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  1. Cuddling my teddy bear and watching youtube videos haha
  2. I have posted in the newbie forum a few times. Just letting people know that if they need someone to talk to, im here
  3. Hey all. I am currently attending an FTV course that I love. Majoring in Cam Lighting and Audio. It is a full time course which keeps me busy during the day. I also work on the weekend at a part time job which I despise with every fiber of my being. This is most likely due to having been there collecting trollys for 7 years. My evenings are often dominated by cooking that nights dinner and watching youtube videos. Lately I have been riding to most places and eating well. Despite all of this, I still feel like I am not doing enough with my time. Every night it gets to a point where I feel useless and just dont find anything appealing. Youtube? boring. Games? boring. Study? My course is mostly practical and Im feeling fairly confident in my theory. I feel like I should be helping people in some way. But I dont really have any humanitarian skills that would be of use. Or any money to donate. And more that that, the times that I feel this need are often late at night.
  4. Yes. That is indeed something I have. Kinda annoying at times to be honest haha
  5. Na. Mum wasnt like that. Mum and dad did split when I was four though. I grew up with mum, seeing dad every saturday
  6. The lesson that I learned would be about maturity with age gap. Shes 18 and Im 25. When it comes to relationships, shes not very emotionally mature, at least compared to me. She told me that "I need you to be happy for me and my new boyfriend, I dont like seeing you sad. So if you cant be happy for me, then we cant be friends" I left it at that and didnt reply. Then days ago, she messeged me and asked if I could go get the morning after pill for her because the rubber came of when her and her BF did it. I told her "its not problem, you do the crime, you do the time" She told me to F off, I said gladly.
  7. Its funny, i was the opposite with the girl i was recently hot for. I told her too soon. I know this because I got over her in a few days. If my feelings were as deep as i thought they were, it shouldve taken me longer to get over her
  8. I get what you are saying. My initial intentions were to help her and be there as a friend, but then these horrible things called feelings happened haha. Its just strange though. Since the age of 12, Iv only felt strong attraction towards three women. My two exs, and the girl I helped recently. Thats 3 crushes in the space of 13 years. Seems a bit off to me
  9. Recently i was rejected by a girl that I was helping deal with a bad breakup (oh the irony). But it got me thinking about my past relationships. I came to a realization that the only people I have found myself falling for, are people that I have helped deal with emotional issues. My first girlfriend had been raped one year prior to us dating. I helped her with this by being a shoulder to cry on, I also convinced her to seek therapy and tell her mother. My 2nd girlfriend I met on an LGBT facebook page. She was telling me about her issues with her family, again i helped best I could. I am not sure why I am only attracted towards people I help. I have done some research, but haven't found much that matches me. There is something known as white knight syndrome. I however dont believe this is what I have since I dont have the altruistic traits that it speaks of. I would love to hear your thoughts on this :)
  10. Hey all. My name is Sic Parvis Magna (16th century latin for "greatness from small beginnings"). I would like to extend a warm welcome to any new members to the forums. I would also like to extend an invitation of chat if you ever need it, just flip me a pm
  11. Update: He made his way back to my old house (3KM). He is now in the new house and has setteled in. He has been exploring outside today :)
  12. No I didnt even think about that. This is the first time its happened to me in recent memory and its got me rather frazzeled
  13. I really hope he comes home. But if he doesnt I just hope that he isnt injured
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