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  1. I suppose, for me, it depends on how many people are around. Sometimes my anxieties paralyze me or leave me shaking so horribly it's like I'm having a seizure. It normally happens if I am mad at someone. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. It stops me from saying something out of anger but at the same time no one knows I'm angry. I believe everyone thinks I'm content.
  2. I never knew what to call it. I believe this explains my behavior. I'm very empathetic. As nice as it sounds, it doesn't leave room for personal feelings. And I find it difficult to make real connections with people and life. I don't have any hobbies because I don't feel interest in activities. Everyday I hope there is something that will catch my interest. I know I should spend more time with people but lately I haven't had the urge to leave my place.
  3. I too believe in the power of the mind. There will be dark days but somedays we see the crack in the darkness. All we can do is take a step forward. I also believe that love is a powerful tool. But when I can't feel love (personally, not given) I get really scared. I feel like it's the end of my mind.
  4. I have been on medication before and I've been to therapy after my first attempted suicide. That's something I have a hard time bringing up and I'm not forgivable about it. The meds I felt weren't working. I didn't mind the therapy. It was nice to talk to someone who understood. I had a thought last night about my perception, a thought I've often had. I am a highly empathetic person. It's probably why people believe I'm a good guy. I also believe that being so empathetic means that hardly any of the emotions are my own. I find it really hard, if at all, to connect with people. I just don't understand people at all. It's gotten so bad now that I'm even feeling awkward around family. My sister had a baby this Valentine's. There was a lot of hugging but I just felt cold. I don't believe anyone noticed. I don't believe I can explain it better when I say I feel broken.
  5. Thank you. Yes, my perception is definitely not in focus. I believe my depression the root of a lot of other problems like anxiety, paranoia, anger, etc. It's frustrating how you can look at yourself and see the problems and yet you can't do anything about it.
  6. Hi, I've been reading a lot of relatable posts. And yet at the same time I am shocked by some struggles. It seems life is more cruel than not. But I don't know where I fall into things because I can't think of anything bad happening to me. I've just never had respect or confidence in myself. People I know say I'm a good person, funny, and they say they wish I was around. I think most people are just being nice. This forum seems genuine to me though. Recently, I just left my job because I feel I need something new. I want to move to a new town, but I haven't been overly progressive. I forgot how hard it is for me to job hunt because I find resumes and applications intimidating. I know I could ramble from one thing to another but I want to keep it short for now. I'm good at responding, just not well at putting myself out there. I look forward to making friends and maybe opening up more.
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