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  1. i am facing a situation where i have been employed for 6 years. through these years, i changed companies due to work stress and social( with co workers and heads)problems.But now it is getting rather pointless for me to work because all these years i have been suffering from dysthymia for almost 13 years .and i struggled to bond with my colleagues and as you all know, the usual symptoms that come with this illness( memory problems and low energy and fatigue and the feeling of disconnection from this world). i was seen as a worker who is passive and weird in my company. i started as a technician (low level engineer) and as i progressed in my job/career, i ended up in more managerial positions( not the really top positions maybe as a mid senior or someone who should be more experienced and knowlegeble and dependable. the problem is my co workers noticed i was looking sad all the time. And i cannot be changing jobs forever and sooner or later my cv/resume will be tainted by all these job hopping records. I fear that disvclosing my illness will result in immediate termination. but i need a job for income and i cant be living or depending on my parents forever. it is not easy to find an understanding boss either and there is the stigma associated with depression. i am from singapore btw. i think i need some ideas to get me throuh this.
  2. yes. the best way is to pay a visit to the professional psychiatrist and get a proper diagnosis and evaluation.
  3. Hello bluedragon400. im from malaysia also, Petaling jaya to be precise. which part of malaysia are you from? :coophaha:
  4. stay strong man blue dragon. i have been suffering from depression for almost 13 years. i am still faking it in front of friends colleague and family, though...
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