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  1. I agree-- this is such an interesting topic! I'm a female and half Japanese (the other half Italian)... My mother was on anti-depressants my whole life so I think I was actually constantly being td to tell my feelings and stuff... However my Japanese family was a lot more reserved. I do deal with the stigma of me being overly emotional or in a state of sadness that I can (supposively) easily snap out if. Fightingfear-- I just wanted to thank you for your post, my husband is black and you let me understand him a little more... I never thought of depression as being weak or anything like that but now I can see a little bit where he's coming from.
  2. I was just wondering if anyone who has depression also has diabetes is insulin resistant? I was diagnosed with the latter back in December but I keep gaining weight which is making me even more depressed. I feel like every time I triumph over one medical issue something else always comes up. Does depression do something to your immune system or something? Just curious...
  3. I'm sorry you're going through all this... Does your boyfriend know you suffer from depression? Have you tried talking to him about it... Not using it as an excuse to brush him off or be short or anything, but it is definitely an explanation. I notice when I get depressed I tend to isolate myself from everyone-- I just don't want to socialize in any way (hangout, talk, nothing). My closest friends understand and sometimes she literally comes to my house to kidnap me. I think you should talk to your BF and let him at least know what is going on with you. And maybe see a therapist where you can possibly get some medicine? I find that helps me a lot as well. This may be a make or break moment for you guys but it can bring y'all a lot closer and make you such a strong couple. Get you right though... The relationship part of it will fall into place.
  4. I'm a veteran, although never served overseas but suffered a couple "situations" stateside that have me PTSD... I not work as a civilian for Marines and I deal with Marines being medically retired... So many of these veterans are being discharged due to depression and other mental illnesses. It breaks my heart. I just hope the stigma of seeking help equals being weak goes away. Depression is such an invisible disease and most people see us as "normal" when on the inside we're dying... You all are in my prayers.
  5. Thank you both for the advice. We've been to marriage counseling so hopefully he'll be up to the idea of seeing a professional with me. I really appreciate the support... And hopefully I can get into the SI section soon lol. Thanks again!
  6. I'm new to this site/forum and I'm sure this has been asked a gazillion times but... I basically have been struggling with depression since I was around 13. Fast forward 16 years, I'm married with 2 kids... My husband knew before we got married that I had depression but I guess he didn't think it was so bad. Anyway, how do I make him understand that not only is this a true sickness but it's not a choice? It's not a sadness that I can just "snap out of"? It's tearing us apart because I tend to isolate myself and draw inside of myself and therefore he goes out to socialize. I believe he thinks that I am playing some sort of game when I'm screaming for his help & support on the inside. My depression has gotten so bad that I am researching checking myself into some residential place to get help. I also struggle with SI issues... Any advice on how to tell the person I love the most that I truly am sick and not choosing to live this way?
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