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  1. 1. 20 mg has worked for me quite well! Sadly, it doesn't work like it use to, so it was increased to 40mg a couple weeks back. I feel like it's not doing much and might even be making it worse. So for this question, I'll go with 20mg. (I've been on Prozac for about a year) 2. Almost how you described. But I wouldn't call it "perfectly capable of joy". More like "Conent". It slowly took a pretty crappy downfall, but I feel like it still works (since i can function). 3. For me, I haven't had many side effects myself. Some VERY odd dreams at night (i would think of "why" i would even dream these things). I've been getting increased anxiety and paranoia lately, so that MAY be a side effect. 4. It took about 3 weeks for my meds to kick in. I had medication before Prozac called "Effexor". When I took that, I noticed that I woke up with energy. I could look outside and say "life is beautiful". When I switched to Prozac, it was pretty much the same (but helped more with my mental symptoms, which effexor didn't play a full-part in).
  2. Well. Since you're not on the meds for Depression... maybe that's the reason for this odd side effect you're having. I heard that if someone without depression takes antidepressants, it may either do nothing or make the person somewhat "numbed" out. Does it feel like your imagination has no feeling?!? If this is bothering you, I suggest you ask for another antidepressant that doesn't give you this effect. Even though it's important for your OCD, there may be another medication out there that will help your OCD without the lack of imagination. But this may be a good time to ask yourself whether the "ocd" or "the lack of thought process" is more annoying.
  3. Can Dysthymia (Chronic Depression) be cured like Major Depression? Can it go away?
  4. What are your symptoms? What is the Hypomania stage like? What is the Depression stage like? I'm asking out of curiousity because I have some symptoms... though since I over analize so often, I have lots a doubt that I have it. I was diagnosed with a "non-severe" depression though, and since I was an "overly" happy person for a short while before depression came... I sometimes ask myself if I have it. As I said though, lots a doubt.
  5. Hello everyone. This is gonna be a personal topic. I put this in the group of "Personality Disorders" because the question has a lot to do with being confused with "who I am" while having a Non-Severe Depression. I have big doubt that I have a personality disorder mainly because I've heard how bad they are... and I feel like I'm not much compared to others who really have them. But I've been having some problems with who I am and moving on with my life. I feel like I have another part of me that won't let me move on. It feels a bit "black and white" and I'll give some examples why. I have a fear of failure, but I'm also afraid a success. See how those two are the opposite? I feel like feeling unhappy is how I should feel and I'm stopping myself from moving on with my life. I stay at home and do nothing, though I do like to draw. I'm a hobbyist. Another reason I don't live my life is because I'm afraid I'll result in failure. I part of me wants to be normal. Another part of me does not. One time, my medication made me feel so normal... then that's when I had the urge to get off of it. But yet again, I liked the result of it. My meds don't work as good as they use to though. Here's another example of how bittersweet I can be. I love my friends (and am obsessed with my online ones). But sometimes, I feel like a become different and hate/dislike the people I would normally love. This doesn't happen that often with my online friends... but I'm afraid it will. I think it's happened before, I can't remember. I'll mention another stuggle I have. I'm afraid of the future. You know how I said that I have a fear of success...? It's because of the strong connection it has with the future. I often think of both the past and the possible future. It's like I don't live in the present. I almost don't know who I am anymore. I'll bring up how my moods have been. Sorry this is so long. They usually switch in a pattern from me feeling "okay" to feeling empty and sometimes anxious each day. It hasn't always been like that. I still believe my meds are somewhat working, because I have those moments where I feel fine. Prozac just doesn't have the touch it did months ago. When it started working, it made me feel more peaceful. I do worry so often. I feel like a confused person. But I had 3 days in a row last week where I felt content. My meds still give me a fair amount of energy, motivation is still a big problem for me. I will say though, I don't think I'm at my worst point at all. There was a time in my life where I was broken, cried every night, and felt so sad.. I could die. Not from selfharm, but from the sadness itself. I've been looking back at this memory lately. I was around my early teens at the time. Now, I'm 17. And the thing is... I didn't get help at this point. I felt depressed, and nobody knew it. A part of me wanted my mom to know, but if I told anyone, I knew people wouldn't understand. As secretive as I can be now, it was really bad back then. I also went most of my childhood being delusionally "strong" and "brave". I had a nostalgic, and fun childhood... but I couldn't except the fact that I got anxious so often. And this was when I was "really" young. As I said, sorry for all the typing. I know this is a lot of words. I also wanna apoligize for the change in topic.
  6. If you don't mind, it'll be nice for you to explain the impact depression has put on your sense of humor... Did depression take away your sense of humor? Did it change it? Do you use it as a way to cope? How have you been able to find the jokes in things? (I apoligize if anyone takes this question the wrong way. I have a fear of leaving people in disappointment. Please let me know if this question seems like a weird thing to ask.)
  7. Which is the worst one? If this is too hard to answer, you can list more than one.
  8. For the people who don't mind letting it out... I know this is a personal question. What are the symptoms of your depression? I know that not everyone may have the exact same symptoms...
  9. How secretive are you or have you been about your depression? Do you tell people? Has medication made a difference in how you feel about letting out your emotions?
  10. Sorry to hear that. As I said, Depression (including Dysthymia) can confuse a person. So can other mental illnesses. Since you've been diagnosed with so much... I can see why you would be confused about your own mood. Expecially if you have a personality disorder or bipolar disorder. If you want to isolate yourself or be alone... you may possibly be antisocial or have an avoident personality. But I'm not a doctor. I think any of the following disorders you mentioned can cause these feelings. If you're curious enough... maybe you should speak to your doctor about it. Though, I'm not sure if you can have both bipolar disorder and dysthymia. You're likely to have your most recent depressive diagnosis. Was one of them a misdiagnosis?
  11. What are the side effects? Have you been on Prozac? If so, what are/were YOUR side effects? I've been on this medication for months now... and I just want to know the effects. Lately, my medication hasn't been working as good as it use to. :verysad3:
  12. What are the symptoms? Can panic attacks range from different levels of severity?
  13. I was about to ask a similar question... but then I ran into this. I've been the same way lately... though... I'm not sure how bad your depression is and what your specific symptoms are. I feel like I don't know if I want to be happy. A big part of me doesn't. But I don't want it to get worse either. I get mixed feelings about it. Perhaps you're self-defeating... You did not directly mention having depression... but I suspect it since you're on Dep. Forums. So if you don't, I'm really sorry about getting that wrong. If you do suffer from the disorder... maybe you're use to it to the point that you don't feel a need to be happy. That you see it as your personality. Depression and sadness may confuse a person. There are many things I don't know about myself either. But I don't enjoy being empty. A part of me just doesn't want to be happy. I'm use to feeling empty. Therefore, I find it odd and a bit weird when I experience mixed emotions. I haven't felt real/strong/normal happiness in months though. For your mood changes... maybe it's possibly Bipolar Disorder (there's also a milder form of BD). Maybe a personality disorder (as I mentioned before... it could be "self-defeating" behaviors).
  14. Some people who have Depression have this symptom of getting overly angry too often. It's not one of my symptoms (I was diagnosed with mild/moderate depression, but have a medication that works really good). Can anyone else relate? I know I'm not the only person who doesn't get the moderate/severe anger, but for whatever reason, I feel more comfortable finding people who can relate to this. It seems like most depressed people have this symptom. I'm glad I don't though... (I would be more likely to feel nothing/numb).
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