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  1. Hello Boonk. I am so sorry for all you deal with. Your life sounds like mine. I refer to it as "a series of unfortunate events". I too joined this forum for someone to talk to so if you need an ear, Im here:-)
  2. I also would like to say that if anyone just needs to chat Im here. I know this disease causes a lot of suffering and not much support because a lot of people dont understand that just as the body can become ill so can the mind. Its very hurtful. If it were not for my children I would have killed myself by now but I dont want to put them through what I have been through. I am tired of them seeing me like this.
  3. I am a 33 year old, single mother of three (12,7,1). I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety about a year and a half after my mother/best friend died. I take zoloft and visteril and xanax for insomnia. For the past few months I have been having regular bouts of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. I also have tooth, jaw and headaches from clenching my teeth. I saw my doc who ran a battery of test which all came back good. She thinks my anxiety is making me sick which is possible because I always feel sick when I get upset and taking something to relax sometimes helps. Being sick makes me depressed and anxious...being depressed and anxious makes me sick-so theres my dilemma.Im ALWAYS sad, mad or irritable and I often cry uncontrollably and without warning. I used to be such a different person.I was fun and outgoing and driven. Now I dont socialize Im pessimistic and im not even driven to get out of bed. Im hoping to make this my depression group since my local mental health facility is both backed up and slack.I just want to be me again.
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