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  1. I have been taking this for a month or two and my knee is aching. It's causing me to not be able to be as active as I used to be. I read that joint pain can be a side effect with anti-psychotics. I was thinking about trying Seroquel. I think I spelled it right. What do you think? Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Thanks! I guess like the other person said, I need to focus on myself and just ignore his craziness. He's not going to change and if I don't want to do something, I don't have to. He is not my mother or father. I brought it up to him one time about a comment he made about when he said me and dad weren't taking care of mom since she had to have a tumor removed since she had cancer. He flat out told me he didn't say it and I'm lying. OMG! I would never make anything like that up. He actually called me when he said it. I just let it go, but I know what he said. I don't know if this was right or wrong, but when my mom came home and got on hospice, I had to drive to the hospital to give mom some clothes before she came home. Once she left the hospital and got home, we had to get her settled in. He came over fake crying and said why didn't I call him? My focus was on mom. I'm already mentally messed up because my mom is dying. He didn't seem like he cared before, so why now? I told him why I didn't. I did forget though. My mind was somewhere else. Maybe that was my fault.
  3. I tried to patch things up, but every time, he goes back to his old ways. He has that teenage mentality. He's 48, so he should be mature and just let things be. Even after he says things to me that I don't like, I just put it in the back of my mind, but it comes back up when he has his mood swings, I guess you could call it that.
  4. My older brother has always been the type to hold grudges. One instance is before my mom died he got mad and called me to tell me that my mom got sick because my dad and I weren't taking care of her. I didn't want to hear it because my dad and I were the only ones who took care of her. My brother would stay away for years even though he was in the same town. My mom would worry about him. Days before he called and said those things he was acting nice. Once he got mad at me I avoided him. After a few months he went back being nice and yesterday he got upset with me because I assumed he knew something, but didn't. I don't know where he lives even though it's in the same town. I'm just tired of his immature ways. I'm still dealing with my mom's death and my own mental health. I have anxiety, depression, PTSD, and psychotic issues. I still know right from wrong. I just try to keep myself as sane as I can. He thinks we caused mom to get cancer. We took care of ma from day 1 until her last breath. My mom was on hospice. It's stressful taking care of a cancer or any hospice person. I had a nervous breakdown. I just couldn't deal with what was happening, but I had to take care of her. My mom told people if it wasn't for me she don't know where she would be. Sometimes my dad didn't want to be bothered. My brother he was gone. I just feel like just leaving him alone. He won't change. We were never close, so it doesn't matter. What do you think I should do?
  5. You know what? I still have the dreams. I never thought it could be lamictal. I thought it was maybe trazadone, but even when I don't take trazadone I still have vivid dreams or nightmares. I'm up all night like you are. I hate going to bed on most nights. I wonder what is better than Lamictal. Thank you. Are you still having vivid nightmares?
  6. I'm sorry it took so long to respond. It's been a year. Well, when I upped it, it made me dizzy, if I took it with Prozac. I'm back down to the milligrams she started me at, but I still get moody, so I may just ask her what to do the next time I speak with her. How is it going for you? Did it help?
  7. I'm sorry it took so long to respond, but I had blood work done and everything is fine. It's not my thyroids or anything. My doctor said it could be my diet and not exercising. I use to take care of myself all of the time, but since my mom died, I just don't exercise like I used to. I never was really on a diet, but the foods I ate were better than they are now.
  8. I work from home and have for years because I feel it's better for me since I don't like being around a lot of people for too long. When I work from home, I am fatigued all of the time. I barely can do my work. Luckily, I can work when I want to, but that is still a struggle. I have to keep taking breaks or just lie down. In fact, the work has become too much for me. I transcribe for a company that deals with car accidents. That's not the problem. It's just that I can't complete the work because I am always exhausted. I drink coffee to help, but I crash a few moments later. I don't know what to do.
  9. I've been on lamotrigine for about two years. I was prescribed it for a mood disorder. I take it with Prozac, and buspirone (sp?). The only thing I have noticed in the past is that I can get lightheaded if I don't drink enough water with it or eat something before taking it. Right now, I have decreased my dosage and that has gotten rid of the dizziness. Sometimes it takes more than one medicine to get to where you need to be. I know meds aren't a cure, but it can help a bit. I have depression, panic attacks, mood disorder, and ptsd. I'm still struggling. Have you thought about talk therapy?
  10. I went back on Prozac and bowel movement is better.
  11. I have been on citalopram (Celexa) for about 3 months and am constipated. When I do make a bowel movement it is tough. Has anyone else experienced this?
  12. I have been on Prozac, lamictal, zoloft, citalopram, bispar (generic), trazadone, and propranolol. Not at the same time, but over the past year. I liked Prozac, but I just wanted to try something new because it didn't help with my anxiety. I think it was because I was and still am struggling with grief and PTSD. I was put on lamictal because of mood disorder and trazadone for insomnia. I have something later to say about trazadone. I got off of Prozac and wanted to try Zoloft. Zoloft helped with my anxiety, but it made me itch. I was also on propranolol, lamictal, and trazadone. I got off of that and she put me on citalopram, lamictal, bispar, trazadone, and propranolol. I feel fatigued all of the time. I am hesitant to take bispar because of the research have done about it not working. I took it today though and I feel like my blood pressure is high just a bit. Every time I refill a prescription, my pharmacist gives me a slip of paper of the meds that could cause selective serotonin syndrome, such as trazadone, bispar, and citalopram. I have an appointment with my doctor in a week or two and I was wondering if I should ask her to put me back on prozac and propranolol only? Is it bad that I'm switching meds constantly? I have been on lamictal and trazadone for a year. I think I have become immune to the trazadone because it doesn't work too well anymore. I can go to sleep without them on most nights. I don't want to get selective serotonin syndrome either.
  13. Hey everyone. I haven't been in here in a while. I have been doing okay. As you may know I have been struggling a bit with my mom's passing. I am still taking medication and going to therapy. My therapist just diagnosed me with PTSD today. I already have anxiety, panic attacks, mood disorder, and depression. When she told me I had a panic attack. Well, after I left. I hate going to sleep at night because sometimes the dreams are about when my mom was sick. I stay up late because I know what will happen. During the day, I mean I don't think about it. I tend to think about the good stuff, but sometimes I will think about when my Mom was sick, but that's not every day. I have a journal, but I don't write in that too much. The thing I'll be diagnosed with is ADHD. I was asked by a therapist years ago if I had ever been diagnosed with ADHD and I told her no.
  14. Hi everyone! I'm sorry I have been MIA. I have and still dealing with my mom's death. Right now, I feel like I don't care about how others feel about me. I am trying to live day by day and my mother and dad's side of the family, except my dad's sister don't even see how we're doing. The only way they'll speak to me anyways, if I call them first.
  15. Well, my anxiety will skyrocket because it's heading to where I live. I'll probably have a full blown panic attack. It's good that you're anxiety is under control.
  16. I feel a bit better today. One of my mom's friends told me that my ma told her some things before she died. I cried and cried. I think I was holding in a lot of my pain or grief. The things that my mom told her were all good things. One thing she told me that my mom told her that she wasn't afraid to die. That was eating at me for so long. I always wondered if my mom was afraid to die. I didn't want to be afraid. She told me other things as well.
  17. I am tired, but I can't go to sleep. I can't go to the sleep in the daytime anymore, which I'm glad because I won't be able to sleep at night. I went out today as usual. I got hit on by an old man. It's funny I always get hit on by crazy or old men. I know I have mental problems, but they take crazy to the extreme.
  18. Now, I feel a bit better that Prozac worked for you. I'm on the generic version. She said it works for some and others it doesn't. She's going to put me on a low dose. I'm supposed to take 10 mg for 7 days and then 20 mg after that. I was hesitant because I think I read on the forum that Prozac took their hair out. I need my hair.
  19. I'm 39. I know I'm old. lol I can leave the house, knowing what I need, but as soon as I get there, my mind goes blank. I have to think and think. I have been in the house and forgot I had something in my hand, such as food and carried it upstairs. I was supposed to put it downstairs in the fridge. I can get all the way downstairs or upstairs and completely forget what I was supposed to get. I sometimes put things on paper, especially when I go to the store. I need to do it from now on. That's what the lady at the pharmacist told me today. She said her dad died 4 years ago and she still grieves. I told her people tell me that I will get over it. She said, you never will. Sorry for waiting so long to respond.
  20. Sorry I haven't responded in a while. I went to my psychologist today and she prescribed Prozac. She put me on a low dose. I noticed she keeps me on low doses. The Trazadone finally started working. The Lamictal helps with my depression. My anxiety and panic attacks are horrible. I had an episode like I always have. My dad pissed me off today and I just got mad and started screaming, hit the counter hard, and fussed out my stupid brother. I told him that what he said when my Mom was alive hurt me. He doesn't remember. Of course, when people say mean stuff to you they can't remember. He told me when my mom was in the hospital from having a tumor removed that me and my Dad weren't taking care of her. We were the only ones by her side until the end. Now, my mom's friend kept on telling me that my mom should have had better doctors. She had the best doctors that she could afford. I took a long walk because everyone just pissed me off. I had to tell my dad before I left that I'm not my mom and you can't expect me to do the same things that she did like fuss people out who got on her nerves. I'm reserved and I only get riled up, if I'm provoked. Both my brother and my mom's friend have amnesia. When I came back I guess my dad thought about it and told me we didn't cause ma's cancer. People say that stuff because they don't like us. There is no cure for cancer. We can't cure it. I don't forget hurtful things people say to me. I may be medicated, but I'm not medicated where I forget. I still have feelings.
  21. You need a new therapist if you can get one. I know sometimes it can be difficult to change therapists. Hang in there. Have you tried writing in a journal. I have one and it's been helpful.
  22. You are not stupid. I am 39 and still haven't gotten over things that happened to me as a child. Have you thought about talking to a therapist?
  23. I have been MIA for a while. I am still grieving for my mom, but I am able to think of the things she used to do. I am trying not to think about how she looked when she was sick. I prayed to God to help me to not think about it. I hate thinking about it. I am still mad at my mom's side of the family. I am learning to cope with their ignorance. I just hope they are suffering for what they did my mom and how they're treating my dad and I. In my mind, I want them to rot in hell, but I know that's not good to think that.
  24. I agree. They want to medicate you as much as possible and end up giving you the wrong meds. My psychiatrist wants to put me on Prozac. I don't know. I'm already experiencing memory loss at my age. I don't forget everything, but small things I do. I told her last time I was having issues when remembering things and she said it was probably because I'm still grieving.
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