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  1. i wish i had never walked away from that car accident a year ago

  2. facebook depression/mental disorder support group if you want to join! http://www.facebook.com/groups/502962559742727/

  3. they know. my dad just thinks if i think about suicide so much i should just do it.
  4. im not even wanted here.

    1. KidSurvivor2011


      You are welcomed. :) You are a VERY special person for all that you do. Never forget that. :) (((hug)))

  5. my boss pulled me aside yesterday because, even though it hasn't affected my work at all - i'm still doing awesome, she's worried about me. she said i scare her and she worried about me all day the day before. its sad to me how someone who only knows me in a work setting can still how badly i'm doing when my own family doesn't seem to give a . i just don't understand why i don't deserve them to care..... will they finally get it when they wake up one day and i'm no longer here?
  6. hey! go help our troops! takes 2 secs and its free! http://www.slimjim.com/troops.jsp

  7. no one needs me. i'm just a pudgey loser

  8. it went bad. that's all i'm gonna say because i'll just get really upset.
  9. So DSHS called me this morning for my interview for state help. I applied for state help with food assistance and medical. Got a bit of food assistance, but i don't qualify for medical because i'm not a child, disabled, or pregnant. So now my family is p***** like it's my fault because i needed medical in order to afford counseling to get better. i've looked and looked for other options with no real luck. i'll just have to look more but right now i just feel so low. it was an over the phone interview and i have a phobia of talking on the phone. and being told i don't qualify even after i told him what i was diagnosed with (clinical depression and OCD, but i need to get second opinions) being told i don't qualify is just like being slapped in the face. i'm so worthless even my state doesn't give a crap. i wish my hourglass would just run out already.
  10. i can't do this anymore

  11. i can't do this anymore

  12. yea unless i'm denied and then i'll never get counseling like my family wants me to and they'll just more angry at me. but yea i prefer to email and text! i even livechat with my bank and internet provider when i have questions so i don't have to call!
  13. so i had to call DSHS (Department of Social and Health Services) to set up an interview because i applied for food and medical help (mostly because i can't afford counseling so if i get medical i get into state counseling) and i really hate strangers and talking on the phone because on the phone, no matter WHO it is i'm talking to, i stutter and stumble when speaking. and i really didn't wanna do the interview but when i called this morning i found out they are doing a phone interview! so i'm kinda happy I don't have to go to some strange building and talk to a stranger, but i really suck at talking on the phone and i'm super panicky that i'm gonna start stuttering and stumbling and seem like a giant *****!!!
  14. its not about the sex or the family. i never wanted my own kids anyway. if i really wanted kids i'd adopt or foster. and i've never wanted to be married or date really. i can't stand having someone else in my personal space. hence my home is only filled with animals. no what bothers me is before i was just weird but now that i identify as asexual i'm either teased or avoided like the plague. my family doesn't even talk about it.
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