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  1. It sure has been a while since I've posted. Have just gone off Effexor due to sexual side effects that unfortunately I just couldnt ignore. Had to taper down, so went on half doses of the 75mg for 4 days then a quarter dose for 8 days, then have to have 2/3 days with nothing. Currently on the second day of nothing any boy oh boy!! Constant head spins and sweating but im cold. Not pleasant at all! Am going onto Valdoxan in 2 days so hopefully that will help. All in all Effexor was great, its just unfortunate that I was the 20/25% who experiences complete lack of libido/no ability to reach orgasm or even enjoy sex.
  2. Day 8-14 - 75mg Well that marks the end of 6 weeks on Effexor and I think it is working wonderfully for me, I really feel like im almost out of this hole. Honestly this drug is life saving. I will be keeping up my psychologist appointments and continue to work on improving my mental health, i'm very glad I made the decision to start this drug, it really has made such a remarkable difference. Happy days :)
  3. Day 4- 7 75mg No side effects, almost at the 6 week mark so hopefully its only uphill from here. This medicine does seem to be working, my mood is stable - I am no longer crying every day and always worried. My thoughts don't feel so irrational now and its like my head isn't as busy anymore, I used to have a million thoughts racing through my mind and used to feel so emotionally and physically exhausted. My energy levels have gone up and I hope will continue to increase. I do have more motivation to do things now, so simple chores I will get up and do and not just leave them. Things are more positive for me now and I know I'm not out of the woods yet but I am certainly feeling a lot better, and somewhat ok. I still am seeing my psychologist every 2-3 weeks, slowly I am getting there with dealing with things, still a bit confused but things that I'm working through are making sense, and it seems I worry a lot about life/thoughts and kind of thought I was the only one and it wasn't right, was pretty much told otherwise and that many people think this way and deal with change in the same way, part of a normal process. Life sure is confusing! as is inside my head! Im getting there though, and the medication does help with the thoughts and mind going into overdrive, it seems to calm my mind down and just function instead of always thinking, instead of thinking about a current experience and analysing things its more like just living in the moment. I must say the therapy is indeed helping me understand myself a lot more than I ever did. If there is anyone out there who is nervous about even considering talking to someone about your problems/issues, dont be! It is tough in the beginning but the benefit sure outweighs all that, and it is a relief to be able to show you are struggling in a way, that you are only human and need some help, we cant all do this on our own, and dealing with your issues now will benefit you so much in the future, and you will lead a more productive life. My life is truly looking up atm and my boyfriend and I are slowly getting better, it has been a hard journey for us, but he stayed and supported me and I will always be grateful to him for that. Depression affects relationships in horrible ways and it almost ruined ours, but we have struggled through and now finally, only after beginning medication has there been an improvement, which I am so happy about. It isnt close to being perfect and there is still hurt on his side, but communication really is the key, and patience. It really does test a relationship. Well...this turned out to be a huge post, thanks again to everyone's kind words on here :)
  4. Keep on going splinter! it will get better, by week 3 you will notice a difference. The huge pupils thing is funny haha, I hoped no one noticed mine when I was at work. Must admit before I started the effexor I was doubtful after reading all the horror stories on this board, but im in my 5th week now and I truly believe this medicine is working for me, I will continue to keep up with my therapy and hope for the best :)
  5. I completely agree Tattered, its nice to know someone else is experiencing some of the same things as you :) nice to be able to relate. I think the best thing is how calm my head is, like my thoughts arent so crazy and all over each other and my moods are so much more balanced and im just happier! Hope your sleep gets better soon :)
  6. Thanks for the support guys! I agree Effexor so far seems to be amazing! How are you going tattered? Any side effects? any improvements? Splinter - I also get the jaw clenching, It doesnt bother me though, when I notice it I just make an effort to relax my jaw, any ideas why that is a common thing? Good luck to you starting off at 75mg, hope it goes well :) Thanks again, I hope anyone else reading this that is on Effexor is benefitting too.
  7. Day 1 - 3 - 75mg No side effects!!! yay for me! Honestly I dont feel any effects from upping the dose, and the appetite suppressing is still hanging around which really is great ;) My mood is better and my emotions are more leveled and the irrational thoughts in my head have dies down a bit. Honestly this medication is slowly helping my head become an easier place. More energy to do things and enjoy life again and my relationship with my bf is going up again. I really am feeling great.
  8. Day 26 - 28 - 37.5mg No side effects. Start 75 mg tomorrow :)
  9. Day 20 - 26 - 37.5mg No real side effects, although I do get 'dry mouth' a bit, but I think it's good because I end up drinking more water. I don't really have much of an appetite which is good because i've actually lost a few kilos over the last few weeks, nothing major but yeah. I have 2 days left of the 37.5 mgs then I go up to 75mgs. To be honest I'm feeling pretty upbeat and certainly a lot happier than before I started. I still have had a few down moments but overall I find I'm not as tired and my energy levels have increased quite a bit. I really feel like things are improving :) We'll see how the dosage increase goes. Thanks to everyone commenting on this thread, appreciate your feedback and comments :) Apologies for not coming on here more often.
  10. Day 14 - 20 - 37.5mg I was feeling happier and my mood had lifted, in the last week it has gone down again. Kinda sucks but I know i've got a way to go with the dosage changes and that. only 8 more tablets until i'll be on 75mg, looking forward to that day and feeling hopeful that the increase in dosage will give me that boost again. until then..... sigh
  11. Day 8 - 13 - 37.5mg No side effects. Mood has lifted and thoughts seem more in order, not as confusing and all at me at once. Seem more emotionally stable. Appetite is still very low and i eat a lot less these days, not a bad thing though :) Fingers crossed when my dose goes up in two weeks I continue to feel good and even improve more.
  12. Hi gonamath, I will be staying on the 37.5mg dose for 4 weeks in total then I'll go up to 75mg.
  13. Day 5 - 7 - 37.5mg Other than slight headaches no real side effects to report.
  14. Day 4 - 37.5mg Apart from slight headache felt the same as I did before I started the Effexor, I guess just over 5 weeks left to see if any more side effects develop.
  15. Day 3 - 37.5mg Loss of appetite was mild Next to no nausea Headache most of the day Constant yawning still Slept better and didn't wake up once
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