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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Tom; Congratulations on a job well done w/ your daughter. Your Love will take her far in life. Don't fear this transistion. My thoughts are with you. Sincerely; eve
  3. Hey Doug; Could you tell us what your dianosis was (the type of depression, etc;) and what meds you took after ECT? Are you entirely med free now? Did you have to go back for repeated ECT's to maintain the effect? Are you completely depression free now? I know you do volunteer work now and wonder if that and the ending of your marriage effects your mood as much as the med's or ECT did? Also...Do you have energy? I have no motivation, energy, joy, etc. I isolate myself and am very sad. Is ECT good for this type of Unipolar Depresssion? Thank's Duggie! Wren...sorry to hyjack your thread but thought Duggie's answers to my questions might also be beneficial to you (& to other's) as your questions were to me! sincerely; eve
  4. PLEASE post if you know anything about this med; ie...it's availability, where it's being studied in US, etc. I need help now for TRD. Thank You; eve
  5. Whimpy; I feel your pain and know just how intense your suffering is. This does not help in any real way except to validate your experience and perhaps help you feel a little less lonely. I too am barely hanging on and wonder...What is the point of all this agony? Does talking to a fellow sufferer in person help? eve
  6. Be "Cautiously Optimistic" regarding new med trials. Sorry to say this but MAOI's can be (and most often are) as fallible & unreliable as all other types of AD meds for those of us suffering from long standing Treatment Resistant Unipolar Depression. PLEASE avoid building anyone else's hopes up too high regarding a specific Med or Treatment w/o very good reason and/or your own stellar personal experience to back you up. It only serves to intensify the downward spiral if/when the med fizzle's out. BTW...Major Unipolar Depression that is Treatment Resistant is a hell all it's own and very different from bi-polar disorders. Virgo; I am so sorry for your pain. Don't have much solace to offer you except to validate your very real agony as only a fellow sufferer can. However... there is at least one bright spot, you are able to sleep. Chronic Insomnia added to TRD degrades mental & physical health to the point where contentment of any kind is unkown. Be grateful for the gift of sleep and don't worry what other's think. If you had Cancer you would'nt berate yourself for being tired. Depression is Cancer of the Spirit. Try all the meds, just be cautiously optimistic. It's great that you are able to access Therapy. Wish I could. Sincerely hope you will find an answer. eve
  7. I think this is very important: Depression for most people is about shame. If you try to shame someone out of depression, you are fighting fire with gasoline! It is not our fault, we did nothing to deserve the pain we have gone through. What we need is help breaking the cycle. Telling people that we are awful people for our circumstances is inviting disaster. If there were an easy solution no one would be here. What most of us need is a caring friend, someone who values us for who we are and believes in us when we can't. Help us to see that we have value even when we can't see it for ourselves. Most of us are far tougher than we think, we just need a reason not to give up. Activity is better than inactivity, but understand that it can be difficult. If you can make yourself do it, you'll feel better for it. But everyone needs to remember that even simple tasks can seem too much in that state; if you can, do em anyway. Very well said Gre!!! Suicide is also about shame. eve
  8. Doug; Congratulations on your recovery. After all you have been through are you able to feel happiness and joy now? Did you have many ECT Treatments? By 'team effort' do you mean alot of Therapy? If so, what type of therapy worked for you? May I inquire what kind of Depression you suffered from? And...How long have you been off of med's? You are a kind and generous person to hang around and help us who have not been as fortunate as you have been. eve
  9. Ah I see. Well I dont just have depression, I have issues with my nervous system and the autonomic functions associated with it which are causing my depression. I dont have any neurological disease or anything, it's just my depression is manifesting in my nervous system going wacky. Wariogiant; Interested to hear more about your type of depression. I have done research on DBS & VNS and contacted Dr's heading studies over the past few years, however I was either not in the right place geographically or the timing was wrong for me to participate. In my experience results are difficult to decipher and seem random; (occasionally positive for a minority of pt's but not overwhelmingly so). Wish I could get definitive info. Perhaps I am missing something. Seems like no one want's to whole-heartedly endorse these methods for Treatment Resistant Depression. Or maybe it's financial issues. After all, by the time people would be considered canidates for these methods they have been ill for a long while and have often exhausted their financial resources. I hope someone who really knows the success rate as well as the Pro's & Con's of DBS, VNS and the Magnetic Therapies will reply. eve
  10. Hi Eve I am unfortunately not from the States, so I do not know much about the Amen Clinic. I hope someone comes along that can help you. I have not had a SPECT scan either. I hope you get the info that you need. Trace Thank's for your reply Trace. I wish you well! eve
  11. Is Topamax helpful for Treatment Resistant Depression??? Desperate for help. eve
  12. Is anyone a Pt at Dr Amen's Clinic ? Anyone had a SPECT Scan of their brain done? Thank's; eve
  13. What a way to exist...having to force yourself just to get up out of bed, bathe and go outside every single day, day after day, year after year, decade after decade. Force is a poor substitute for naturally occuring motivation and most days does not work. Throw in isolation, lonliness, inadequate medical care, poverty and a brain addled by AntiDepressant meds and the result is pure hopelessness. No wonder suicide's are at an all time high & prisons are overflowing. eve
  14. Nancy and GI Jane; All the best to you both on your Ensam Journey. I won't go into my experience on it as I have not had alot of luck with it...however...I'm still on it and it is soon to be 1 yr!!! Unfortunately, it never has worked much for me personally, but other's have had luck with it, so don't let my experience worry you. Greycoyote has been on Ensam Patch for perhaps 2 years now and has received help from it. He is a great guy and I'm sure he will be posting to give you support! Hope this is the Wonder Med for you both! eve
  15. Clearly, I have no idea how to correctly respond to posts. But I just want to say "wow" to your getting off that much effexor, for that long, in only a month. I was on 30mg when I hit side effects, and it took me a good two weeks to just get off that much. D***, that was a painful experience. I'm still waiting to begin my Emsam journey. Second week dry. My first MAOi. I'll try to keep you posted. Hopefully I'll figure out how to use this whole thing. HI GIJane - We are in a very similiar situation and at a similar time....yes, it was very very difficult to wean off Effexor. I had been on it for....as long as I can remember - at least 10 years -----------and everytime I went to the psych - he just kept "upping" the Effexor and adding another SSRI. I was not getting any better in fact I had been getting worse for years and I guess he didn't see it.....and I was drowning in my implosion. There were times he had me on Effexor + Paxil + Lamictal+ Cymbalta + .....he did finally say "we have been on everything except the old MAOI's....and didn't think I would be able to survive the "wean + clean (((plus new start up time))) timeframe. But I knew I was at the end so I looked online and found what is supposed to be one of the top psychs in the world. I am lucky in that I am close to NYC. This doctor happens to be associated with Cornell Medical Center/NYU....whose psych hospital is 4th in the country. Yup, I was desperate. It is costing me a fortune and I won't be able to do it forever.....but I've gotta share........this guy is awesome.........he is completely 180 different than my other one. For one thing..........he actually talks to me, listens, and doesn't even sit there and take notes!!! LOL! We talk very very very little meds. (That is all my old one really did was talk meds). I asked him what type of therapy we were engaging in ....and he said Cognitive. ANYHOW ---- FOR THOSE OF YOU EMSAM THINKERS, NAYSAYERS, USERS, ETC. This is what this new psych says "he is very confident" is going to be the answer for me. So...........I did the slow withdrawl from Effexor -- freom feeling like I was going to vomit to have a seizure to the cold sweats, dizzing, faint............and eventually I broken the capsules apart and started taking little "beads" from the capsule. They finally I went cold turkey. Every once in awhile, that brain buzz/wave sound comes thru....but nothiing like it used to whenever I missed a dose. Then this guy insisted on 4 clean weeks! Whew! There can be absolutely no trace of an SSRI in your system when you go on an MAOI. Anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1 week ago today. No "positive" changes yet ---- maybe even some additional negatives. I'd be happy to share my journey. I hope you will share yours. BY THE WAY, THIS IS MY FIRST MAOI JOURNEY. Can you share why your MD decided to take you this route as well? Nancy ps....Sorry for the sloppy writing and grammer -- I just read it.......it's not like me, but then again.....it IS like me right now, the way I feel. It is an effort to write, to think, to share.
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