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  1. That does sound very confusing! Does this happen all the time or only sometimes? Have you talked to anyone about this? A therapist or doctor would be able to help (or recommend someone who could). It is really hard to deal with mental issues alone.
  2. The construction will not last forever. It's okay to be anxious about strangers in your home, especially with COVID-19. I feel more depressed every day. I recommend ear plugs and loud music. People here are very understanding. You can say as much - or as little - as you want. The universe will do what it wants, no matter what we say on this forum. Why is your depression confusing you?
  3. It's a website/app. They have volunteer listeners who you can text with (you can also pay for actual therapists, but I've never done that). There's usually quite a few volunteers so it doesn't take too long to get matched with someone. I have had more good luck than bad with their listeners so it's worth a shot.
  4. I use 7cups and chat with the listeners on there when things get especially rough (especially if it's the middle of the night). It's not perfect, but it helps.
  5. That's true. He would probably be scared for you more than himself. With hpv, guys can get the vaccine and use protection too. That's an adjustment, not a dealbreaker. I had a coworker a long time ago who was upset with this girl he was seeing not because she had an std (he was actually okay with that), but because she told him after they had unprotected sex. Right now you are dreading something that might not even happen, and I know that is a horrible feeling. It's better to find out from the person themselves, even if it hurts. At least you will know for real.
  6. Sorry if I came across as dismissive, I didn't mean it that way. Why do you think it's a make-or-break thing? Do you think he will be angry or scared?
  7. I always read your posts and always feel you deserve so much more than you've been given. You've mentioned before your concerns about your boyfriend, so it's not like he doesn't come with his own baggage. And accepting a child that's not yours is a big thing, for some even bigger than knowing you have hpv. Almost half of sexually active people get HPV in their life, it doesn't have the same stigma as other STDs. It's important to tell him so you guys can take proper precautions for his health as well. I hope you guys can carve out a better life.
  8. She Used to Be Mine cover by annapantsu I have a hard time crying but I just spent like 15 minutes crying until I felt nauseous listening to this song. She's imperfect, but she tries She is good, but she lies She is hard on herself She is broken and won't ask for help She is messy, but she's kind She is lonely most of the time She is all of this mixed up and baked in a beautiful pie She is gone, but she used to be mine
  9. Knives Out. Wasn't expecting much, but it's the most fun I've had watching a movie since Hot Fuzz. Ana de Armas is like an adorable baby bunny in this. Super recommend. I like Rob Zombie's aesthetic and I don't mind he casts his wife in everything 😅 Didn't like his version of Halloween though.
  10. Decluttering, reading, playing through Steam games, and this month my goal is to get stuff prepared/photographed for selling on eBay. But mostly slowly falling apart mentally 😶
  11. America is insane, and I am not talking about the protesters. A police state that imposes its hypocritical views about democracy, freedom, and equality on other countries. Not to be outdone, in Canada the cops are also shooting rubber bullets and tear gas at peaceful protesters. Neither country should be telling others how to live when our own countries are so broken. I'm supposed to be outraged because a building got burned down? Cops are ******* innocent people in their homes and on the streets, shooting tear gas and rubber bullets at peaceful protesters and journalists, ruining people's lives on false charges. And they do it confidently while they know people are filming. Nah. I don't agree with destroying the buildings of local businesses, but I will side with the vandals over the killers every single time. People weren't listening before. They're listening now.
  12. Very anxious. I have to go get the groceries from outside in about a half hour but the next door neighbors are out working on their garden (also there are like 5 cars in front of their house, we're only just easing quarantine restrictions, yeesh). I feel so much anxiety and also foolish. Am looking at social anxiety memes to help me calm down a bit.
  13. I think the goal should always be to not overwhelm hospitals. A lot of the people at our meat-packing facility are scared to go back to work, but they aren't easily replaced because many are overseas foreign workers who weren't getting paid minimum wage and most Canadians would not put their lives on the line for that. I think this pandemic has exposed a lot of the cruelty in our economic system. I'm in Canada, so just watching the response from the US is bananas tbh.
  14. People try hobbies, decide it's not for them, that's all. It doesn't mean she doesn't appreciate the gift, just that playing guitar isn't for her. Even if I did enjoy a hobby, for someone to pressure me about practicing would put me off greatly. For it to be the catalyst for huge arguments would put me off even more. To suggest destroying something she cherishes (even if just to look at) is unnecessarily cruel. Let her be.
  15. I wish they would open city by city. My city still has active hotspots while the city above us has had very few daily cases for a while. Start reopening them, let us stay closed another week and then reassess.
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