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  1. Hold the justice hammer high! The field of war, the land in struggle Warriors fighting, leaving bodies and rubble The world in chaos, no sign of stopping Endless fighting, endless stomping World in need of Justice To save the lives of the innocent Hold the justice hammer high with a heavy might Push the enemy back, end this fight Hold the justice hammer high push sinners away To bring an end to these chaotic days Hold the justice hammer high with a heavy might Push the enemy back, end this fight Hold the justice hammer high push sinners away To bring an end to these chaotic days HOLD THE JUSTICE HAMMER HIGH! The times of war, crushed by true might The people once suffered, shall be denied The justice of the hammer, will open eyes To a brighter future, in the skies so high World safe by the justice of the hammer People feel safe as they gather Hold the justice hammer high with a heavy might Push the enemy back, end this fight Hold the justice hammer high push sinners away To bring an end to these chaotic days Hold the justice hammer high with a heavy might Push the enemy back, end this fight Hold the justice hammer high push sinners away To bring an end to these chaotic days HOLD THE JUSTICE HAMMER HIGH! ( instrumental ) Hold the justice hammer high with a heavy might Push the enemy back, end this fight Hold the justice hammer high push sinners away To bring an end to these chaotic days Hold the justice hammer high with a heavy might Push the enemy back, end this fight Hold the justice hammer high push sinners away To bring an end to these chaotic days HOLD THE JUSTICE HAMMER HIGH! Cries For A Hero! Suffering figures cover this land Suffering burning up like the desert sands The bruised hands reaching up for light Too dark to see, Too painful to fight Fallow or suffer, suffer or die The choices for the ignored cries The cries for a hero To set them free, must get out and go Wishpers in the dark, prayers for a sign A sign of hope , to feel a glimpse of life Their cries for help causing more hurt The more they unheard, the more they lose hope Follow or suffer, suffer or die The choices for the ignored cries The cries for a hero To set them free, must get out and go A beam of light, brightens the darkness The evil sinners, ash to ashes The hand of truth, hope comes The hero has finally came, vanish the wicked ones Suffer or fallow, die or suffer The rule no longer exists here Hero of light, vanish the dark Even the dark lies a spark
  2. Test after Test.... Life has hit me with another test This is not a written one, its more of a quest A quest that reminds me of the past All that I Been through, All those questions I have asked I get answer after answer, but still not enough I need to know the reason for all of this tough stuff Like will I ever be free, to take on my own paths Will I ever grab my dreams, or will they only be that ( dreams ) Will i see the light of day, in this darkness I am suffering in Will I ever be out of here, please tell me when To create a future that I can call my own To feel as though I have reached my thrown To be on top looking down Giving others hope, not to bow down Turning Point A change in the times, unexpected events Turn this life in different paths For the better, for the worst Times that one may wish was reversed Confused of all the pain one brings Hurt from all the stabs, all the lies Stabbed in the back, the unseen actions From those who were once friends Lies causes war between various fronts A time where one must choose a side at once All sides have their ups and downs But choosing the simpler path, may lead one to drown Choosing a path without meaning, without thinking Will haunt one's future, suffering, sinking If one chooses to fallow reason and understanding May result in one having, but losing The choice to fallow your heart May in time result falling apart However, to have what you hold dear One must sacrifice, without no fear This path may be long and tough May make one think enough is enough But the reward after the hard and long struggle Will bring about a life so beautiful For at the end, lies the path you have been looking for The suffering, no longer, no more Each and every path has their ups and downs But without feeling, without thought, your life may drown But with mind, with feeling, one will live Whether with love , or the reason to survive ( or to be )
  3. bullying causes: Bullying causes harm, suffering, depression Bullying is the worst thing, causes so much aggression It causes so much pain to many, suffering deep within It is something that can even cause the victim in to loony bin For it can be too much that it breaks one's soul Could cause one to lose all control It does not have to be, it can be stopped Life should be about giving people chances, to be on top To become someone in life, something they never knew could be We work together, we will make everyone feel free The world so corporate Life is turning more corporate, more business From the need to take care of one another, to take caring of what we got Manipulation, scams, all aimed at money making Saying they care, but showing off, bragging Showing how much they make, and not what they do Is this real, or are they trying to screw To give false hope for change, when taking our money They give false sense of a better future, but continue to steal, bully The signs are their in various companies, whether people want to see it or not We want to stop bullying, but we need your money for more " jump shots " Sports, dances, things for those who are living But what about the other side, what about those suffering When will money be less important than the people Why do they steal from us even though they tell us its illegal When will they see that they are wrong When will all of us truly get along Will the suffering forever be that Will they wait until they see them fall flat When will be the day this all changes for the better What will make things right, so this never happens again, ever The silent cries for a better life: Its seeing the sights that yet unseen Its a sing of hope, covered in lies Others may show, but yet only causing more lies They cover up what others already know Giving us lights, music, like they think life is one big game show Where the hurt are only given knowledge that they not alone But yet you continue to hear voices that are yet unknown Voices and sounds that seem to be ignored The cries for something to make them feel like they never felt before Something that will truly be something But as long as they continue to ignore, all we will see is the same thing We need to create something ourselves, cause they don't seem to want to The cries for a better life, we must make them come true
  4. its been a while since i came on here, but will be posting a few of my poems and so on that i been making, and will post a few more each and every day so be on the lookout :) if you really need some stuff to read however, message me or something and i will send you a link to my blog, you can probably find the link on my other posts but anyways lol i missed posting stuff here actually :) so will be posting a few stuff i made from my blog here, plus new stuff from time to time :) anyways here are just a few stuff i been saying and making: The Path To Living ( poem ) I got a little something to tell yea about living The paths to take, the life worth taking The roads all have a bright side to them But all those paths have consequences in em The path one takes may look special to you But the truth may be sad, depressing and " blue " All paths so mixed up, so complicated The path you thought was great may change to hatred Following others may make you feel needed But is it something that you always wanted Darkness all around, fakes, robbers, haters, and bullies No where is true, all covered up in lies No one can make you choose a path, no one controls your life No one can make you take that step with a knife Its your life, live it the way you know how to Take your steps in life, they can say what they like but you know what to do Nothing is true, everything is permitted No path is just, you want something you go get it .... your way Redemption Things may look bad, choices you make may end up bringing you down, weather its choosing to wear something that caused people to turn their back on you, or you chose to do something that has made people " feel sorry " for you so much that they chose to follow " them " ( those who would make fun and laugh at those who try to be unique ), times may look dark and maybe even depressing, knowing that the people you once felt safe with have now joined " the other side ". Fear not, as this is only a temporary setback, a life test. there will be more and more similar moments in life, times where you will remember this day and know what you must do, a chance to make things right, a time redemption, redeeming what you have once lost, redeeming the trust of those who chose to turn away, Life is full of choices and chances, watch for the signs and when its time, make an impact to better your life, and maybe even others if you can. benevolence A desire to do good to others, goodwill, acts of kindness, disposition to do good, A path that i believe everyone should take, if you feel trapped, prove to the world who you are by showing what you got to offer, always be the one that gives, never takes or steals. In time, the world will see your BENEVOLENCE and see you for who you really are, every small act you do may mean so much to someone else, even if it looks like you have not done anything, you never know how much of an impact one thing can brighten a face, a group, an area, and maybe even the world. Leader of Life life is full of tests, life will always have split paths, choices that in the start might not be known exactly what it is, but in time, the more familiar paths will be much more clearer, and one will know what to do then, people will always try to bring you down, cause of money, power, control, or just for their enjoyment, no matter what the reason, stay true to who you are, and do what you know to be right, and know that with all of the bad that is happening to you, the more power you obtain to become a true leader, true leaders are those who understand and clearly know how it feels to be broken down and battered to the point of depression or worse... leaders are born through experience, but what truly defines a leader, those who seek knowledge to simply better themselves, or those who seek knowledge to better this world. is it what they study that defines them, or the effort they put into what they truly believe in? That is why i believe i am " over qualified " to become a leader, cause i have suffered through bullying to the point of insane depression and have overcame it, to understanding and learning to improve other people's lives time in and time out, reaching out to those who needed it, weather online or off, i may have graduated with a computer degree, choosing to study it because i was depressed and lost site of what i truly wanted to do in life because of it. but my mind set is focused on making things better, and i may feel upset at times for feeling not needed by places, but my commitment to bringing about change has not changed, i have tried making speeches to various places, have started my own blogs ( 2 blogs ) one on a depression help form thing, and this, having a life coach tell me that i have what it takes to become something special. i went from people bullying me, to people wanting to be with me, to simply trying to be heard, but yet i still continue to help. I believe everyone has what it takes to become leaders, especialy those who have been bullied, but its having the courage to step up and get your voice heard by at least one that can change your life, having a life coach tell me that i have what it takes to become a leader is something that has gave me hope that one day something will come out of my efforts, and it can do the same for you too, you just need to take the time to connect with someone, and things will look much greater. Signs of Hope Life is full of hate, life may make you drown Life can be so dark, and bring you down Things will make you lose hope Things may bring you down a slope Life can not keep everyone down for long Things that hurt can also make them strong The ones who suffer, may hurt a lot But deep inside, lies something one may never thought The power of change lies in everyone But those who suffer have more power more than anyone Life may look bad, but look closer You will find a path to turn your life over
  5. Hi i back, as i said would post here from time to time but please check out my blog where i posting my stuff for now on :) As the title says, my birthday today :) not much happens on my birthday really, get money from parents, buy what i want with the money .. which today i chose to buy two 30 pound weights in a big mall lol and had to carry them from one side of the mall to the other, since the bus stop was on the other side lol a little much ( since 2 times 30 is 60 POUNDS ON MY SOLDERS FOR A LONG TIME lol ) i know but hey its a good workout lol but anyways.... moving on i feel like i should give back once again, and to show you what interesting poems and other things that i been posting on my other blog, so here you go :) and if you like them, please check out my blog for more :) http://viewsofadepressedsoul.blogspot.ca/ Rise to the top: The top of the ladder, the top of the tower The chance to become, to have the power The climb up top, seems impossible to bear One day I wish, I need, I just got to get there The path unclear, but the goal is in sight I must prepare, get my mind right Look at what needs to be done, get those opportunities I must find people to support me, the support of the community I need to keep myself focused, keep myself motivated The task if a long and rough one, but it will never get me frustrated I going to get what I want out of life, its now my time to shine The top of that tower is mine, time for me to get in the front of that line I have suffered so long, but this time is now mine Life has brought me down, but I am now beyond fine I will give back to those who are the bottom, who feel like its too much I will give anyone a shot at me, YOU WANT SOME? ... then lets get in touch :) THE HIDDEN..... THE UNSEEN: We are the few who most do never see We watch from the shadows, looking at what be What be done to this land of ours, this one full of injustice Watching your every moves, all of your cowardice We understand, we know whats true We see what has happened, all cause of you We have watched you for some time, all you have done We are ready to take you down, the quest to stop the hate has begun We will stop your harsh actions to the people, in any way we can We will bring piece to this once glorious land You will see this land turned around, a land without harassment We will bring about a new life for all, the way it is ment ( to be ) You have once forced us to believe that the only choice we had was to be submitted But nothing is true, everything is permitted ( meaning nothing is just, people can choose freely what to believe :) ) LOOKING OUT MY WINDOW..... Looking out my window, looking at the stars up in the night sky Thinking to myself, what will become of me, how and why Why does others seem to get their time to become stars What makes them special, where are their scars I have pushed and have not gotten anywhere I just wish I could just climb to the top, just be there Just be where I feel I deserve to be To be the one who people want help from, who reach out to me NO, I have suffered for so long I have been through so much, have never done any wrong I have always done what needed to be done, for others to feel happy To feel free, to feel needed I have done so much, and will continue to do more If others look down at me, i don't care, I have done so much more than i ever thought i would ever do before. I am a star, to my friends, families, and the community Together, we are stronger than all, UNITY :) TEST AFTER TEST.... Life has hit me with another test This is not a written one, its more of a quest A quest that reminds me of the past All that I Been through, All those questions I have asked I get answer after answer, but still not enough I need to know the reason for all of this tough stuff Like will I ever be free, to take on my own paths Will I ever grab my dreams, or will they only be that ( dreams ) Will i see the light of day, in this darkness I am suffering in Will I ever be out of here, please tell me when To create a future that I can call my own To feel as though I have reached my thrown To be on top looking down Giving others hope, not to bow down Will I ever get that chance, to change the place Or will i simply be known as a no one, never to be traced So many questions yet answered, so many paths yet taken Will I find my place in the world, or will I forever be forsaken THIS FACE WILL NEVER TURN AGAIN... This face has always turned back Back to forgiveness, for all the mistakes of the past The hardships, the hate, the lies, will they end I wish to believe you, hope your words are not pretend I turned my focus back to you, no matters how much you hurt me I always wanted this what we have, to always and forever be I believed in you so much, but fell into that trap Once more you have hit me down, my face you have slapped Abused, hurt, turned me away once more Should have listened to my gut, lies before, You have lied to me time and time again You have lied and abused my mind, and deep in my brain But I am done, through, finished, over, Will never turn my head to you, you will never see this face ever Me and you, forever gone, If you think I ever going to forgive you again, you are so wrong. I will turn my head to a new life, that I will create A life that you would have begged to be apart of it. THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS.... Stuck in a dark place, too dark to see Dark figures with other dark figures, but yet they don't see me All the dark figures seem to just walk pass Ignoring me, when I get close, they move away fast Alone, Isolated, in a world full of life If only i can find a way, a gun or a knife A way to get out of this isolation A way to leave this world, to a brand new destination After some time, a light at the top of a hill Something that makes me feel something that i thought only a knife can fill Being in such a dark place for so long, suffering deep within And now seeing that light in the dark, this feeling never bin This feeling never bin in my life ever And now I feel it, thanks to that light over there I walk towards the light, reaching the unknown light Darkness fading, The light getting much more bright I reach the light, i no longer feel depressed I not feel something I thought i would never feel, blessed No matter how hard life is, there is always a silver lining A light that will turn your mind from slashing, to laughing :)
  6. I have started my own official blog site as the title shows, link below, will be posting most of my stuff there, may still post stuff here but for more, please visit my site :) enjoy, there are already a lot of new stuff on there so enjoy :) http://viewsofadepressedsoul.blogspot.ca/
  7. oh my summer camp life, the time that i got 3 friendship awards in a row, the time where i felt like the john cena of that camp, the one who did what i can for anyone there, the one who got respect back all the way to the creator of the summer camp life, i have made a big impact and have earned so much, but what do i get from other places, silence, ignored, used, pushed aside... back in the past after my final summer at summer camp, i relised how much things here, and i know why i want to be noticed, cause i had so much in the past, i was the face of that camp for 3 summers in a row ... 3 SUMMERS .... i had the respect that i believe i diserve now having been through all that i have been in my past ... i do not feel that way no longer here... " just some guy in the basement " ... really .. from being someone who have changed lives in summer camp 3 summers in a row ... and also at high school .. being told by doctors that i have a supireor mind and life coaches and anti bullying companies telling me that i have something really really special to give .. and yet " they " choose to ignore me ... or just take what they want and ignore my plea to help ... i miss the old days ... i miss the times when people would actualy see how i am here ... but seems like people here do not see that no longer ... or no longer care .... :( ... and that is one reason why i am moving ... to be with my girl :) ... and to know that that someone actualy sees what i really have to give ... i am hurt by people here because of all the respect i used to get ... and i believe that is the real reason why i do not feel happy here ... and wish to be seen by people here and so on ... cause i had it at summer camp 3 years in a row ... and i still have people telling me i have what it takes, but yet " they " choose to ignore me.... so screw it people will not listen here ( where i live ) one day luckly someone will get them to listen, and when it does they will forget about my effort and so on........
  8. My life, full of struggles, full of depression, the push to be noticed, the push to BE, having so much to give, having so much... having proved people wrong, have shown that i am way more than others have ever said i would ever been, have been lied to, used, hated, so on and so on, finaly feeling free, except now... i have found that even with my new free will ( even with having taken anti depressents for 3 years, feeling perfectly fine .. except for one ... ) i feel there will always be a side to me deep down, that hates being where i am, based on my past, having been pushed away and silenced for years .... and then finally be free ... only to feel more down and wishing all my efforts would ever be seen here... but i see it will not happen ... here that is ... i the type of guy who doesn't give up and wants to continue to prove people wrong, from winning 3 friendship awards at summer camp ( 3 years in a row ) to doing a project that was meant for 5 people by myself and getting the highest score in the class on it, the list goes on and on, i have done so much, but have been through hell, of being used, other people just using me to make themselves feel better, or educational reasons ( to pass tests and so on ... telling me that i the most important person to them and that they " love " me to just pushing me away like i no one ) ... all those times, having suffered, but now ... i got to take this chance.. this one step that will be real hard for me ... it has been a long time coming... have thought of all that could and will happen when i go... losing everything here ... but gaining so so much more ... my need to help people, comes from all that i have suffered and wish to bring a real bright and real big change, but if they do not wish it, based on my resume and NOT based on how much people and how much effort i put into making it happen, then so be it... i need to focus a little more on my needs right now, i believe that the last part of me that needs healing... will not get better until i erase how things have been here where i am now... and in order to do that.. i must move, do not worry i will be moving to my girlfriends house, and her family also likes me a lot :), the prob, she lives in the states, and i live in canada, meaning i will be moving far, to a brand new life, brand new place, things will be different for me, things might be a little hard as well, but i am ready, the deep feeling in me for staying is the fear of seeing someone from my past, and having came from.. what i have been through ( story in Depress To Success in my blogs )... its understandable why i still feel this way, cause of all the times in high school and elementary, and even after, meeting a few of them, people that were in my high school never changed, and i shocked that they didn't, but life goes on, some of my friends stopped talking to me, but they most likely got jobs and focused on their lives now, life goes on, i have tried to do what i can here for as long as i could, now its time to focus on a little more about my needs right now, i freaked out about how its going to be for past 3 days, but now i am focused, i know what was wrong, wondering why with all my efforts i still have not gotten anything from people here, but THAT is from my past struggles, and i done trying to please people here based on my past, its time to think of me, my needs, get what i need, before pushing back and creating a positive change once again :) here are 2 of my fave quotes from a video game series called assassins creed : “ Nothing is true, everything is permitted “ from the video game “Assassins creed “ series, Means there is no one true path in life, you choose what is right, what you see to be the best path for you, everyone is free to pick their path, some might say that their path is just, they are too stuck in their ways, this is your life, you do not need to agree with those who seem fixed in their ways, you control your destiny, your life, you choose what is “ true “ to you, and never push others to follow your way, always give others free will to choose what they wish. “"Where you stand, and how you move can make all the difference" -Mario Auditore. This quote also comes from the assassin’s creed series, never think that one place in the world is just like all the others, if one place does not seem right, there will always be a spot for you in this world. How you move, or act, in one place might get a different reaction in a different place. Find your place where you belong and feel safe to express yourself, there will always be someone out there for everyone, and something for everyone, all you have to do is take the time to look.
  9. Now i know my last post was more focused on me feeling down at life, saying how i done so much to get noticed, i have tired contacting a few people on here ( thank you so much by the way :) ) about this issue and got some good help, but now i wish to ask you, where should i go or contact in California in order to truly reach out and have my voice heard on issues such as anti bullying, mental health, depression ( ironic isn't it lol ) and so on, i currently live in Canada but will be moving to the states in about a month or 2. i have helped a ton of people ( on various sites not just this ) for a little over 5 or 6 years, have made speeches to school boards, have got anti bullying companies, life coaches, and doctors on my side and tell me that i have something special to give out and that i have what it takes to become a true leader and so on, and i have been working for about 3 years trying to be heard and make a change here in Toronto, currently as my last post shows, my idea are being heard, but my plea to help and to be apart of something are being ignored and pushed aside, as i said in my last post, what is more important, having something written in paper, or the effort one takes to create change and to be heard and to have life coaches and doctors and so on on your side and have your back and so on? if you know anything, please comment or private message me or anything, if you wish to know more, comment or private message. thank you for your time :)
  10. i have been trying and trying to get noticed and to get my voice heard about anti bullying, talking to school boards, having my ideas just taken away and my plea for help ignored, even though i had life coaches and anti bullying companies telling me that i have what it takes to become someone ... and yet i can't even get " my foot in the door ", i work hard to get things done and focus on wanting to help so bad, but yet nothing... i starting to wonder why we keep telling people to stand up to bullying, when we should be saying to get to university and get a degree in something that will get your voice heard, i really REALLY don't understand why a piece of paper has more weight over having the support of " over experienced " ( people with masters and so on ) people having my back, that makes no sense no matter how you look at it,.... i seriously don't see any logic to that, i mean what is more important, graduating and getting a degree in something in order to be heard, or having people who are experienced and so on support you and back you up saying that you have what it takes and so on, being able to show people that things need to change, but yet they just choose to selectivley take what they think is good out of all i had to say, and ignore the rest... look at where i got here in toronto .. but yet i not notices for anything ... but yet i hearing all sorts of stories .. i starting to feel like my efforts are simply being taken but not being heard or something if you get what i mean ... you know how much it hurts putting your heart and soul into something and only having your ideas other stolen or ignored... like what you believe in and focus and strive to make right ... is just being taken advantage of by people who supposed to be giving back...to be honest i feel sick of how some places act to those who put their heart into doing something great for the community, only to be ignored and pushed aside as a no body, i have been told over and over by doctors, life coaches, therapists, my family, friends, anti bullying companies that i do have something great to give, but yet my efforts, my ideas and so on, simply stolen and i pushed aside as a no body, simaler to how my school life was, having people use me and push me aside as a nobody, I AM NOT A NOBODY!! and i truly believe that i can do SO SO MUCH MORE THAN WHAT I CAPABLE OF ALREADY, but yet .... nothing..." just some kid who plays video games in the basement " as some people would say .... but yet i spent most of my life helping people online, even when i was down and depressed, i have always tried and tried to reach out in any way i can ... it hurts not having not even a job of any sort, not being heard from all my speaches, my emails, my posts on facebook, on other sites ... i hate being seen as some computer guy with no life .. .my life is helping people ... but yet .... nothing ....
  11. no one speaks, but are talking no one sees, but always looking no one gives, but always hands out no one hears, but always responding no one needs, but asks for stuff no one wants, but always gets no one understands, or choose to ignore all they want to do, is more and more they act not for others, but for themselves they look down at others, who they say are below their level they must be stopped, they must be taught the truth must be heard, this war must be fought they say they doing it for us, but clearly a lie they act like this is their life, but this is mine ( yours :) ) they try to make things better, by doing what they know is wrong, they choose to ignore us, like we do not truly belong stealing, selfish acts, ignoring, are these actions supposed to bring peace? we must make life better, but not become what we see ( bullying and stealing and being selfish and so on )
  12. there needs to be a group thing in every school, making contest to start something ( meaning like to create a name and a symbol for the group ) like a student anti bullying watch thing, where the winner is not the one who is better than the others or something like that, but is chosen based on who needs to be chosen , those who look like they picked on the most and so on, giving those a chance to truly be leaders, being taught how to act and so on, then creating their own group, like a group of students that really look for those in need, and giving those a chance to truly become something in their school, the perfect student anti bullying defense force if you wish to call them that, of course no weapons and so on, but in the world we live in, isn't it time to do something a little more ... a way for students to become leaders in their schools, not just taught to be, anyone can be taught and think about being something, but might be too upset and depressed to act on it, the good this could do, give those students who are always being hurt, and those who are being bullied but no one can see cause they ( the bullies ) cover their tracks before anyone can find out... would give them a chance to truly speak out and have their say, would show that they not alone, and will always have people around to support them, and stop anything from becoming more serious, who knows more about bullying than the ones who are bullied would stop any issues from getting more.. stronger because knowing that there could be students around the corner ready to stop anything from happening, of course this would be a volunteer thing, the students who do accept and parents also accept, then things would be more safer, teaching those to defend others and creating a group of those who had enough of being bullied and so on and really make a difference for others What do you think about this idea, comment below or pm me :) sure it might need more work like in the start, have the winner do little things at first but let them know that its to assure safety and so on, or something like that, I feel like its time to not just teach the students, but to really take action, give the students in need to become someone in their schools and show everyone that they have something and so on :) let me know what you think :) this was kind of the idea that i had for schools, but they took it and changed it into a wellness leadership thing, where they only teach others to be leaders, and as i mentioned before, they took what i told them without even a response .. so i want to know from you what you think about this :) there are more to this that i can add, like connecting schools together, students with students from other schools to know that they not alone and so on, a way to give those in need to become something and give them something to make them BE someone :) let me know what you think and thanks for reading :)
  13. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL MOTHERS :D moms are always there even if you feel they not moms always care even if they tough moms give, make, and create life moms take care, raise and work to bring new life moms always there, moms always care some moms might not seem like it, but they always there to share, to give, never take, to love, never hate, to bring life, never death, to bring new life and to always love :) HAPPY MOTHERS DAY :)
  14. one is not special in a community if one chooses to aim for rich one is not special in a community if one aims for fame one is not special in a community if one chooses to fear others for respect one is not special in a community if one chooses to take things from others without even a thank you, one is not special in a community if one chooses to push others aside who have brought them a great idea that could change things for the better one is special if one gives not take one is special if one gives others the chance to be on top, one is special if one thanks those who give them great ideas one is special in a community if one gives and respects everyone and never steals and disrespects some may never learn, some may always hurt but never let them change you, fight to make things better, but never steal and disrespect ... like them...
  15. just one of those times... where i feel ignored from those who say they looking for helpers, but when i show what i got to offer, they ignore to take with no response... just one of those times where " they " ( not just one ) push me away... and take what they like so that they can look better... people say not to steal, do not use others without giving something back... but do " they " take the time to take their own advice? do they see what they doing, what they saying, who they became, or was this what they really were, just one of those times where people say it just is, take what you can get, even those people say stand up against this and that, but when you do, " they " only take what they like so they can look better, not for you to finally be heard and to be someone, but for them to be seen as a symbol of hope, is there any point of giving advice to those who will just steal them without even a thank you? just one of those times where i continue to want, but can't get anything going, not cause i can't, but because when i try, i get stolen, do we continue to let things go and let those in power do what they like, or do we take charge of our lives? i choose to bring change, no matter what they choose to do, i want to be heard, but seem like i not, but not saying i stopping just spreading the words to the future leaders who want to know how things are when you pushing to bring change, even the top " best " people can be on top cause they steal to make themselves look big, no respect for those who gave them the ideas, what is it to truly be " on top " ? is it the ideas that you give, or able to appreciate and thank others for giving you them? is it showing the world that you are the best, or showing others that they are? where would you truly want to be apart of, a group where they steal to make themselves look better, or those who appreciate admire, respect, welcome those who give them the ideas to better their community? And if you are about to say " that's not how life is ", isn't it time that it " IS "? :)
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