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    Trace reacted to T on C for a blog entry, Money Flies   
    Man, I have some of the worst luck in the world. If anyone's boating in the Straits of Juan de Fuca, or even Puget Sound finds five $20's floating please let me know. I took off my jacket at the pier today, had the bills in a zip pocket and guess it was open-tide running in so they should be nearing Bainbridge island at this moment. Money floats!
    I have .18 cents to the name until the 1st. Grrrrr...

    Life goes on. I'll hit the high grav guys and see if they have some change for the gas tank for the next 12 days. Either that or I'll fly a sign at Safeway, maybe someone will donate a few bucks. Yeah, it sucks bigtime being homeless, but add penniless then it takes an all new meaning. The lost boys are in a van next to me doing the "how much of an illegal substance can we do before we open up the door" thing, a few fishermen walking down the pier looking at the camels and the way the boats hull is slapping against them...nasty day out today but you know, even though I've lost some dollars I feel good.

    I'm back to work, even though it's volunteer it's still work and it's keeping me a bit more sane. I've been hearing nothing but crowd noise, and that's usually drowned out by the tinnitus. No more people talking to me. No bad thoughts. My mind is more about thinking about how many potatoes to use, what time to crank out the meal, etc. Today's meal was Panko Cod, Lyonnaise potatoes, Minnestrone soup and Strawberry-Apricot bread pudding with vanilla sauce. I had most prepped within an hour-easy menu. Now I'm sitting here in the wind gusts having an RC cola sans Moon pie (Southern dessert time). I'm taking it a day at a time and actually looking forward to tomorrow. New horizons.

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