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  1. I hope you had a fantastic day :)

  2. Is there any problem with switching from one to the other? I am on 400mg sr now and will be switching to 300xl. Anything I need to know??
  3. Thanks for the input guys... I have been taking it for about a year and a half, and have had success (I think). I definetely know I'm worse off of it. I was going to therapy for a long time, and recently decided to stop because I thought I made alot of progress. Right now Its just dealing with my dosages. Today I think it finally evened out because I felt fine for the most part, and I do right now. My insurance is active I just haven't received my cards yet. I did get a prescrip for the 300xl which I am going to try. Hopefully all goes well...
  4. Hi. I'm new here, but I found this place in search of answers. I'm sure most of us have done the same. I'll try to make a long story short. I've been on wellbutrin for about a year and a half. My dr. is an ***** and he admittedly knows nothing about it. I had to ask him and tell him how much I should be taking. I started off with 150mg once a day, then onto twice a day. The next prescription my dr. had prescribed 2x150mg in the morning and 2x150mg at night. I thought 600mg sounded crazy, so I stayed with my normal dosage I was already on. I was pretty inconsistent with my dosages and I would miss my second dose quite a bit. My prescription ran out, as well as my insurance. I won't have insurance for a couple more weeks. My grandmother is on wellbutrin as well and gave me a whole bottle of 200mg. I started taking that twice a day a few days ago. Its making me nuts. I get SUPER depressed and make situations out of nothing. I'm overreacting to everything, and just not quite "there". It seems that a couple hours after my dosage that I feel a bit better, but something isnt right. Is this just an adjustment to a higher dosage? Should I continue or go back to what I was taking? I know I need a new dr. and am going to do so when my new insurance kicks in. Until then I need some advice because this is ruining me right now!! Also, will switching from the 200mg (twice daily) to wellbutrin 300xl cause any problems? I am thinking of going to the xl...
  5. Google by a search for someone to relate to...
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