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  1. I take everything they prescribed me, plus CBD oil, a spoon of honey and still have erratic sleep. (Zopiclone, Seroquel, duloxetine, buspar and clonazepam) The biggest influence I have found is not the meds so much as my routine before bed, which sometimes starts pretty early on. No coffee after midday, not much sugar after 18:00, meditation for 30 minutes, read something and fall asleep. Staying asleep for me is the problem, so back to meditation and read, rinse, repeat....
  2. Don't go crazy on feeling like crap because you are dieting. The best diets are not really diets at all because you will be able to sustain it. The faddy name is a lifestyle change but me I believe that nothing beats a good 6 month bout of clinical anxiety. Joking aside, I believe if you watch the amount of sugar you consume, and do everything to avoid eating the hidden sugar too, you will lose pounds gradually and feel better metabolically. I believe fat is good for us in moderation, and particularly fish oils etc. Mental health depends on what you eat to a degree too, so go easy on yourself, set goals but don't be too aggressive. Go for a good walk each day too.... One that makes you sweat by the time you are finished, be that 5 minutes or an hour. Good luck, I haven't eaten all day and still I am not hungry....
  3. Melissa, beautiful name btw, take a shower. The key is to take small steps that you can achieve, then we will talk more. Welcome
  4. The house may be as nice as it is, full of memories many good I assume, but its just a house. Nothing beats a hand painted VW van for an adventure....
  5. We should go on a road trip, you can keep me awake....
  6. Did you ever see the film The Astronaut Farmer’? If you did, let me know if you want me to make my rocket with two seats!
  7. Remember we do care about you, your depression is speaking above, not you🤗
  8. I finally got out of bed, made lunch after going to the store, and tidied the garden a little bit. I'm done for now, maybe for the day. I like that it is sunny today but would like it to be bedtime now
  9. I feel exactly the same, and I will feel the same later. Just set yourself three little things to do. Take a shower. Eat something. Go for a short walk. Not easy but simple
  10. Did you try the meetup app? Its not a dating site, really a site to go out and meet others locally. I joined, its free, but I haven’t gone to any events yet. Its all over canada and USA i believe
  11. Like every other day labelled as a special day, it can be a curse for some. I don't feel anything special on any day. Try not to think about the day itself and don't feel guilty for feeling nothing, just think positively.
  12. Pick something easy to do, watch a youtube meditation, listen to some music, distract your self. Tell yourself positive things, love yourself
  13. I need somebody to lie to me and convince me that we are all going to be ok, that our suffering will end soon, as a miracle cure will be found.
  14. I’m feeling dizzy and completely exhausted. Went to the hospital outpatients for treatment this week and the meds were changed to help, so I guess its the side effects just playing out. Seroquel, Cymbalta and Clonazepam cocktail, now with Buspar. Anybody else taking Busperione, and recall the effects?
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