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    Chocolate, baseball, nature, hiking, camping, gardens, art, meditation, silence, writing, reading, travel, bicycling, motorcycles, video games, new friends, forever-friends, archaeology, the beach, occasional physical human contact, spirituality, and every kind of music there is. In short, pretty much everything except politics.

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  1. Plugged the holes in the roof fascia, which I had been avoiding for 5 months. Turned out it was kinda fun.
  2. I like it when it rains. But it's not so nice when it only rains just enough for the humidity to skyrocket. I took a nap and it apparently rained while I was asleep, because when I got up there was steam everywhere. Also, the buffalo gnats are back.
  3. The stump of a once mighty pecan tree in my front yard as it slowly crumbles and disintegrates into quiet grasses and memory.
  4. Frozen grapes! Sprinkle some sugar on them and they're wonderful! I'm trying not to eat anything right now. I want my pants to fit.
  5. I was never tempted by drugs when I was an adolescent or young adult, and since then I have wondered what was so wrong with me, that I didn't seek it out like everybody else. As I was riding my bike yesterday, I had a revelation that answered the question for the first time. As an adolescent and young adult, I was always getting exercise. The endorphins were regular, predictable, 100% legal, and easily attainable. There was nothing else to seek out.
  6. Tymothi


    Some good things about COVID: - People with a sense of community get to exercise it - People with a sense of compassion get to show it - People with a sense of duty get to use it - Chance to develop art skills - Chance to deepen garden skills - Chance to practice cooking skills - More opportunities to sleep in - Scientists can hear things in the planet they've never heard before - Humans are humbled before nature as guests, not creators - Sweden generates even more curiosity - Science fiction and fantasy are about to be really popular again - Less meat consumed - Fewer human babies created - I can walk into the gas station and stand back from people and suddenly it's okay - I can walk into the gas station wearing a bandit mask and suddenly it's okay - Fewer mass shootings of children in academic settings for a couple semesters - Assassination of an Iranian general by Western terrorist warlords drops off the front page - Girls on dating apps get slightly more desperate - You forgot how fun it is to play in the rain, didn't you? - Doom Eternal (the game, at least)
  7. Playthroughs of video games I never could beat when I was little.
  8. I took to the streets with my bicycle every evening for three days, and then I had to rest for a couple because I was so sore. Then yesterday I got back on and flew all over town in the middle of the hot day. It was significantly easier. It's so neat to see the body remember exercises and get back into them even though it's been a while. Doing it in the middle of the day was even better, because it meant I got to relax all evening.
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