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  1. Weirdos they will be. You are there to work, not socialise so if you like the job stay. They will come around as people calm down. if it doesnt improve then look for something else before you move on.
  2. It took me over four years to get a good medication for me, don't give up trying if you haven’t found the one that provides relief yet. dont rule at the SSRI’s either, be open minded to get your best health. I didnt want any meds, and likely would have missed a large part of my last 10 years if I didnt take them.
  3. I love coffee. Drink it everyday but I always have my last cup no later than mid afternoon to avoid sleep problems. You could try doing the same. I drink boiled water after that. Feeds the craving and doesn't cause sleepless nights. promise on the pinkie right!
  4. I was tested positive, after presenting some of the symptoms. I was not at any point ill enough to stop do anything, I guess I was lucky. I know it can affect us all differently physically, but here is a more important concern. i still have effects, now 4 months after I was cleared, and these effects, extreme fatigue, muscle aches, loss of taste and smell are with me for the near future. This is ravaging my ability to stay sane about anything. The long term part is not being dealt with and that scares me, terrifies me. There are no treatments for that,
  5. Hope you meant you were being bad, not having a bad night, . Hope you are ok I love my caffeine addiction, way better than withdrawal! So happy for you quitting smoking. Promise us you will stay of the smoking...
  6. Happy you found some peace last night. They are rare moments fir most of us, so I am slightly envious of those moments. most of my peaceful moments occur when I disassociate, because I’m overwhelmed.lol Truly happy for you
  7. I used to do my shopping after 8:00 pm because there were less people around. Anyhow now I am forced to either shop earlier or shop online, due to our curfew. Whilst I should be feeling bad, this ironically makes me feel good, short term, less people for me to see. Long term, I can see no light
  8. I cant remember what happened today, so you’re not alone. It sucks, but are you sure it means it’s over? I think its more like the things we can’t remember are just not significant enough. I tend to get slightly disassociated with my daily stuff, and wish I could recall more. Maybe I would remember just the good things, wouldn’t that be nice!
  9. I hope you do get to speak with your son soon. Its hard to stay in contact, especially with kids, if you are not in daily contact. They get consumed with their stuff and we meanwhile tend to overthink why they didn’t. Glad your headache has gone
  10. Lying here doing the same, but trying to read through missed posts
  11. I drink hot water when all else fails, keeps me off too much caffeine, away from sugar and off the alcohol. good term, doomscrolling, I will remember that. Best trick for anxiety I know of, that is reliable and almost harmless, breathing, breath in through the nose slowly, count to 8, hold for 4 seconds and then fully exhale, repeat a couple of times. Fingers crossed for your Dad
  12. I was rather less selective, last time I sorted out my papers, I openeed the hearth and enjoyed the warmth of everything burning away. Very irresponsible of me but quite satisfying, until i needed to refer to things, oh well!
  13. Sober and Nightjar. I feel for you both and all-others that suffer a particularly hard time, related to the calendar. I shudder at the thought of really jump starting my brain, because that is what the doctors want..... all I can offer is that we should turn to our usual chill out techniques and focus on the important things, no matter how small they may seem. Pick something and do it, before picking something else. take a deep breath and exhale, and try not to chastise yourself. You know you are going through something and you know you can get there. (Hugs)
  14. You cannot help your feelings, and if you believe you have found somebody, the one, then you should ensure that your feelings are expressed and mutual with her, otherwise you may be at risk of emotionally hurting yourself. How familiar with each other and the families are you, without the details. Is she emotionally available to you.
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