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  1. I'm on here very irregularly. If you wish to talk me bout something, please feel free to pop me a PM. I'll get the notifications in my e-mail :)

  2. I don't wish to be famous. Celebrities get often less than decent treatment (nasty gossip, for example) and both the media as well as other people have a tendency to form quite a distorted image of them. Of course, if I happen to become famous for something like my skills or something life-changing I've managed to invent, I'd accept public attention comes as a side effect of that. But overall, I don't desire to be well known. I prefer to do my own thing and let others to do theirs.
  3. Soon I'm going to eat some chicken with rice & vegetables for lunch, now I'm just sipping some cider while waiting.
  4. I find this is a very interesting topic! Myself, I've been thinking of becoming a life coach due to my experience in various fields of life and my upbeat as well as somewhat unconventional attitude. Pippi Longstocking, anyone? However, I reckon the life coaching industry is rife with all kinds of less-than-savory characters, only interested in making as much money as possible. Don't get me wrong, making money certainly is a major plus when working, but I was referring to people who take advantage of people's distress in order to become wealthy. Nonetheless, I'm not going to become a life coach yet (I'll go to study Youth and Leisure Instruction, which probably gives me a good base of empowering people). I'm also definitely not opposed seeing a life coach myself, in case they're someone I genuinely click with. I tried to book an appointment with one, but she is so busy I'd need to wait my appointment for months. Luckily I have her free blog updates! In a nutshell: listen to your gut feeling and, in case you resonate with life coaching, do not hesitate to go ahead. However, please also keep in mind YOU are the client and YOU deserve to be served as best as possible. There are also significant differences between different coaches, so do your research carefully. Good luck and best wishes!
  5. Happy New Year everyone! How 'bout making this year even better than 2014? :)

    1. flasquish


      Sounds like a plan! Happy New Year to you too. ;-)

  6. Happy New Year everyone! How 'bout trying to make this year even better than 2014? :)

  7. O the happy day! The Finnish Parliament voted in favor of gay marriage yesterday, so I think it won't take long until it is 'official'. I'm so happy for all my GLBT friends, as I think they're entitled for official relationship recognization and many of them would make awesome parents as well (If I recall correctly, this bill includes adopting a child as well.) YAY! :Coopyahoo:
  8. Hi JJ. I'm sorry to hear you're feeling worse. That being said, I think it is completely normal to have some really bad days, whether you're struggling with depression or not. I noticed you mentioned the session with your therapist. When I was seeing a psychologist, some sessions were so exhausting I mainly slept the next couple of days and when awake, I felt like sh!t. Often, when you go thru past traumas and/or the reasons behind your depression, it may make you so emotionally drained it affects your overall mood as well. What do you think, could this be the case? I wish lots of strength to you. Please talk to us anytime you feel like it. We're always here to support you :hugs:
  9. I was bullied at school, had to endure some emotional and verbal abuse from both my family as well as other adults, and was sexually molested multiple times in my pre-teens. I've managed to completely release the grudges, hatred and bitterness stemming from being bullied. Some of you may prefer to call it forgiveness, although I personally tend to struggle with that specific term. I do not wish ill on any on my former bullies but I'm not willing to make friends with them either. They simply do not exist to me anymore. However, I'm still somewhat struggling with the emotional/verbal abuse as well as the memories of being molested. I'm aware overcoming them may take more time than I ever expected, but I'm getting there all the time. I'm right in the middle of my healing process and I know already there will be a day when they don't haunt me anymore. I know now I'm worthy and precious, and that healing is my absolute right.
  10. Hi nightowl23 and welcome to DF! I'm very sorry but also quite enraged to hear how the friends of your boyfriend are/have been treating you. That doesn't sound healthy behavior at all and I think either they may have some insecurity issues (them thinking you "stole" your boyfriend from them, as sometimes the rest of the group can be a surprisingly jealous bunch) or are just extremely immature. That being said, I also think it is worrisome your boyfriend has never stuck up for you. Right, they are his friends and he obviously wishes to stay on good terms with them, but I personally would think you, as his girlfriend, would be the most precious one who should never be insulted, humiliated or ridiculed. Especially by his friends, who see you as well on a regular basis. Of course I don't know your boyfriend, but could it be he is not mature enough for a serious relationship hence chooses to please his buddies instead of supporting and defending you? You are absolutely not to blame here. It's those guys that are acting in an extremely disrespectful way and they should d@mn well know they're hurting you. If you feel it is difficult to defend yourself, opting for a couple of assertiveness counseling sessions would probably be a good idea. I also think a very serious discussion with your boyfriend would be in order. If he loves you, and cares about you, then he should not tolerate behavior like that. Please remember you are the absolute priority in your life, and while I'm sure you love him, you deserve to be loved and respected as well. You really do. Please take care of yourself! Feel free to post how you're doing and maybe our other members can offer you some more points of view as well. We do care about you. :hugs:
  11. We finally had snow today! I guess this must mean winter is here. Yay!

    1. flasquish
    2. Tessar


      Must b cold there then? It's turning colder here in the uk

  12. I was 16 when I had my very first depressive episode. Afterwards, I've been thinking a brief hospitalization would have probably been in order, even though I survived the episode thanks to my wonderful psych nurse. I'm grateful for ageing, since I've noticed the older I get the more capable I'm dealing with depression and the possible relapses. I'm so happy I'm not a teen anymore!
  13. Aaaarrrggghhhh!!! Thank you, that made me feel relieved a bit. I'm usually quite a mellow person but being hypocrite tends to get on my nerves big time. AAAARRRGGGHHH once again. Thanks for listening my rant, buddies! :hugs:
  14. Hi veganesthie and welcome to DF! I think you've joined the very right forum, since many members here find our community a supportive and open-minded one. We all have our bad days so we know firsthand how important peer support is at those moments. Please make yourself at home and should you have any questions concerning the site, you're most welcome to PM any site staff member. We'll be happy to help you if needed. Take care and hope to see you around more!
  15. Hi there Husam and welcome back! I am sorry to hear you feel like a failure. I've been there too and know it really wears you out and suffocates your zest for life. However, could it be you're placing too much pressure on yourself, concerning the "conventional" measures of success (having a career/relationship etc.)? Even though your current job isn't quite fulfilling and you've never been in love this far, I'm sure you must have some special talent or trait that makes you a unique and likable person :) What do you think, what would that trait be? Please feel free to get comfortable with this community and post in any area/topic you find interesting or close to your heart. You're also most welcome to PM any site staff members should you have any questions concerning this site. We'll be happy to help you if needed. Take care and good to see you around again!
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