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  1. I'm grateful for your good thoughts & prayers, SpiritualWanderer and kodadog--I appreciate your kindness!
  2. Spiritual Wanderer--hugs and prayers to you and your family. I'm sorry I haven't been around the forums for a while. Thankfully, my life has been very busy with career, family, & friends. I'm a teacher, so I was looking forward to a summer of relaxation and fun but, now... A few weeks ago, at my yearly mammogram, they found a cancerous lesion in my right breast (I had already had a lump removed and radiation to that breast in 2003). Now, they will need to remove the whole breast and I will probably need chemo. Just when you think it's safe to breathe easy, my depression was healing, only one more year until retirement and Wham!another hit to my peace of mind and "smooth sailing." (Such is life and I'm striving for "acceptance.") My surgery will take place on June 8th and I would appreciate your prayers as I face it and the treatments to follow. Thank you!
  3. Thanks, for the Birthday wishes, Trace!

  4. Yipee, for good stuff happening! It sounds like the positive vibes are spiraling out to other people, too. The car refurbishing sounds very complicated to me--it takes a special mind set to deal with such mystical machinery (that's how it seems from my perspective). I used to drive a Comaro Z28 in the late 70's--it was pretty spiffy & fun to drive. ...like packing a suitcase,eh (I know that feeling)... Congrats on your good day--may they keep rolling in for you! (Those naughty tom cats--I bet you're right--they will be home for warmth and food!) Happy days, Aerial
  5. Your work with the support group sounds a bit like a tight rope walk. I've been in those kinds of groups. I could get "on board" for a while but, after a short time, it became a draining experience. Seems like you are super busy, these days! People (a lot of them) seem to come and go on forums. I miss the "regulars" I came to know here on the DF. I'm glad you're still around!
  6. Oh, Dee--I'm so glad you got approval for the government help! Plus, the information and aid for your plant nursery sounds very promising. I believe you're finding a niche for yourself! I hope the fibro treatment is good for you and leads to more energy and healing. I doubt I have any telepathic "power" to communicate with cats over long distances (move over "Mentalist") but, I keep thinking about your wandering kitties and thinking: go home to Dee, go home to Dee.... (Yep, still a little crazy after all these years...)
  7. ((((((Dee)))))) I'm so sorry to hear about the fibro and your struggle with the effectiveness of meds. There's got to be reasons for the things we go through. I have hope that, like the song says: "we'll understand it better by and by." Keep posting & blogging, I'll be around and maybe I'll start up my blog again or maybe, make a whole new one. I have my good days but sometimes, the crud & the crazy can get me down. Your situation is much like my daughter's she's married to a good guy (well that's not like yours) but, she's suffering more anxiety, some OCD traits and some physical problems, as well. She can't stick with a job. She's tried but can't keep her energy up. She has a great psychiatrist and therapist, thank goodness. You'll make it through this--you're persistent and you have strengths you don't realize. I'm sending good thoughts, Aerial
  8. Hi, DeeBear! It's been a while since I've checked out the blogs but, I was thinking about you and hoped you'd left a blog post. You were one of my first "depression buddies" here on the DF and you helped me so much as I went through my worst & first bad days of a major depression. I just wanted to thank you! I'll be forever grateful to everyone who helped me and became my cyber friends when I first joined the forums. You've helped plenty of others over the years, too! It's something you can feel good about, for sure. I'm so sorry to hear about Buzz, your cat. I know my pets feel like family members and to lose one is a real blow. I'm not sure why some of us lean more to negative thinking at times in our lives. I've tried to change my thinking and I've made some progress. I've stopped isolating myself so much and have co-workers & friends that keep my busy, help me vent and often, make me laugh. I'm not always "happy as a clam" but, I'm coping. My always supportive husband is my steady voice of reason and encourages me to find and live on that middle ground where life is solid & sturdy (if not always happy). He can't "make" me think more positive, of course, that's up to me. All we can do is keep on trying, do the "one step at a time" thing, focus on the good and try to be the good in the lives of others and in our own. Whoa...a philosophical rant, huh? :rock: Good to talk to ya, Dee. Take care of yourself! (I'm holding good thoughts for your cat.) Hugs, Aerial
  9. I would think that everyone questions the whys and ways of the Universe. I tend to gravitate to "God is punishing me" kind of thoughts when things go wrong in my life. I have also questioned my Christian faith, has God made us to just leave us alone to muddle through, does he intervene even make miracles for us? I've read a lot about my faith (Christian) and perhaps, the best book on the subject (in my opinion) is "The Case for Faith" by Peter Kreft. It really gave my faith a boost! Good question, keep asking them! Take care, Aerial
  10. I was going to say the same thing--check out the Bipolar forum and see if any of the symptoms ring true for you. Only a psychiatrist can say for sure, of course. There could be a physical cause such as hormone imbalance, thyroid trouble or any number of things. Check with your regular doctor and he/she can send you to the proper specialist (if need be). I'm sending positive thoughts your way. I hope you'll find a cause and a cure--you deserve help and some normalcy in your life. Take care, Aerial
  11. Finall, Fall weather in Ohio--it was only 61 degrees F, today! Relief from the 90's!
  12. I really love "Mad Men," "Stargate Universe," "Burn Notice," "House," & "White Collar." On the reality side of shows, I enjoy the "Pawn Stars" (more than I thought I would) and the "American Pickers" (two guys travel around the US picking through other peoples old junk looking for "collectibles" they can sell). I'm really into the nature shows like "Earth" and the National Geograhic nature shows. Our world is miraculous, mysterious and beautiful--I like to be reminded of that.
  13. Welcome to the forums! We're here to support one another and we are glad to have you "on board!"

    Take care,


  14. Welcome to the forums! I like your description of a panic attack. I've had them myself and that mind/body disconnect is a very worrisome feeling. Add on the stress of job hunting and it's understandable you'd be more "on edge" emotionally. I think "Urgent Care" sounds like a logical choice for you. (I've never gone there for a panic attack, though). We're here to listen, to encourage and support. You are not alone in your feelings and plenty of us have found hope and healing for our troubled emotions. Keep taking good care of yourself! Aerial
  15. I'm sorry I don't have any information for you but, I think it's good that you are pursuing a med that might work for your unique set of symptoms Of course, your doctor could offer the best advice. In any case, I'm holding positive thoughts for you and remind you that there's always someone around here to listen and offer encouragement. Keep taking good care of yourself! Hugs, Aerial
  16. This is just my non-professional opinion but, for me, Wellbutrin (300mg of the generic brand) sharpens my focus and lessens the depression. I also take 60mg of Paxil and I believe that helps the anxiety and offsets some of the more jittery effects of the Wellbutrin. Even with the Paxil I had some nervousness for the first few weeks of starting both meds but, it did go away. I hope you'll find a helpful medication. I know that it's frustrating sometimes but, it's worth the trouble. Keep taking care of yourself, Aerial
  17. Welcome to the forums!

  18. I so sorry to hear that you're going through this rough time. You've described depression well--it does feel like being caught in a dense fog. Life feels "unreal" and everything seems disjointed. Here on the forums you are around people who have been there and understand. While, water and exercise are healthy things to do I hope you'll monitor yourself closely. If you start to overdo the exercise and are not eating much, it might mean you're heading down the road to an eating disorder. Check out the info we have here on the DF and check with your doctor to report your symptoms. Let us know how you are doing and be aware there are crisis line numbers scrolling at the top of this page. Taking good care of yourself is the best thing you can do--you are worth it! Hugs, Aerial
  19. *Relaxing and laughing with my husband. *Arts and crafts activities. *Walking through the woods on a sunny day. :icon12: :icon12: :icon12:
  20. When I have a major depressive episode, I can get totally panicked about driving. I've avoided many fun events because I was unsure of the directions and would get pummeled by "doomed" thoughts. I've found that taking Wellbutrin & Paxil has help me avoid the panicked thoughts. Hope you find ways/meds that help you face the driving fear. You can make it through. If I can do it--you can, too! Take care, Aerial
  21. Feeling satisfied that I got some housework finished today!
  22. I was able to donate to "The Race for the Cure" (breast cancer research) by supporting an online friend who participated in the race, in Boston!
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