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  1. I understand that feeling of glad its over! Still now it is over we can wish you happy belated birthday wushes, cuddle, cake and maybe a smile
  2. Tested positive with the PCR test in Early October 2020, very mild illness for me, like one day of coughing, a couple of bouts of low grade fever, same day and loss of taste and smell. No breathing difficulties . Dont know if I am medically recovered as I havent tested again. Our rules were isolate for 14 days, then if you were not in hospital, you were not a contamination risk. Canada..... might go and get tested again to see, but I don’t t want to go out with variants crippling us here now. NZ and AUS did well in containing the virus. stay strong, and carry on eating!
  3. Are you currently taking any meds? Reason I ask is because sometimes they can wipe you out in the motivation department, calmer yes but so not able to ‘go’ want to share whats going on? Ok either way but try to watch some meditation tubes, not for high energy motivation, they are too extreme, but there are little tricks that can help us, note things down on post its, when its done, throw it away. Simple small steps and remember you are not alone
  4. Except any one of your friends on here, right. You know we all care about each other and try to help. Close the door, curtains, put some headphones on and listen to some calming music.
  5. It might not have been the best day as far as you are concerned but maybe he enjoyed your company anyway, and maybe you needed extra support from him today..... so looking on the positive side, as we are told to do. Now relax, hope tomorrow’s better
  6. Not wanting to eat is terrible and misunderstood by those who haven’t experienced it. Eating too much is bad too but the effects creep up slowly. My only tip is that you must try and get your routine down to where you eat as a habit. I suffer from the long haul covid effects of no taste or smell. I have to do it by routine and I always carry high energy bars with me, so if I suddenly feel the urge to eat, not that often..... but I have something to eat. And always, always, always have water with me-to drink. I feel for you and understand what your dealing with
  7. Which did you receive..... for many people its two days with a slight fever and aches, if you get a reaction. Drink plenty of water
  8. Something has to change, it will. I have set my phone to remind me to eat regularly cuz I really could skip food. People comment on how I have lost weight.... they dont realise I want my weight back, I was only a few pounds overweight before. hope you can start to see a real light
  9. I am actually just lying in bed, and for the first time in a while I felt that good feeling. My cat just came and lay down next to me and purred his heart out. It is those simple things....
  10. Awesome, hopefully that will be one less stress
  11. I have a similar issue but with the mornings...... another night of insomnia will set you right up for that, and repeat consistently
  12. I do remember the English system, I feel for you. Up until the moment the money is transferred there is a risk. Could you chat with your agent to get their read as they deal with the BS a lot, in fact might even be creative in that department. Hugs for you, hope nothing collapses
  13. That makes a lot of sense, start somewhere, no books required, whats making you bad today, can you see it, or is it really a bit of everything. now imagine that this is coming from a place where everything is either good or bad. Maybe it is a cognitive distortion, and that you could reframe what you are feeling into a more positive feeling?
  14. I dont see you as pathetic, because if you are it means we all are... we are all in this together and because we cannot focus, we cannot engage in a book. I was told to get the audible books and listen to them, but I haven't got that far yet..... not even close. what are you trying to read anyway?
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