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  1. I was hoping you might say Caribbean but when you offered the support service I figured it didn’t matter, we would be near a buffet or a bar, and now with straps, lol. The boats aren’t that rough
  2. Lets go! Arctic or Caribbean cruise? Anywhere where somebody cooks and cleans up for me, lol
  3. I guess i am like Monicott, everything is getting to me today…..
  4. Yup, language police, curfew police and riot police….. not to mention local police, provincial police and national police. And a tyrannical power tripping government willing to use the police, against the regular people. We the people need to peacefully but effectively be heard. Rant over, peace and love to all my friends here ,
  5. Hey Ladysmurf, how are you doing. I for one am willing to talk with you about anything you care to chat about. PM or open, you can ask about anything or throw me a curved ball. Today I am in receptive mode
  6. I live in Quebec where 80% of the programs are in French, I am forced to pay for them but cannot watch them. I have to cancel cable. Social media and prime have enough options now.
  7. If you think about it, when oil and gas go away, so do the products…… plastic’s are gone, and many many other things that we use in our daily lifes. The truth is that we need oil and gas and that as with everything there needs to be moderation. Moderation doesn’t sell newspapers so ll we get are extreme decisive reporting. We the people need to stop arguing amongst us and stand against the tyranny currently taking place. This is not about if you have had a vaccine or not, republican or democrat, we need to work together as decent human beings or we are accelerating the government’s end game. The government's and the civil servants only care about keeping their cushy jobs at the next vote!
  8. Don’t feel the need to apologise, I understand how and why you feel you need to, but we, the collective ‘us’ here, don’t expect your apologies. We are here to support you in the harder times, as you will be for us and others when you are up to it. Peace and love and understanding
  9. Shovelled snow, getting used to it now. Its almost therapeutic, lol
  10. As it is not poilte for me to ask your present age, I wont. Hopefully this will all get better for us all, and soon. I’m desperately seeking ways to stay warm this week, I know its cold and I’m used to it, but its very cold this week, -20 in the day, and well -30 and some overnight! piling on an extra duvet and wearing socks to bed, giving away my nationality! Lol stay warm folks, and lets try and look forward to the furure
  11. Just had my booster shot, don’t really know if it will help or not, but I figured, it might help others. 5 hours after the jabbing and no side effects, not even a sore arm…….. I only write this because this may help somebody make their OWN decision, I’m neither for or against the vaccine, but I am against the forced decision.
  12. Snow is great! There is no grass to cut or water. A foot or two for here in the next 48 hours..... We each find our peace with something right....
  13. Just be truthful, and you will be fine. They are used to being told its over, just say its no longer helping to develop, and you cannot afford to keep paying for something that is no longer effective or helping. Good luck, it is simple once its done.
  14. They dont work as effectively as turning off social media and disconnecting TV….. , sign me up though
  15. Sorry to hear you were sidelined, ER kinda sucks but they got you into the covid rehab resort. Woohoo, party all the way in those resorts, not! Recovery for me was quick, but over a year later I still cannot smell or taste, and I refuse to have my head examined again as to why….
  16. Its -25 deg C outside, so the warmth was just what I needed….. there are no leftovers unfortunately because I purposely made extra so it can be shared.
  17. I feel decent this hour, one of my objectives from a long time ago was to make homemade soup. Today was that day, proud of myself for once. Sweet potato and parsnip with corriander, if anyone wants to pop over
  18. Ughh. I get where you are at; interestingly I’m pretty confident I could day that you are ahead of where you have been. Some warm hugs to try to help you feel however you will feel upon receipt. I’m hoping that knowing that I and others wish for you, for us all to get through this muddle called life. Add to that the holidays, the weather and a pandemic, we are where we are, but try to stay positive, and do what you have to. Hugs
  19. I’m so jealous, all our stores were forced closed Sunday…. I think Wendy’s was open though….
  20. Two possible outcomes. You and your therapist run away happily ever after, OR he (she) is a trained professional aware of how vulnerable you are when opening your heart and mind, and will not mention what happened. You did nothing wrong, I did the same to a close friend of mine, I didn't get to runaway and we’re still great friends.
  21. What a pain in the neck. Easy to say dont worry about it, he clearly has some issues to deal with! However, I understand its not that easy to do. Human nature wants to get even with him somehow, but just ignore him, but save that energy and channel it on yourself. Use the energy to be positive, and zone him out, if you can. Ear plugs an option??? Light music throughout the night. You are not alone in things like this impinging on a nerve. Try to get a good nights rest.
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