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  1. My head is all foggy got my frist covid jab getting second one in 12 weeks
  2. Am all sore had the first covid jab have to wait 12 weeks for the second , i am struggling with the effects but its better than getting the full blown covid
  3. O praise the name ( Anastasis ) hillsong worship
  4. Hi everyone sorry i didnt reply to this post , i am feeling a lot better and am not feeling as bad as i was , getting on with things and now am feeling sleepy because its 3 am nearly here and i need sleep , i hope you are all well
  5. really not doing so good feeling very suicidal
  6. i have a tic disorder and i have started to call my cat Ninja, Cabbage for some reason , dont know where that came from lol
  7. managed to have peanut butter on toast for breakfast
  8. Sunny with some clouds no rain
  9. might go for a long walk and maybe sit in the park for a wee while with my partner
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