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  1. Probably not much help especially since it's already been said here a couple times, but as soon as I get angry my ONLY hack to help a little is getting out of the immediate area. Literally go to the garage or shed if U have one, or outside. Just physically remove Urself from the area the person is in. But I have no clue beyond that. Cause it's 50/50 at best as to wether it'll work or not any particular day.
  2. Good for you! I know everyone says that, and that it is a big thing. Which I don't like sounding like the generic stuff. But congrats and I mean it. Lol. Im pan, but so far I can still count on one hand the people I have told in the last 5 years. Im still probably WAY too selective on my sexuality. Luckily for other reasons though I don't have the worry of family to deal with. I don't speak to them and honestly I don't think I ever will. Those people don't deserve to know what makes me happy. The family I fell into knows a little of it. And Im slowly building up coming out to others.
  3. Very much feeling or more so wishing that I could stop being so suspicious or cautious of the very few times I manage to get out of the negativity in my head. As soon as I laugh or smile a bit there is something in me that almost immediately says "Uh oh....how much is THIS fall from grace gonna hurt?!" I have always had this ability to sit and linger in the bad without even realizing I am doing so, but as soon as I get to a good feeling or place I get to walking on eggshells and am on high alert cause I know it won't last.
  4. I wish I could let go of the memories that ruin all the "normal" family holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and yes Easter too. I haven't spoken to my parents or most of my blood related family in 5 years, but even still with the family that kinda adopted me in, I still can't stop the dark thoughts from coming in on days like today (well yesterday technically, it's 130am) and ruin the potential good day it coulda been. I know it won't happen over night but I thought after 5 years things would be a bit better then what they are currently.
  5. Original version of this song from Demi Lovato is as good as this version. Ekoh - Sober "I've got an itch I'll never scratch but I'm going until I bleed Like who the f*ck are you to tell me what you think I really need Cuz I've awoken up a beast that never stops until it feeds And it's been eating me alive inside my dreams"
  6. Making food for the week, hoping I'm gonna get tired soon. But may be a long night....Oh well...Guess more cooking will get done.
  7. I'm Bi too. And at least in my bubble of a world, yes, those comments and opinions do tend to present themselves often. The one thing I fire back, because it's my main reason for being bi, and cause I'm a disturber, is "I'm attracted to a person who treats me how I want to be treated, respectful and positive, and is a blast to be around, not for what's between your legs" Most will accept that and shush, there are always gonna be those too ignorant to see anything then their own picture of the world. Let em be, not worth your hassle or brain energy.
  8. I've been sailing, Too long in cold water Restrain me, From these pills and more doctors And erase me from this page, And start over I wanna start over MGK - Habits
  9. Its coming towards the end of a long and challenging altho successful birthday. 29 today. But that's not the point of this. I wanna say thank you to everyone on here. I don't think my 29th bday would of been anywhere near as uplifting. So thank you DF community. :)
  10. Gym Class Heroes - Kid Nothing and the Never Ending Naked Nightmare. Long title for a very good track. Worth a listen.
  11. Trying to be happy I am off work for 6 weeks (in school doing training) but not doing so well. Guess Ill go make a tea.
  12. I started a beginners Yoga session (about 20mins) 2 days into my 6 week stress leave and despite being not flexible at all and still a tad on the overweight side of things, my mood got better after a few days. Now I do that same 20 min session (good ol' youtube!) as a stretch before work 5 days a week. It calms my anxiety down tremendously and brings those aches and pains I'm sure were all familiar with down to a tolerable level. Nothing bad to say about yoga at all.
  13. Happy birthday Mia! I may also be a noob but already these guys and gals seem to be the good side of everyones family. :) If that makes sense??
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