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  1. yeah that's totally normal! I mean, it's basically relaxing and doing your own thing if you had enough of the stresses of the world. I play guild wars 2 and it's a fantasy game and it makes me feel better even if I only play an hour or so :) As long as you don't try to act it out in the real world I say it's fine :)
  2. Yes but what I realized is that not everything has gone down nowadays: Medicine has made so many break throughs, due to globalisation it is easier to get authentic food even in your own country, if you live in a small country and want to get your product out the internet can help... I'm trying to see that depression is a disease, no matter where or when you live. Even if I ever would get to live in a world like "heavy metal", it seems like an adventure but then my family wouldn't be around or survive there, it is violent and no woman in real life would wear the outfits portrayed in those comics :P I do agree it is unfair to force us to care about the environment, I don't even separate my trash because I don't believe in it, I think politicians have enough money to save a whole country if they ever felt like it, so I'm doing my part to put pressure on them ;) So you see, if you really really will give positive thoughts a chance, it can work out. And I agree with you extremebeginner, it's difficult to see the positives and not agree with many in society, but I think just stay as you are and tell other people to blow it out their buttocks. If a person went up to me while I was smoking outside and stood right near me, they'd say "hey don't smoke here!" I'd just say "I have a great reply to you for that: I'll give it to you in smoke signals." So you see, it's better to see how rediculous it is that some people are so picky, if you come at them with a rational response or a response that highlights how absurd their opinion is, life can be very enjoyable :)
  3. no I am considering it definatly, but since I've been taking "The tree of knowledge" (I like the nickname haha), a lot of benefits have occured for me. I've been actually more controlled and wake up every morning at 6am to do everything, since last semester (I've been doing it since last year almost every day) my grades at university have gone up because I feel much calmer :) But I've been having negative thoughts about it now and then even before last year, it's always been a huge trigger for me when I see the news etc... when I see sad stories. I've also talked to my boyfriend now since he was playing a little part in it, he's been negative about almost everything and I told him he has to think a little positive now and then otherwise what's the point of going on? I have to say, I haven't even seen a councillor or a psychiatrist because I've been doing so well. Since beginning of this year I've quit smoking cigarettes and am on nicabate. I've also started a diet to loose some weight (I think around 3kg now that I've lost), so when really thinking about it I tbelieve these are the main causes for my views lately. I've calmed down much more since we are taking a 30 day break from "the tree of life" to not make it a habit of any sort. A lot of doctors say it's also because of my personality, that I am an anxious person but I've been doing so well since last year I've only gotten a few depressive episodes. But I think I will have to talk to my boyfriend that we don't watch anything that could trigger it and that he has to start thinking more positive. I really appreciate all your help, and I guess this is a lesson to see we can't be happy 24/7. My trick is to look at some positive stuff before going to bed, or just taking a quit nap to relax my mind, and I wake up much more refreshed with a positive attitude. It's never easy with depression and I tell people that thinking positive with me is as if I was working out physically with weights and you never get stronger. But, you can come up with ideas and distractions to stop this "exercising your mind". I told my boyfriend even yesterday, he always comes over after work and even during the day I try to relax now in my last week of the holidays and play video games. He was sick and negative and we were supposed to go to a concert yesterday but I said it's no point if he feels ill so we cancelled it and went home to watch tv and relax. After a while though I said I'd like to play some video games to relax, he got a bit offended but I told him straight there that I sometimes need to be on my own doing something else since watching tv without smoking or snacks is difficult with or without depression. He understood and we were both very happy :) We've been having a stressful time lately because my appartment is so small and neighbours keep reporting stuff about us (things that don't make sense, such as one neighbour reported that my boyfriend was coming over too often! We got to bed at 9pm and wake up at 6am to go to uni/work and aren't even loud). We want to move out sooner into a more relaxing place, and my boyfriend will have his computer and games aswell (he has everything still at his parents because my appartment is too small to fit everything in). Then I think he can play some video games to relax with me too. It's hard work, but what I do is I never blame myself, I have a disease and I tell people what I can take and what I can't take, and if they don't respect that then thy aren't good people. Start with little aims, such as waking up every morning at 6am to change the toilet paper rool(which I used to let go since I lost motivation all the time) and move up from there :) Again thank you all for helping me through this :) I wish you all luck and would gladly give advice back if anyone needs it.
  4. I doubt that, I thinkfor ages there have been people protesting, always having their own mind, we just can't give up on that.
  5. wow I really like how you put that Withnail, I do sometimes wish I was in anothe world like the one from "Heavy Metal" haha, but I can see that no world is actually perfect. It's true that even in the 80's or 90's we wish we were in, we'd probably not think of how bad it was then, but I wish still there were some people to strike over this society :(
  6. I agree, I do things in my spare time that aren't legal but don't hurt anyone or anything physically or psychologically and do nothing to steal it. I'm not addicted to it and it is considered the least addictive substance in the world, yet it is illegal. I go to university full-time, I'm doing social things like play soccer and do housework and care for my boyfriend, yet I'm beginning to loose interest in everything just wondering what it's all worth anymore... I love my boyfriend and my pet cat and they are what is keeping me going. I'm studying graphic design so in hopes like you I want to work from home, with the least amount to do with other people as possible. I would like to hear more positive ways of coping though...I mean, I hate most of what is going on in society, but I won't break any law unless it is something I truelly believe in, such as if they ever made me strip down all the way to my underwear for searches in public, I'd rather go to jail.
  7. It's just gotten so controlled lately don't you think? Toys are made skinnier so girls don't become obese, laws are made very unfairly and difficult for hard-working people to work oversease, even morals and ethics in society or around people certain behavior is not permitted anymore.... How can I feel better about the world today?
  8. We talked for hours yesterday until we felt a bit better,we made plans on moving out earlier and finding out a way when we didn't have the money...but even that didn't really help as he was still moody when he woke up and I made a joke about work and to be more positive he rolled his eyes and said "...right..."...
  9. It's really horrible sometimes... It's just he feels regret I think since he didn't finish high school and went out straight away to do a chef apprenticeship. He's incredibly good since he's worked in various places (In a span of 6 years) to get as much experience as he can, and not at a restaurant he was offered the position as head-chef when he's only 21! I'm very proud of him, but it seems to make his mood worse and worse... I am a loud person, but I was just raised that way, I'm bubbly, laugh out loud but keep quiet if I see people working. I get excited seeing him after work, since he goes at 6am, comes over at 5-8pm (after having to do housework at his parents and playing some video games). He complains a lot about work but I try to spoil him, I buy him energy drinks for the morning, make dinner or bring snacks, get good movies to watch, clean the apartment I live in so he is comfy etc etc... I got upset yesterday and started crying because I was talking during the movie summing up the plot and he told me to "shush"...I am loud but it hurts when he does this to me, even at parties when I'm telling a joke he tells me to "calm down" and I get embarrassed and hurt thinking if I annoy him so much why is he with me? I started getting emotional (not just because of what happened yesterday, but him working so much and always complaining that all his friends get a weekend off, yet as a chef he can't and he hates it so much, in 3 years he hasn't taken a holiday!). We talked and since he's working so much on the new restaurant ,settling a new menu, dealing with incompetent wait staff, he says he's stressed out .At home at his parents house he gets pressured to still do housework after 12 hour shifts, then he comes over to my place, where we've been having trouble with nosy annoying neighbours... So I can understand what he is going through, sometimes 8 days in a row of working long hours and no days off..but I try to spoil him as much as possible and make him see the positives...everytime I try to tell him "maybe you could sell your car(around 7000$) for a cheaper model and do some work part-time and do his high school certificate part-time too, but he just complains and makes other excuses, I told him well this job is straining him and he should take a few days off to think about things over, and he makes excuses again and again... :*( I just don't know what to do anymore...we're both so young (23 and 21) and he's always tired to keep up with me, gets irritated or annoyed VERY quickly, my voice annoys him since I talk so loudly sometimes....what do I do? The thing is that I suspect it's not really because of the job, because even when we go out to parties he acts like what I do is "weird" when I play with kids or make jokes...and it makes me feel bad :( I am eccentric, but he doesn't have to make a big deal out of it!...
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