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  1. I gave presentations to up to 5000 people in Vegas, and the key to controlling anxiety is to know your subject. Open with something easy and non confrontational and build the audience with you. You control your anxiety by staying light and easy at this point, then get into your topic as you build your rapore with the crowd. Use eye contact with a few. Hardest group size to present to was around a hundred…… they all see you and you them, at 5000 you ain’t got nothing to lose so just go for it. Hecklers can be disruptive so hopefully you dont have any of them
  2. -41 deg F here, cold enough to freeze the nuts off a brass monkey. Only going to last another 24 hours, then we warm up enough to get snow. Lol. Gotta love Canada and its winters
  3. Anxiety is best helped by meditation if you can. Breathing techniques do work for a crisis. But keeping yourself busy is very effective especially if its focussed exercise. Changing the way you percieve things is also good but thats expensive therapy. Laughter with a friend can help a lot too. All of these require energy because its down to us to make the changes, so I often opt for the soft option of listening to relaxing piano music, cuz thats all I can muster.
  4. I joined a community drop in centre where I can go get a coffee and chat to others who are in difficulty with mental health. It helps sometimes but other times I skip it because it can get heavy…..
  5. I’m annoyed with myself, I reversed into a driveway today and accidentally hit a railing that was buried in snow. It pushed in my front wing, not too bad but enough that I will eventually need to knock out the dent. one careless moment and a lot of snow! i’ll wait til snow season ends in April before attempting to fix it, in case somebody hits me in the meantime. Its bumper car season.
  6. Good luck with the water leak, toe and job application. Hopefully the universe will sort it out for you!
  7. Had a better day yesterday, I actually found the energy and motivation to put my cross country skis on and go g=for about an hour of easy stuff. I knew this would give rise to today where I am tired and unable to motivate myself to do anything! So now I'm munching through some roasted almonds and wondering how long it is till bedtime. It just started snowing again so soon I think.
  8. Sorry your feeling the depths of depression hard. Try to look at some small positives you may have accomplished today, no matter how small. You wrote down how you are feeling here, thats a plus, to share with others how you feel. Did you get up and brush your teeth? Or take a shower. Things like this all count as positives when we are feeling at rock bottom. Hope you pull through and see a light somewhere
  9. You must have better looking turkeys than we have. Each time I see a flock? I just have to go and buy one at the store and roast up a decent supper, with plenty of leftovers…..
  10. That sounds cool , a 007 style self destruct for the house and property…..
  11. Well i havent used it but must say it sounds good. The sun is my saviour so if a lamp offers anything towards that, then even if its the placebo effect, it can only help.
  12. Whats the downside of living at 81 F all year round? I could own a couple of pairs of shorts, a few T’s and some sandals.
  13. You should stay up with us later, lol, we have loads of fun in the dark
  14. Anxiety sucks, remember one thing at a time and you will make progress. The rest can wait for tomorrow or simply were not required.
  15. Yay we just had another snowfall of at least 12 inches. Sorry if snow triggers anyone but to me its still magical. Shoveling that stuff is a great workout. Driving in it makes getting home exciting. And if you can do that for money it helps put nice food on the table
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