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  1. Great news cbutterflies, I always thought she'd come around. Anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend.
  2. I really don't think you should drink if you don't want to. The whole point of social drinking to begin with is that you feel looser and can enjoy certain things more, but if it makes you uncomfortable you're not doing yourself any favors.
  3. You have the power to control your space No one else can tell you who you are
  4. family's basically ignoring me, everyone caught up in themselves as usual. My reasons for loathing this holiday are justified.
  5. Get the feeling a lot of people are more depressed than usual tonight. Something about the holidays..
  6. The merits of arguing aren't appreciated anymore. Now when you argue with people they just get offended.
  7. I've never considered myself 'ill', almost to a fault. But there is very much a dueling of realities you have to deal with. The world is ****ed and everything feels turned upside on it's head, but at the same time you have to wake up every morning, you have to get out of bed, you have to deal with other people. So yes I am ill, but in a social sense and not in a sense that I feel aligns with reality.
  8. Just wanted to say, I know the feeling. Like you say hungry but the idea of food makes you nauseated... kind of a catch-22. Or just making the food feels like an empty pointless use of time. I'm underweight myself. Doesn't happen all the time, just when my mood is really low.
  9. How dusty my room gets... I dust literally every 3 days and have an air purifier going. This house even has one of those hepa filtration systems. I swear it's a mystery of science.
  10. It's difficult because I sort of loathe (to put it mildly) the holidays, but a lot of that may be because they're forced on me. I hate being forced to be/do/join in on something I never agreed to. The other thing is that the holidays mean a lot to some people, which makes it even harder. Some people really look forward to it... so it makes it that much more uncomfortable.
  11. I know people have different ways of processing the new year, but to me it's just another social construct. When you create these expectations for yourself, sure it's great when you meet them, but it's disappointment in equal measure when you don't.
  12. Hey onmyown, well she said she was switching from Safari so I figured she was a mac user. But for us windows users, CMD is the same button as CTRL. cmd is short for command, and ctrl is control.
  13. and the keyboard shortcut for zoom is CMD button and + (simultaneously), comes in handy sometimes.
  14. People who leave their shopping carts right in the parking lot... Talk about missing the bare minimum of courtesy.
  15. I don't live every day like it's my last, obviously, but neither do I think about time unaccounted for. I just know that thinking about depression like it's a life sentence sets up cyclical thinking, there's literally nothing to gain from it. It just engenders thoughts of helplessness, because what can we do about it?
  16. Well I will consider that a difference of opinion, to say you will live to meet the average life-span is almost the definition of taking life for granted. I don't consider it negative thinking to be conscious that every moment is all we have. But I digress.
  17. Why do you feel this is arrogant? Isn't it obvious? Not everyone is granted their golden years, we don't know how much time we have. Life is fragile.
  18. To say we're going to live another 30-40 years though is sort of arrogant.
  19. If you never have time to do the things you want to do, what's the point of living?
  20. I've heard really positive things about yoga, if not for my social anxiety I'd do it.
  21. Maybe you outgrew it? I don't watch TV anymore or read that much. Came to realization TV is a big waste of time, and I'm too anxious to read.
  22. You say your problem is motivation, well your first step should be to lay off the junk food. If you're constantly indulging in that stuff, you're sending mixed signals to your body and it's not going to want to improve itself. You have to drop the unhealthy habits before you can pick up the healthy ones. Instead of indulging inf doughnuts in the morning, make a fruit smoothie or something. Little by little you reap the reward of healthy choices and then you will feel like doing exercise, naturally.
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