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  1. Like most psycho meds effects are highly variable. I will suggest you look into lithium orotate vs carbonate. Organic and crosses BBB much easier, so you can take a lower dose. Try to find a naturopathic shrink, which is not an easy task. I’ve been dealing with BP for many years- study, research, becoming a self advocate- are all a necessary part of the game...
  2. Try to find a naturopathic psychiatrist. Depending on where you live may be hard, but they won’t inundate you with nasty drugs. Help is out there, can save you a lot of misery, but you have to be a strong advocate for yourSELF....
  3. You might want to research/try a small dose of non scrip lithium OROTATE...I take at a high Medinal level for BP, but it can have brain benefits for all...
  4. Lots of info missing to offer a credible direction forward....seeing a pdoc, taking meds, doing therapy, what's diet...these are all critical and may/may not indicate diagnosis. If you post here it is indicative your condition is affecting quality of life. But you can control/fix these effects...you'll get out of it what you put in doing research and being your own patient advocate...find a pdoc you can trust...but verify his info with research. Many years ago I was misdiagnosed, consequently medicated incorrect for four years that made my condition worse and worse until I changed docs. It can be a very crooked road in the medical world. Good luck.
  5. I have been diagnosed for 10 years, incorrectly diagnosed and incorrectly medicated for 5. Which made my condition worse. So yes, difficult to diagnose and medicate correctly. If your p-doc (must) is relying on a written questionnaire, LOOK FOR A NEW ONE!
  6. Yeah...like waiting in lines, voice mail jail, talking to an incompetent CAR...these drive me to MANIA!! !
  7. Look up "meet ups",they are group personal meetings, but will give you an idea of what is generating ideas in your area. Check out Planet Earth Singles...much more of a serious meet up/chat vs meat market...
  8. Cheer up buddy(I know, easier said than done), I've been BP for many years, when you have mental illness relationships are bordering on impossible, regardless of your preferences. Send me a PM and I'll give you some treatment ideas that have helped me
  9. YES! I am BP plus HIV and degenerative arthritis. I have taken dilaudid for pain for 4 years, which I have also found and experienced is a very effective mood/depression stabilizer. Look up research by MD's Peter Tenore and Frank Cochran. It's amazing(cheap too) but hard to find a doc to prescrib.
  10. Diagnosis defines potentials of treatment and MEDS...I was misdiagnosed for 4 years(depression rather than BP) and given Dart's which made my condition much worse. Be extremely careful and keep pushing your MD. FYI, I recently discovered research papers by Dr Peter Tenore regarding use of opiate pain meds to treat depression associated with BP...been a life saver for me to stabilize that final underlying depression leftover after lithium-orotat ...fyi!! !
  11. I have found that in my family many diagnosis are "covered up"...people would much rather chalk off mental issues as alcohol/drug abuse...anything other than BP. Very frustrating when attempting to research family history....
  12. I'm BP, plus have HIV and severe degenerative arthritis, so I take a lot of meds...I tend to be stable ~12 mos then have "episodes" that last 1-2 mos. During the last 2 years I have had 3 relationships die as direct result offers my illness and consequential behaviors...I'm about to give up, but have wondered if there is a disability dating site...?
  13. Joint counseling sounds like an ideal move...about your relationship in general, not just Mark...imho he is a symptom of deeper issues...good luck.. mahalo!
  14. You discussed your issues, but nothing about solutions or any form of treatment. I was born into a BP family, but not accurately diagnosed until 15 yrs ago, with lots of misdiagnosis and incorrect application of meds which made matters worse. I've tried all forms at standard and alternative treatments. Love to share but need more input....aloha
  15. Focus on yourself...do the things you need to do for your health- diet, exercise, therapy, meds. As you get better you will find that the quality of the people around you will get better...like minds and emotional levels seek each other out...I have been on this path 15 yrs...with major bumps in the road every 2-5 years...never easy, always inconsistent...it takes lots of patience & persistence...and p-doc who shares those qualities is a big plus...someone who is an excellent diagnostician who prescribes the RIGHT meds(hard to find where I live. Work your program/plan...you can have amazing results!!
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