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  1. After coming off of Lexapro with poor results. I was then prescribed Cymbalta 60mg per day, the doc suggested that because cym is a SNRI rather than a SSRI. HE said that it would provide me with more energy because of the nor-epinephrine re-uptake inhibition ; as lethargy, anhedonia, and fatigue play a huge role in my depression. After being on cymbalta for a month i quit cold turkey due to the increase of fatigue and lethargy, and just a feeling of emptiness. The typical "zombie" feeling. I was also prescribed xanax for my panic attacks. All of this was done by my family doctor, not a psychiatrist(making an appointment tomorrow). I am not sure what the next step in treatment with medication is. I know that everyone's body reacts differently to each medication, but are there any anti-depressants that are more known to treat my specific/main symptoms of depression? I have heard that sometimes adhd/add medication is sometimes used in treatment in depression. Should i bring this up to psych when i see him or her? I cannot stand the lethargy and the complete lack of motivation to do anything. If anyone has any suggestions for meds that i could bring up to my doctor, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jack
  2. Its been 5 days since I've been off f Cymbalta. The most noticeable effects from my withdrawals are the irritability and insomnia. Whenever I am awake I feel very lethargic and unmotivated. Though that is how my depression takes affect on me. The withdrawals aren't nearly as bad as I thought they would be, I haven't gotten any "brain zaps" thankfully, but I have had an increase in headaches. I was also able to get my xanax prescription refilled, but my anxiety isn't what's destroying me. This lethargy and fatigue when I'm awake is horrible, I just want to lay on the couch all day.
  3. I have been on Cymbalta for the past month. The first week i was prescribed 30mg per day, after that week i was upped to 60mg. Along with the cymbalta i was prescribed xanax at .5mg to take twice daily or to take when needed. Today is my last trial dose for the cymbalta and i ran out of xanax a few days ago. For the past few weeks i have been experiencing some very unfortunate side effects to either one or both of the medications. I have been getting some pretty severe panic attacks. At least thats what i think they are. I have also been sweating a lot at night, when i wake up in the morning my boxers are soaked. Im not really sure what to do now. The cymbalta hasn't done much for me so far besides relieve the anxiety i've had. But that could be a combination of the xanax and cym. Im not sure if should get my script filled for the cymblta for the next month considering these side effects and lack of positive results. Im wondering if i should schedule another appt. with my doc to switch treatment, or to continue with the cymbalta(since its only been a month).
  4. Everybody's body reacts differently to each med. I wouldn't completely give up on "Psyche" meds just because a few didn't work out. Im sorry to hear about your girlfriend. If she dumped you for that, she didn't care very much for you, and that was all likely for the better.
  5. Through my whole 20 years of life I learned that people come in all different shapes and sizes. We are all different and weird in our own ways. The only reason some are called "weird" is because society likes to.label. If one person is overweight, many people label them as fat, and that's how they view them. If a person is quiet, many will consider them weird because they won't talk. My point is that we are all different, but at the same time we are all the same. Many people don't find their passion, they live life for the wrong reasons, gaining power/wealth/women(or men). Do you think they are truly happy? I know a number of wealthy people who have similar problems to you and I. You said you enjoy studying how.peoplethink? Try reading a few psychology.books, talk to your counselor about differentfields you could go into for psychology.YYou also mentioned how you enjoyed writing but you don't believe you have and writing ability. Everyone has the ability to do.pretty much anything, just have to put your mind to it. A few things you could do to potentiate your writing skills are to read as much as you can, and maybe to keep a journal/diary.Everyday, write down everything that your heart desires.How you are feeling that day, what you did in the day, what you are thinking about..as I said anything! We are all here to seek help, sharing your experiences and feelings with those who are also seeking help. Helps others! We are truly all here to help one another!
  6. hi emjo, im jack. I can't necessarily speak from experience, as i have not lived your life. But i CAN tell you that things will get better. So many people want love, they want that special someone, and will spend much of their life searching for it. The problem is, love just is. Love happens. You can't force yourself to love someone, much less force someone to love you. Start living life for yourself! Go out, try new things, experience life to the fullest. Always keep your eyes open, and chin up. Love will find you.
  7. Needlesxx- Thanks, finals always seem to come at the worst times! Low- Depression is definitely ugly, and it clings onto you for dear life. I hate that i've become so reclusive. I know it isn't normal, from what i've heard. Humans are social by nature. Epic- I actually did not know any of that! I'd actually like to read up a little more about all of that if you could point me in the right direction. I've never seen that video before either. We(humans) undoubtedly create much more stress than necessary. If only life was as basic as the predator, or even the prey. Being the "smartest" animal alive isn't all its cracked up to be. Oh, by the way. In my intro i didnt even mention my name haha. Calling people by their usernames is quite impersonal in my opinion. My name is Jack!
  8. I am completely new to the idea of joining an online forum to help myself and to help others get and feel "better". So i guess i will start off by telling you a little about myself. I am a 20 year old male, in college and majoring in criminal justice. I work part-time as a receptionist(sorta) at a gym/salon/spa. I enjoy/used to enjoy working out, hanging with friends, spending time with my girlfriend, playing sports, watching movies. I am or was very outgoing, loving to try new things and meet new people. Typing those last few sentences about things that i used to enjoy is quite disheartening. I am here, of course, for a reason. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for quite some time now. I try to recall when it all started, but it could have been years ago. Within the past year or so, i've been really down. I feel no desire to do anything, i have distanced myself from my friends and my family. I feel so alone at times, and i guess thats why i think joining these forums will help. Misery loves company right? jk :whatsthat: . Sorry, i tend to make fun of my depression. It helps somewhat. Don't mean to offend anyone, i just have very dry and dark humor. Anyhow, within the past few months i have been feeling worse and worse. About 2 months ago i decided to go to my doctor to hopefully receive some help. I described my symptoms, and my family history, current problems, etc etc. and it ended with him putting me on 10mg of Lexapro daily. The lexapro made me feel nothing. I felt like a zombie, and couldn't stand to feel the way i did. So i stopped cold turkey about a month and half in. Stopping abruptly was rough, I started having mood swings, snapping at anyone, i hated doing anything and everything. Last week i decided to go back to the doc. Instead of staying in the same class of drugs as Lex. He put me on Cymbalta, a SNRI. He also prescribed me xanax for my anxiety attacks. I have been using cymbalta for a full week now, 30mg a day. Today, i am supposed to up the dosage to 60mg. I ave been feeling slightly better, but nothing too substantial. I am hoping the increased dosage will help even more. Unfortunately i have finals for school this week. The added stress will not help. I am about to leave work, hopefully get a few hrs of sleep when i get home. Unless the upped dosage of cym keeps me up. Than perhaps, try to get myself to go workout later today. If you read all of this, thanks for your time . See ya'll around
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