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  1. Yes you do, your illness is telling you don’t, but you are here, and we are listening....
  2. Try to watch a star wars episode, and imagine each zap is somebody striking you with their sabre. I know its goofy but it worked for me on withdrawals, gave the zaps a different reason......they will be over soon, until the next one!
  3. Deep breaths, eat a little something, listen to the birds sing and try to focus on one good thing you could do today. Take a walk, eat a salad, take a shower. We are with you, and can understand where you are at. We will be with you to keep you moving in a good direction. We is everybody on here and my two cats!
  4. Sounds like some significant improvements. Dont let that runaway, keep moving forward, reflecting each day on you positives. Good luck with the vampires this morning, hope you see the humour in that!
  5. Stupid you are not. Period. Suffering from a brain illness probably. Try to see small things that you do as achievements, getting up is a big success for many if us, getting to work would be huge. Unblock your husband and excuse yourself, he will understand and help if you let him. If you are sure you hate your job, and its getting to you, see if the doctor can give you leave, or look for another job. Dont do all this today, just breath and praise yourself for recognising where the problems may be. And work on small things to improve your self, in the order you choose, but keep your husband on your team, unless of course he did something very bad. hugs
  6. I think medications have a place in all our treatments, and initially can save our lives, from the worst possible moments. The problem is that they should be looked at as a medium term solution. There are no studies on the long term effects of taking any psych meds. There are many theories but nobody is concerned because they still sell the drug or its genetic form and because we are improved, we complain less. Nobody should be terrified of taking the meds, but you have to be real with the doctors about this being a repair, not a solution. just my 10 cents, I’ve been in a rough tine for the last 6 months and without them, I dont know what would have happened.
  7. I dont use social media period. It is s controlled and biased s rhe news. Unfortunately freedom or freedom of speech does not exist anymore.
  8. On the positive side, you know how you are feeling and know whar will set you off. Stay true to yourself and spend a self care dare instead of getting into a problem day. Just tell the guys why and leave it at that.
  9. I wanted to get genetic testing but the psych doctor beat me to eat. I think he gave me everything all at once. Lord only knows what does what, Clonazepam, seroquel, Wellbutrin, Busperione, Duloxeteine, zopiclone, CBD oil. I know i am still depressed, confused, and up and down the mood charts. Im having a shot of rhum to heighten the effect of the all before dropping into my short coma.lol
  10. My doctor called it a passive wish to die, and i wouldnt do anything to assist it but I sure wouldn’t fight to survive that much. You will get through these dark days, we are all with you
  11. I filed a complaint against my bank for a similar incident.... they paid me a compensation and apologized. For me its rarely the money, it was 200$, ,but the principal of them apologizing was priceless. It was an internal complaint, depends on your bank I guess and if you have the energy. I found it that day and was happy with the result
  12. No your depression is telling you that. May I suggest you look at what good things you have achieved to this point, no matter how small they may seem. Its hard to see them, believe me, but they are there... Hhhhuuuuuggggggsssss
  13. If you truly believe in god, any god, any religion then I’m sure you must be able to see past all the misery that there is on this earth. We revel in others misfortune and disasters, clambering for the negative information there is about. personally, I dont know if there is a god, but until something more credible than Einstein’s theory arrives, then I think we will end as we started, a big bang. We are one asteroid, one massive volcano, one super virus away from it, so, hang in there everyone,, our suffering could be over quicker than we think. Maybe this isnt all appropriate for this site, I should be more positive but the post is howdo you feel right now, and guess what, I’ve had better days! its not an existential crisis just a reality check.
  14. What do you need, Ill drive. You are an inspiration to me and others here. You are definitely having a hard time, stick with us Sober, lets all work together, brighten each others day a little at a time.. go take a hammer out in the yard and bust something up, then cry for a while, question why, then get back on here and send us a message letting us know yo7 are ok for now. Hugs are always waiting for you.
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