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  1. I’m overthinking again. Why can I not just relax and be happy to chill on a Sunday. Is it wrong to watch movies, listen to music and perhaps make some banana bread. its wrong in my head, and I’m left feeling guilty if that is what I do.
  2. Made my day, you used the maple leaf of the Canada flag we are well into fall now, so its time to start consuming our maple syrup and raking in the leafs.
  3. Hey Cherryapple I hope you could feel the love and energy from this group, hope it ishelping you get through it
  4. I used to do annual reviews of each of my team. The scale was 1 to 5, 5 being the very best, 1 the very worst. I never gave a 1 as I knew what that meant for employees, I always boosted to a 2 and worked with the employee to help them get tasks they could perform and obtain better results. However I know that I was not applying the system as others did, not caring about the effect of the results. i was appraised using the same system too. I guess because I now live the boredom of being on disability, I miss to an extent the routine of a job. I know however I couldn’t survive for even days back in the workplace under the system you describe. For me the jury is out as to which side is better for my health.
  5. I am on disability and the cut off point is zero. If I work then I must pay the disability back, so if i try to work I will interrupt the system and give myself a problem with getting back onto disability. Sounds great until you realise how much boredom influences depression, and with no motivation….. i am of course grateful for the disability, just unsure whether it benefits my long term mental health
  6. Long term is relative to many…… long term for me means to the end, worth working for to overcome differences and ailments….. not sure everybody gets on the same page these days. i don't want to get hurt again, so I am almost paranoid about relationships, despite the loneliness that also brings which I cannot deal with either….
  7. It is optional and highly appreciated but optional. You can join and chat with any of us at any time. Don’t feel that this is a barrier, you are welcome, as are any donations to ensure this great place can remain open to everyone needing to chat.
  8. Since I started on Seroquel I have been able to sleep 12 hours compared to less than 4 before. I wish you find a balance which will help you sleep and get about
  9. Yeah, I think its wrong but as you have just described how I feel, then you are not alone. I wish I could pull out of this funk and do something useful, but each effort seems to leave me with further disappointment. I know there is a way out, I just need to find it.
  10. I guess I am just north of you in Quebec, Canada. Just have to make it through to june, lol
  11. Ugh….. its dark way too early tonight, And raining…
  12. I been told the universe likes us, and the universe is a ‘big’ like, so think about that, not the minions who surround and crowd you
  13. How about a coffee shop, eat a chocolate cake and some lovely British tea…. Ironic I would call it a coffee shop and not a tea room…..
  14. As a victim of emotional abuse myself, I understand that the support centres can assist in many ways but they prioritize physical abuse, in my opinion. It took them weeks roget back to me, but a friend of mine who was in a physical abuse situation was helped straight away. The fact they told yoy to call back Monday suggests that they do the same over there. They will offer talk therapy but wont move you to a shelter unless its really, really unsustainable. Thus I’m suggesting focus on your identified solution with the new place, and try to set aside the emotional abuse you are currently receiving, by distracting yourself. I know your mobility is limited at present. Hope this is clearer, my writing skills change with the wind.hugs
  15. Contract work, ups and downs….. so it seems like you are concerned that your friend doesn't know how dire the situation is. Can you explain it to her and show her how you are trying to find another job. She will then know and you will feel less fragile. Can you get something temporary to help, stores always need people, delivery drivers etc, may not be what you want but will at least bring in some $$. Update her on your progress….. at a frequency she is comfortable with. Just some thoughts
  16. I think I know you well enough to add a more personal response. You will be moving out soon, to your own place. Is it worth expending the energy on relationships that are known to be difficult, interlaced with narcissistic and unsupportive behaviour. Don’t call the abuse centre on Monday instead call your lawyer to see what progress is being made, or just try and get outside, read a book, chat to us here or a rl friend. Reduce the stress and anxiety. You already know what you will get from your Sis and NM if you react to them
  17. Sounds like a decent enough combination….. maybe some are at higher doses than they can be. Ask yor pharmacist for free advice…. Changing the timing of the dosing can help in some cases, so worth discussing when its best tontake them as well…Then the doctor to change if necessary. I only take seroquel out of those three and thats for a sedative to stimulate sleep. My others of note are Trintillex and Abilify
  18. Gnite, hopeyou have agood pillow at least.
  19. The doctors are actually pretty well informed, its just that we all react to the meds differently. Wellbutrin is a common add-on. Not heard of the Fetzima. Anyway if its not making you feel good as you describe see if the doctor can change the prescription. Might take a few goes to get a good one for you
  20. This one is out of my price range, so I don’t need to concern myself with making any choices.
  21. Sorry cant be of much assistance as I haven't taken this one. Just wanted to say hi, and reply to your message. I see-it has been read a lot. the effects of weight gain vary from person to person and med to med. I would ask your doctor to confirm its the right choice for you as there are some effective pills for sleeping without the same side effects. Two I can think of are Zopiclone and Zolpidom, I used both together on some occassions.
  22. Did you take Trazadone? Gave me the worst ever nightmares, stopped taking it immediately and had the pharmacist note in my file, allergic, so I didn’t receive it again, lol. I only took one tablet, as prescribed, and low dosage at that. I did sleep until the nightmare!
  23. I agree. I try to tolerate the pain and do cut my pills in half to reduce my exposure to addiction. I’m prescribed three a day and on a normal day can cope with two halves…. As required. in the evening, which I consider as after 6:00 pm, I will allow myself to have a glass of wine or a beer or a shot, to alleviate pain by knocking the edge of. It could still be considered an addiction but at least its to something else, so more ‘need’ for either is reduced. It is all in my head and some evenings I will take nothing and just go to bed earlier.
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