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  1. Let me try and help you rationalise the procedure. Justice goes to those with the biggest and most aggressive lawyers. If you are a man you lose, especially if you show any signs of empathy. If you are defending yourself based on your believe that justice will prevail, reconsider. Get a lawyer, the extra costs will come out of her money too. Spend it or live with regret as to how the justice system sucks. its not about fair, at all. There is no justice. Let me say it again, get a lawyer if you see it going bad after the first hearing. sorry you are going through this, I have been cleaned out twice by trying to be fair.
  2. Look at it from the positive side just for a second, you did your family event and survived, even if you had your ears bent about the latest tractors and vacation hot spots. You did it! as to the job and working from home, pros and cons, wish I could actually work but this bout of the blues has me beaten, to where I survive. So you will have a choice if you can continue from home or find something else. so try to stay positive about the experience with family and dont worry about the future with work, you can only focus on you, right now as you are. Be present with yourself. Hugs
  3. True what you said, if you can take something that eill get younup in the morning you have a fighting chance. Keep up the hard work
  4. Lol, talk about the false smiles! I’m watching a cute documentary about the little trains in Japan! Its so calming and cute
  5. Unless you live in Canada where our government is so backwards that despite vaccinations and quarantine and two negative covid test you cant get into Canada unless you are a politician, rock star or some other way super .....g important. As soon as this pandemic is over Im moving out of this country, governed by hypocritical liers and bureaucratic rules that make living in the USA seem simple. Which country are you in, as I will not be coming back here I’ll come and buy you a java
  6. Very interesting, keep posting as you hear updates. If I could drop benzos I would in a hearbeat
  7. People avoidance works for me. You are not alone, it sucks when you can hear everything, put some ear phones on and play your music. Ignore everybody, they are ignoring you. my 10 cents
  8. I think you did well to go to the art gallery in the first place, so having a panic attack or anxiety would have been me for sure, whether the room was dark or not. You were very brave getting that far, I can suffer when I go to pick up my groceries. Are you sure it is the darkness, not just being near too many people? Just offering another way to reframe what happened so it doesnt become a lifelong fixture
  9. I would join some group therapy in a heart beat, but I’m in the french part of Canada, and English groups are too far for me to motivate myself to get to. But you never know....
  10. Sit near me, I am told I am devoid of human emotion!
  11. Sorry Charlee, I’m guessing it wasn't something you ate. Sincerely hope you are feeling a little better, for getting it out. Now try to focus on the good start you had and try to build on that. This illness is real and has to be treated as such. People who suffer from a physical illness have at least some hope that in a month, after an operation or treatment they will recover. We mental sufferers have at best a distant hope or rely on luck to get the right balance of pills
  12. I get the same usually because I set myself up for failure I think. I have the good mood then I become overwhelmed and drop to my knees. My only trick is to literally do one thing at a time, assess how I’m feeling and then do the next. It is mot normal, but I’ve grown to accept its my only path forward......
  13. Its another nice day here, no humidity to speak of and a pleasant 26 deg, and my anxiety will just not abate so that I can sit on a chair and drink some water, and just chill. My mind scurries of and reminds me of everything I need to get done, chores! A vacation is not an option so I guess I will just have to really force myself to sit still, with nothing except my water. any tips on acceptance? If I could just accept that stuff doesn’t get done, or it doesnt need to be perfect, then I maybe could chill?
  14. Better will come, meds??? Idont know what else to take. Maybe my ANti depression med has kicked the bucket. I know I’ll get there just shame I wasted such a beautiful day🌤🌤🌤
  15. I wish I could actually lose my mind, maybe nothing would be better than the one I am attached too. Here is the picture, my task today was to reorganise the mooring of a couple of boats, on a dock. It was a really beautiful and peaceful day, on a lake up here in Canada, yes lakes are not always frozen. My mind would not set me free for the day, had to ingest a benzodiazepine just to stay in one piece. I don’t Know how much better a day could have been in nature yet there I am, wanting to go home to bed. Depression I almost cope with, but I cannot get this anxiety handled. Alternative thoughts as to how I handle myself welcomed. Im on meds and see a therapist every week. Hugs to all
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