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  1. Hi asktheages I too have a problem of often finding myself feeling superior to other people but unlike you I have achieved nothing academically. Been smart is something to be proud of and it's ok to be cleverer than he people but we should try not to rub their noses into the fact. It is difficult not to look down on people who make shallow faux intellectual remarks or arguments but maybe you, as an educator, could help them to amend their ways of thinking. Or maybe they should just be left alone to wallow in their own ignorance. Sorry, I'm waffling now and not been much use or help. Sorry. Monkey man
  2. I've worked with money for years and what found is that there comes a point when it stops seeming like money and becomes just pieces of paper. People can be horrible but it's best to try to remember that anyone who is rude to you is a worse person than you will ever be because you wouldn't be rude to someone who is doing something for you. You can always look for other work while looking for a job more suitable to you. I wouldn't just give up the job as been unemployed can make you feel even worse.
  3. Hi I broke up with my long term girlfriend almost 3 years ago and since then have felt so very alone. There as been a couple of girls but these relationships have never lasted LNG, I have always done something to mess it up. I am incredibly shy when it comes to talking to girls and have massive problems relating to other people sometimes. I think that maybe I will be alone forever and that maybe this mould be the best thing because I'm just not good enough for anyone else. Monkey man
  4. I don't see why it would be a problem but like davey118 I don't see why you need to tell them. The stigma is individual so if the person doing the interview is prejudice then it could affect the outcome. I used to have a dog and I found him tO be much more help than any therapist because animals don't judge and our depressin doesn't generally affect our ability to care for animals but some people, if that way inclined, could see it as a hinderance. Good luck with getting the rabbit. I'm sure you would be a fantastic owner.
  5. Hello everyone, I am (kind of) new to here so I would like to vaguely introduce myself. I am thirty years old, male, and live in the uk. Have suffered from depression for as long as I can remember and about four years ago was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I have been a member of this site before, several years ago, but now I am a completely different person so I thought it only right that I give myself a different user name. I look forward to getting to know some of you better soon and I look forward to talking to everyone as much as I can. Thank you Monkey man
  6. I hope you have a fantastic day :)

  7. hi i live in the uk so i presume my experiance will be diffrent to some peoples but eventually when thngs got to bad i went to see my doctor. eventually he refered me to a therapist. eventually through what seemed like a trial and error system of referals i got assigned to a therapist who i actual felt like they could help me. Speak to you all soon
  8. hi i first came to depression forums because i wanted support and advice to help me with my depression. i found that the poeple here were unbelievably helpful and always willing to offer their support when i needed it the most. i haven't been here for quite some time due to internet problems but it is someting that i really have missed.
  9. Happy Birthday :)

  10. I hope you have a good day.

  11. hello hope all is ok ? and a new blog if ya intressed,

    big hugs

    em xx

  12. thanks azncollegegurl i hope so too, also i hope that your not having a bad time with things and that your week goes good too
  13. i am sure that there is someone out there who can help me, i just felt like that guy was palming me off, he actually knew nothing about the group that he was referimg me too. that is what got to me more than anything else. oh well, another week another challenge
  14. i think that death is something that frightens allot of people beacuse it is something that we can have no real understanding of. i agree thaty we all have to find our own way of dealing with these fears. for some peopel religion is the way forwards for others (like me) there is a more philosophical thought process that we have to adopt. i think that its just a case of looking into all diffrent beliefs on the subject and try to find one that sits best with you. good luck
  15. hi last week i saw my cbt therapist for what tyurns out was he last time when i sat down with him he simply said that he can't help me and that this was the last session. i asked him what i was meant to do now, i actually felt like this cbt was actually working a little, and he said i should join a group and then he got me the phone number for one that is on the otherside of the city that i have no way to get too. i know that this isn't his fault, that is is an extremely busy person but i just feel let down i feel like yet another person has decided to wash his hands of me. maybe i shpould just try to help myself and forget about seeing people because obviously they either can't or won't help me. i'm sorry if this has turned into a rant, i didn't mean it to be. Random
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