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  1. Has anyone else experienced this, i use to have a million thoughts inside my head about this thing or that thing floating around and i could verbalise them easily and i had alot to talk about, but now I seemed to have "forgot" how to think, I have no thoughts entering my mind and no though going away its just emptiness inside my head and thus a lack of expression and emotions. Has anyone else had this and fixed ? please let me know !
  2. I've been diagnosed with deppression and have had it now for around 3 years. Every day is hard i have lots of anxiety and negative emotion all the time which get in the way of me living my life normally and going after my goals. Right now i am on medication to make things better but the medication is not helping me. I am on -Risperdal -Mynocycline -Mirtazapine and - Cymbalta But i havnt noticed any large improvements i have a new meeting with my practioner in 3 weeks and we will discuss this and change or add new medication on to what i have now, but until then its hard just to get through the day. I want to feel normal again. Was anybody recemended similar medication and knows a good one or knows what to do besides medication to start feeling better?
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