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  1. Hi. Today I learnt that the oc version that I've had since 2006 hs a name.Its called: Functional impairment:lack of self care/hygiene. It caused me to stop doing everyday grooming like: trimming facial hair. gettng a hair cut shaving trimming toe nails and fingernails. washing wearing clean clothes/new clothes Anything that we need to do to look neat tidy,clean and so on,it stopped me doing it.Over the last 10 months now I've been making progress.Its been great getting back into doing not only all these things but so much more.People dont recognise me.Even after the new year my health practitioner was here early january.He couldnt comprehend the changes and he was on christmas eve. I need to find other sufferers of this version of ocd so I can support them.I need to be there for them.They need to talk to me so I can offer my advice.If you know anyone here on this forum,other forums or groups please tell them I'm trying find them to help. Thanks for stopping by. Chris.
  2. I'm trying to find some love poems and falling in love poems.Does anyone know of any sites that have love poems? I used to go to a website a few years ago but I cant remember.If you know of any good sites or maybe you write poems I'd really like to read them. Regards Chris.
  3. Hi everyone. I would like to post this topic.I hope you will see the positive reasons for this. Where are you from? What city,what Country,what region,what county,etc.You are welcome to be brief such as just name of the country where you live,or,you can say what city and country you are from and so on.Its up to you how little or how much you want to add.I'll go first:: Firstly,my name is Chris.(you dont have to say your name if you dont want). I am from Adelaide,South Australia,Australia.(thats city/state/country.) I am a 51 year old guy.(you dont have to add that type of info if you dont want.) So,where are you from? Thanks for participating. Regards Chris.
  4. I love sharing my great news.It keeps happening.I really hope others will benefit from my experiences.I'd love to hear others making progress like I do. Chris.
  5. Hi. Today I have some more progress news.Today I made more progress news with ocd.It usually stops me cooking and eating when I'm on my own.Just before 12pm here I finally went for it and ate my entire meal.I was on my own.I did it. I had my big moment of glory and even had tears running down my face.It was almost 24 hous ago I had my treatement and I've made progress already.Its a day I wont forget. I feel good now.I was a bit jittery at first but feeling great.I even had to tell my neighbour who was supposed to drop in today so I could have my meal.He's been here almosrt weeks in a row after I made progress.He has another friend who also has ocd. I hope you dont mind me sharing my good news today. Chris.
  6. In reply to dream again. 5 years ago I started spending the money on being treated for ocd,etc.I found several practitioners who do various forms of muscle testing.There are: applied Kinesiology touch for health (kinesiology) USA & NZ trained chiropractors.THere are schools where they are trained in many muscle testing techniques.Local chiropractic associations might be able to help recommend someone nearby. I had a kinesiologist/rebirther.His techniques and his one treatnment helped me a lot. This is just a suggestion,I've tried a few kinesiologist who do 26 excerises as part of their treatment.I dont recommend them.There are kinesiologists who offer a better range of techniques. If you see any muscle testing chiropractors,tell them to eliminate any subluxations they find as they are doing the treatments. I also recommend this: Neuro emotional technique.Its been around for many years.Make a list of every emotional issue you've ever had,in order of severity first.The worst go first.Edit your list as you write more.Take your list to an "N.E.T" practitioner.They are another type of muscle testing practitioner. You are welcome to let me know how you get on and I'll gladly compare notes.Just remember,these are suggestions based on what has worked for me over the years.If it helps you,you're better off.Find practitioners you feel comfortable with.I did try hypnosis when I was healthy and I loved it. Chris from SA,Australia.
  7. Hi .Thank you for your reply. I was worried how this post topic was going to come across.I guess my anxiety causes me to worry too much.I do worry a lot at times. I just see how I look in the mirror everyday.My clothes are tatty,my appearance is a little grotty and despite having the clean/washed/ and new clothes ocd stops me from putting them on.At least my progress is more about priorities towards eating/cooking,etc.When I do make progress in my appearance then I'll feel better.I'm very lucky I dont get depressed.
  8. I just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas.I hope you have a nice day today. Regards Chris from Adelaide.
  9. Hi. I have found that just being ill no matter what illness/disorder,etc one has got it certainly changes us for the better.We become more understanding,more approachable with other sufferers anf just better human beings for a start.I like how I am towards others.I can relate to people better.I know that I can communicate with another sufferer so that we are on a similar wave length. Years ago I never really understood much when someone tried to explain their health problem.Now,I'll give a lot of time just to get to know someone and help them feel comfortable.Thats the least we can do. It does make us better and as we get on with our lives we have so much more to show for our lives. I'm more organised in my daily life,I appreciate more things than I ever did and I'm a lot better off from these experiences. Thanks for starting this topic.We need to be reminded that we are better than our healthier counterparts.
  10. Hi. I'm a male and live on my own with health issues,namely ocd and cfs.I rent a unit and live reasonable well.I budget for everything.I pay my bills every fortnight and I get by. The sad and annoying part is I do live on my own.I have some nice neighbours here who help me each week.And,I try to help them too.One neighbour also has an anxiety disorder.Living on your own is okay except when I have those odd moments and I feel a bit down in the dumps. The ocd makes me look grotty.It stops me doing many things.Despite making great progress with a non medical practitioner/alternative health care the one area I havent made progress in is to with my appearance.The ocd stops me doing many things.You can read my post in the ocd section.It prevents me doing things.I'm the guy from Adelaide. How many others here do live on their own? I sympathise with you. I chose to live on my own because I got fed up renting with others who arent as domesticated as I am.I dont like paying other peoples bills.I've had a few who left me with a bill or 2.Unfortunately at a time of being ill really made me realise the need for other friends.As for relationships my untidy appearance makes life dificult.I dont think a woman can see past my appearance so I usually show visitors my photos of pre-disorder. Anyway,I wish you all a merry christmas. Adelaide resident.
  11. Hi .I'm a newbie here too. I've had hypnosis over the years even when I was healthy and working.It does make a difference for the better.I love hypnosis and I hope you will try it.First you need to find a good hynotherapist.They just need to be able to hypnotise you so you can benefit from it.I have found that having several sessions over several weeks or longer will help.Give it time. I tried it years ago around 1985 after a bad relationship ended.I just needed to get on with my life.I had hypnosis and It helped. Its a great idea.Nothing to be worried about.Be choosey about how you go to.You really need to feel comfortable with them.If you get a hypnotherapist who can do self hypnosis at some point later that will be a bonus. Ask around to se if anyone can recommend someone to you.You have nothing to lose.It will help. Chris.
  12. Hi.I found these forums and I neede to be here. I suffer from both ocd and chronic fatigue.Had ocd for 6 years,cfs for 12.And,in the last 5 years I've spent a lot of money trying to regain my overall health so I can get on with my life.I can't afford to keep these problems. The ocd variation I'm suffering from is weird.It prevents me doing things.I have a habit of explaining it this way,think of a computer virus and how it affects your computer.It stops you doing things you want/need to do and makes your computer do things you didnt want it to.Thats really a sensible way for healthy people to get some idea.Most people seemed to get the jist of it.Then I just say that each sufferer has their own unique version....well,its not a text book disorder so no 2 of us have it 100% identical.There are just so many variations arent there? Here's how it affects me: It prevents me preparing/cooking food when I'm on my own. It prevents me eating food when I'm on my own. It prevents me from cleaning out my home of rubbish and recyclables. It prevents me from cleaning out my fridge,freezer of all foods still in there. It prevents me changing into clean clothes/new clothes.I've been wearing the same ones everyday for 4 years. It prevents me moving various items from where they are into other appropriate storage within my home. It prevents me trimming my hair,beard,fingernails,etc.(did I mention I'm a male?) Those above are the worst of them.Then I had rituals.Just straightening up things for that perfect line up look.And,there are certain products I have to use by particular brand. The good news is in the last 7 months months I've made big progress.(my practitioner was so impressed today). I had a treatment today and despite feeling a bit jittery and a bit down in the dumps I'm feeling okay right now. I get through most days reasonable well but I have those moments when I dont feel good.I know you can relate to that. I'm make great progress,it seems my progress is almost prioritised by the fact that most of my progress has been eating some food on my own.reheating meals on my own(I was getting a meal delivery service everyday).and everything else except the changing clothes thing.I look untidy to say the least. Anyone else here from South Australia? You are welcome to compare notes here if you want to reply or just say hello while you're reading this. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas.
  13. Hi.I just found this website and joined here. I'm a male,I suffer from obessive compulsive disorder and I have chronic fatigue syndrome.Had ocd 6 years and cfs for 12 years.I live on my own and considering these problems I've coped reasonably well. The ocd prevents me doing things yet I have very few rituals.I'll go in to detail in another post in the appropriate section. I'm currently being treated by alternative health care practitioner and I''m making progress.I the 6 years I've had ocd I spent the last 5 trying to get rid of this problems.I just havent given up.I've got the progress to keep me motovated.Because of these problems I can't afford to keep these problems. I'm online at times throughout the day and early evening. If you would like to compare notes or just reply to say hello please do. In the mean time I wish you all a merry Christmas.
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