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  1. Happy Birthday - hope you are doing well :)

  2. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  3. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  4. Thinking of you xxxxx

  5. Happy Birthday Gonzo- Miss you! <3

  6. Happy Birthday :)

  7. Hey hope you are well. Thinking of you. Missy

  8. Hi Gonzo. Hope that you are doing well. Love Girly xxx

  9. I say this one all the time; Even paranoid people have enemies
  10. Meth is something to avoid. It's illegal and will **** you. Period. Avoid all illicite drugs. They are not worth it and they will only make you worst.
  11. "I love my country. I fear my government." -unknown
  12. I'm also ADHD with GAD. Ritalin made me worst but my doc put me on effexor and it really works. Ryan, I hope you get relief!
  13. This place has been my saviour when I have been in crisis. Thank you Lindsay!
  14. Scrobin; I feel your pain. My wife & I can't get pregnant due to her seizure disorder and it has been devasting. The pain of not having a child of your own is a special kind of pain that few will understand unless they have been there. Throw in the discrimination we have suffered in the adoption system due to my wife's seizures, it just kills you mentally. But we have not given up and neither should you. Talk it out, get counselling and then due the research. There are new developments all the time in the medical world. Just keep the faith!
  15. Emmy, Mccoffee has the right idea. People with good grades do have ADHD. I was a 3.0 student in college. I would definitely look at the concusions as a major cause. Head injuries do have long term effects, even thought they may not be obvious at the time of the injury. And you're right to talk to your doc. If you see yourself in that checklist, definitely see your doc. Good luck!
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