghost Story). Old Henry - 7.5/10 I hadn't heard about this movie but it's great! Highly recommend if you're into Westerns (fyi, there's some pretty violent scenes).
  15. Dreamt I was in New York and people blamed me for pushing Lisa Kudrow and they all started chasing me. Then I ran through a park where people were pouring gasoline everywhere and setting it on fire, so I lost my chasers amidst the smoke and fire. Honestly, a pleasant and exciting dream lol. The only part of the dream I disliked was the very beginning (before the Lisa Kudrow part) where I was trying to make friends with neighbors and they rejected me Good dreams are nice but they're usually a harbinger for upcoming stress in real life, which did happen
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