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    What does was she on. The withdrawal effects themselves are awful and can last two or three weeks but if she quit from 90 mg or 120 mg, they can be seriously too much to handle like that. you must be very attentive to her mood swings, they can be life threatening from high doses, even from 60 to 30 was hard. Does she really need to cold turkey..... if she has too much trouble see a doctor and get tapered, or another SNRI that you may be able to switch to without withdrawal
  2. Crying Panda, the difference you will find on the forums, in my opinion is that we are here to offer guidance and advice based on our experiences, to assist others, because its good to help. Talk about your situation and we will offer insight that is not driven by us pushing therapy or selling meds. We want you to see hope and become actively engaged , anonymously with us, where we assist you and you assist us. A true community helping each other. welcome
  3. Extremebeginner

    Good day

    Welcome. I recently tried reducing my prescription meds, tapering slowly etc but soon realised that they were actually working on my depression so I am now back on my prescribed dosage with some extras because if the interuption. Finding the right pill can be a challenge......i take Duloxetine. i’m interested how you thought marijuana helped with depressio,n, just be ause my perspective is that uts a relaxant, good for anxiety but working against motivation and focus. Would appreciate your thoughts, I have nothing against pot just concerned it might maje mw worse.
  4. Thankyou for the words of encouragement. It is so reassurring that recovery for some of us is possible. What were your best forms of treatment, booksto read or anything that could help us.
  5. Extremebeginner

    Post one of your fears

    Bad headachesxare a fear for me only if I cannot lie down in bed, otherwise they are a good reason for me to go to bed and get some more sleep
  6. Extremebeginner

    Post one of your fears

    I wanted to send you hugs and hugs and hugs when I read this post. I wish there was a way to cheer you up and convince you that there are still good people, hard to find maybe, but there are. Would you like a sticky chocolate cup cake?
  7. Extremebeginner

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    I just put some oils in my vapouriser and am going to tr6 to sleep with trickling water, lights and a nice aroma, wishing us all a decent nights rest
  8. Extremebeginner

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Why don't we all meet in South America and walk to the end of the road, I think its actually called the road to nowhere, which was a great song from the 80ès if anybody still has functional memory capability It will be like the opposite of the migrant caravan, and when we get to the end we just swim with the penguins
  9. Extremebeginner

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Thats what friends do.... if you can force a smile just for a second, I’ll cover the warm bread in butter!
  10. Extremebeginner

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Knock, knock, knock, thats me at the door with the warmest hug ever, and some tomato soup with crusty warm bread
  11. Extremebeginner

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Love will return when you least expect it. If I was close to you I would pass by each day to give you a big hug and help you reflect on the real person you are. I may evev pick up a bite from a restaurant so you can eat well. We all want you to start seeing more positive, as hard as that can be. What are you grateful for today, just one tint thing......?
  12. Extremebeginner

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Sober, stay with us, where are you giing today. Are you working or visit8ng or. Thats a step in the right direction, you are out of bed and doing something. i wush I could get up today, its jus5 not happening. So try to see what you are already achieving today, and try not to let this evening bither you. One thing at a time, no matter how small it maybe
  13. Extremebeginner

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Just breath, sit calmly and listen to some meditation music, breath in deeply and out strongly....... just breath
  14. Extremebeginner

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Glad I could make you laugh for a while. Yes I did get scammed by four people too many, I married twice, bith narcisist’s, I managed a large office full of people with different opinions, and worked with some difficult ethical and legal situations. I exploded or imploded into a burn out that lasts to this day, where I spent half of it in bed, and tomorrow too, and the next. i have lost everything except the hope that one day I may be able to return to a somewhat normal life, eating at least twice a day, chatting with a friend ir just not feeling like its my last day. To do that I need to believe there are some good people
  15. Extremebeginner

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Sober, I will still be wishing you every positive energy possible so you can regain hope. I think you have done amazingly well to go through what you have. Im guessing most of us eill still be here if you decide to come find us again. I dont see you as whining and noaning, just like myself a lost soul seeking comfort and reassurance. Hugs