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  1. My head is all foggy got my frist covid jab getting second one in 12 weeks
  2. Am all sore had the first covid jab have to wait 12 weeks for the second , i am struggling with the effects but its better than getting the full blown covid
  3. Hi everyone sorry i didnt reply to this post , i am feeling a lot better and am not feeling as bad as i was , getting on with things and now am feeling sleepy because its 3 am nearly here and i need sleep , i hope you are all well
  4. really not doing so good feeling very suicidal
  5. i have a tic disorder and i have started to call my cat Ninja, Cabbage for some reason , dont know where that came from lol
  6. managed to have peanut butter on toast for breakfast
  7. might go for a long walk and maybe sit in the park for a wee while with my partner
  8. Av had enough of lockdown to last me for a life time
  9. Not that great at the moment ...might be going out soon to go for a long walk ....unsure what am doing today ... feeling very low
  10. not really feeling anything right now maybe numb i guess its better than crying at the news and being in lock down ( Am in the Uk )
  11. Am sorry that your feeling like this i understand myself what its like to have an eating disorder am kinda where you are just now i want to do the same thing that you are doing at the moment i am there myself but i know if i follow these behaviours it will make me unwell for doing so can you say something to your dr or psych about this or have you not sought medical advice ? you can talk to me any time you are feeling this way am around most of the time but i am in the uk am unsure where your from ?
  12. i hear and see things i am on medication but my psych says its stress that is making me see and hear things she said no amount of medication is going to take the voices and things away i see demons basically people with there face hanging off they normally not so near me but today i can see them up close and its triggering i also self injure but this making me feel very bad i hate the things i see there scary been like this for years now i wish they would go away
  13. the dr said she would see what am like in a months time but i have to go through being even more depressed than what i am now my psych already says am on too much meds unsure what she might say i see her on monday hopefully she does something
  14. Am sick of people who are meant to be professionals saying that people who have BORDERLINE PERSONALTY DISORDER and has self harmed or tried to **** themselves as attention seeking am ****ing sick of people like a the psych at the hostpial i went to after i od she talked with me and look like she was intrested in how i was doing ( at the time i was having flashbacks of abuse and was very vunrable had a fight with my husband that day ) i thought and hoped she would me she turn around and said that i OD'd because i had a falling out with my husband eg tell me and my psych am attention seeking two faced **** am p***** off about this i then see my dr today saying i feel depressed she told me to exercise more watch i all ready she just saying that because am fat and she thinks am lazy because of this I WANT HELP BUT NO ONE GIVES A **** WHAT IS THE ****ING POINT ? My sister in the past says i have no mental health problems she says her is worse even thought i hear voices and see thing have depression and am on anti psychotics and anti depresents she on nothing makes me angry my mother also says i should be working am lazy and that i am attetion seeking i dont longer have her in my life she toxic anyone else feel like this from family or professionals ?
  15. only people who have eating disorders are single straight white women no anyone can get eating disorders not matter what marriage status gender identity race religion sexuality
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