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  1. I hope you are having an amazing day! : ) ღ Lindsay

    1. Laz


      Hi Lindsay. How are you doing? I am having a good day so far. How about you?

  2. I'm been doing some research on the internet and I found this: Ultra Rapid-cycling bipolar disorder I don't think mine are the severe type, where I act out my emotions every few minutes, but it sound like what I go through internally every day. Mine are highs and lows, relax happy to depress hopelessness cycles but all within minutes. They're not severe but still impacts my emotions daily. Nobody notices because I'm very good of hiding my emotions to people. Anyway, I'm not sure if I have this or not, but it's the closest I've found to my condition. I'll bring this up to my psychiatrist tomorrow. Thanks, Laz
  3. I've been seeing a therapist for the last three years and a psychiatrist once a quarter but nothing has helped. I've changed ADD pills twice, with both having the same effect. The good news is that it's not impacting my life severly as I'm still able to function normally outside (people can't tell). It's just the horrible feelings I feel on daily basis. Definitely, the ADD pills increase these swings, but it's still there when I'm not taking them. I'm seeing my psychiatrist tomorrow morning so I'm going to discuss this in more depth with her. BTW, prior to my divorce and subsequently the severe clinical depression I went through, I did not experience these rapid swings. Weird! Thanks, Laz
  4. Am I the only one who goes through this every day? I go from mild depression, hopelessness, anxiety to happy and relax mood swings in rapid secessions minute by minute, throughout my day. I mean, I go from feeling hopelessness for about a minute or two, to relaxed and happy the next few mintues then back to hopeless, over and over again. I am taking ADD pills, which I know increases these effects, but even when I'm not taking them I still feel these rapid mood swings (I stopped taking the ADD pills for a couple of months and it was better but it did not eliminate the problem). I’ve done all kinds of research but all I find is Bipolar disorder systems. Unfortunately, it’s typically very highs and very lows, but in weeks or even monthly mood swings. Mine are within minutes and I can almost physically feel my moods as they’re changing. Any ideas? I did suffer from sever depression for a couple of years after my wife left me 3 years ago, but have been able to pull out of it, although I still have depression episodes. BTW, anti-depression pills have never helped. Thanks, Laz
  5. I’m not sure if there’s a difference between vivid memories and flashbacks but I feel mind are pretty close to flashbacks. They seem so fresh and real it’s creepy sometimes. Throughout the day they pop into my head suddenly. I know they’re just memories but to me they impact my moods tremendously, especially the good ones. The weird thing is the bad memories don’t impact me that much. It’s the good ones that usually bring me down, especially the ones of my ex-wife and kids. The worse was when my wife left me. At the time my head was in shambles, I was in major depression and the memories were absolutely debilitating. Now it’s not as bad but there are still times when they’ll push me into depression. Does anybody else feel this way?
  6. The truth is that depression is a daily battle most of us go though each and every day, some being more severe then others. What has helped me is being on anti-depression medication for the last two years. I don't care anymore about what people think of the pills, I rather take them and feel better then suffer through major depression. Seeing a therapist also helps. I saw a therapist for a 1.5 years and stopped about a year ago but started seeing one again. Just having the abililty to talk to someone, even if you're paying them, helps me cope a little. Adopting a puppy. I got an 8 week old Border Collie Aug 2011 and boy do they keep you busy. She's my best friend, watches tv and sleeps with me. I actaully talk to her..lol. The other thing that helps is that I absolutely hate being depressed and I'll do anything to get out of it. So many times I've just wanted to lay in bed, sleep and do nothing but I literally force myself to get up and do work around the house, go take a walk or go out and get dinner. I find any project around the house or car to do, sometimes just making stuff up just to have something to do. Let me tell you, this is not easy but I just can't stand the depresspesion that I just force myself to do anything (I even talk to myself and my puppy to modivate me..lol). To recap. Pills, therapy, pet, exercise, stay busy. I also play puzzle games on my Andriod phone which helps me cope a little. These things have helped me better cope with my depression. They're not a cure and don't work for everyone, but you have to try something. Laz
  7. I can relate. I'm Mexican American male suffering from depression. Depression is really taboo in the Latin culture to the point that you're really ostracized. My mom actually gets upset at me anytime I tell her I'm depressed to the point that I lie to her. And boy, she better not find out I'm on anti depressant pill. Personally I think many Latino's have depression but they rather suffer then admit it. Not me! I hate this and doing anything I can to get well!
  8. I can relate. I'm Mexican American male suffering from depression. Depression is really taboo in the Latin culture to the point that you're really ostracized. My mom actually gets upset at me anytime I tell her I'm depressed to the point that I lie to her. And boy, she better not find out I'm on anti depressant pill. Personally I think many Latino's have depression but they rather suffer then admit it. Not me! I hate this and doing anything I can to get well!
  9. I really wish I had an answer but unfortunately I don't. I really wish there was a process or solution for this but to me I have not found it yet. Yes, my mom says it's all mental and controllable but no dice either. The only thing which sometimes works for me is to stay active and do things to keep your mind occupied.
  10. I had a feeling my wife was having a affir for a couple of months but could not prove it. Then one day his wife found naked pictures of them sending each other and everthing blew up and they were exposed. My first reaction was now that the cat's out maybe she'll drop this guy and stop the affair. To my shock she ask for a divorce because she was in love with this guy. I went into major depression after that. Never got angry or anything. Just overwheming saddness. That was two years ago and I still suffer from depression but thankfully it's not major depression anymore (athough I still have some bad relapes). Anyway, I cut off all communicaitons with her but I still think about her everday (sucks I know). Laz
  11. I have a good job I love and make decent money but suffer from depression. I really don't show it but it's there. A very good friend of mine who hates his job and struggles finacially gets upset at me and tells me to get over it. How can I be depressed when things are going good for me (apart that my wife leaving me for another man is what triggered my major depression..lol). I tell him sometimes it has nothing to do with what's going on around you or how successful you are or not. Some of us are just wired differently. He can be really funny but I take it with stride and just ignore him. Other then that he's a great friend.
  12. I started on 10mg and it didn't do anything for me. Went to 20mg and it helped me get through. Recently I went to 40mg because of a relaspe I had last winter. It does take at least two weeks to start working, so be patient. The only advice I can give you is once you start do not quit cold turkey. Make sure you talk to your doctor before you do anything. I quit cold turkey a year ago because I thought I felt better and it was a big mistake. It takes a few days but eventually I went into tailspin. As far as side effects it affected my sex drive for a while, but it's not as bad anymore (not that I need it since I don't want to date anyway..lol). Laz
  13. I feel my most relaxed in the evenings right before I got to bed. Mornings used to be extreamly rough but it's gotten better. It's funny how these emothional swings hit me. I hate them. Iooking back I think I've always had a mild form of depression but after my wife left me I went into a tailspin into major depression and a took a long time to pull out. Life completely changed for me and now I live with depression every day. You know, as others have pointed out, your family and friends are always telling you to get over it and it's all mental and you can quickly think yourself out. Some have even said they've been depressed and just got themselve out of it. Truthfully, I don't think they know what depression is or how it affects you. To me depression is the worse of the worse. Nothing even compares. Anyway, I think I will suffer with depression for the rest of my life. I just have to learn to live with it and control it. Laz
  14. Actually Chris I went through a relapse last winter where I fell into some deep depression again, not major but enough to make my life miserable again. I’ve been taking Citalopram 10-20mg since my divorce which has helped but with my last relapse my Psychiatrist increased it to 40mg. I have to tell you, I think it’s made a difference as I was able to pull out of this DEEP depression hole I was in. To tell you the truth, some say pills are not the answer, but if they help I rather take them then suffer major depression. It’s not the cure all as I still suffer from depression but for the most part it’s much better. Now I have to figure out how to solve these mood depression/happy swings!!! Laz
  15. Hi, New here. I went through a very bad divorce two years and fell into major depression. With therapy and anti-depression pills it took me 8-10 months to control my depression and actually feel good. I no longer suffer from major but still have what I would guess are mood swings like crazy. Throughout each day I have moments of happiness (feeling good..nothing major) then moments of depression then happiness. Back and forth, many within span of minutes. I’m happy then the smallest little negative though brings me down and into mild depression, but a few minutes later I feel happy again. It’s driving me nuts!!! It’s like my body is constantly fighting a battle between the moods. I know I don’t have Bipolar disorder because I never get anger swings, just depression. I know people have these types of mood swings but it seems to have spans of days or weeks, not minutes or hours like mine. Has anybody ever gone through this? Thanks, Laz
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