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    It would be nice to see a hug button on the end of peoples posts like the like button because a lot of the time we are all in pain and we just dont have the words to put out on the page, but we sit and read peoples post. It would just be nice to convey a friendly hug to let the person know they are not alone and people care.
  2. Welcome! Sorry I haven't any clue how to do this, but I am sure someone else might be able to help you out.
  3. Thanks everyone :) I sort of maybe I shouldnt of posted 10 minutes later but your replies have made me smile over here, thanks so much!!
  4. I know myself I get extremely lonely at times and it would just some friends to talk to as I am trying to step outside of my comfort zone and not isolated myself so much. I have made a few friends on here so if any one wants to talk or would like a friend, I am all ears......................................................................Remember your not alone any more you are here!
  5. I have feeling worse each day and then had a major panic attack that seemed to go on for about a day. I tried to get an appointment at the doctors but they were too full so i thought I cant take this any more I am just shaking and struggling so got in the car drove down to the clinic and asked if I could see a doctor. Well funny about this they actually said they would see, whilst on the phone they wouldn't. Any way doc gave me a script for vallium and with in hours I feel like I am centered again, panic attacks have stopped.
  6. Thanks NorthernStar, I ended up ringing the help line again and have taken a vallium now to calm down hopefully that will work and I can get going. I wish I had people I could rely on to help, but alas I dont and I think this would cause me more stress. I hope I have calmed down when I come back, thanks again.
  7. Thread


    I find my rages are from built up things I wanted to say and didnt at the time in nice manner. I know say how I feel when a situation comes my way instead of holding back, this in turn helps me not rage at random times.
  8. I got so many things to do today that its is making me so anxious I have hyperventilating, I dont know how to calm myself down. I cant not do what I have to do, I cant leave this for tomorrow it all has to be done today. I tried ring the help line to help me calm down and it helped for a bit but now I am feeling more overwhelmed then before. I dont normally feel this way when I have so many things to do, it actually helps me cope better, but today I have no control. I haven't started doing anything as yet. Anyone have any advice, ta
  9. Like you I run my own online business and that keeps me busy most of the time, but with the holiday season it all gets a bit dead and then I start feeling extremely lonely. I dont want my life to just be all about my business thats why I am trying to change the isolation I have lived in for years. Maybe you could make a day for people to meet up around your area, like a training day down at the park or something like that.......................................you know might give people even more support and it will also do the same for you.
  10. too many to count, but I have bipolar and they are always trying to come up with a combination to make me stable for a longer period of time. It makes you wonder, why they dont work the way they say they should and why there are so many different ones. One day they might find one or two that actual work for me for a long period, in the mean time I will remain a guinea pig.
  11. I have spent months on facebook hiding behind a mask that I wear, not wanting to exist but wanting to part of society. I finally had enough courage to change my alias to my name and also put up a pick of myself. Its very overwhelming but in some ways I think I need to do this to start moving forward and except me for me.
  12. Like many of the posters before me I cant agree more that pets really help. Take last night for example I was very unwell, extremely lonely couldnt shake it all day long and when I went to lay down to try and ease my pain my cat came and sat on my shoulder, it just gave me that instant feeling of I am not alone, I will get through this.
  13. Thanks Hotaru, I was just having a major crisis yesterday, but will try and pop on when I can to see if anyone is about because like you its hard to predict when I will be around. I just thought maybe there were scheduled times so members could get together, thank you!
  14. I'm not in a relationship right now, but when I was with my last girlfriend, the emotional connection was a bigger problem than the physical effects of porn viewing. It became apparent that viewing it bothered her so I stopped it. Maybe the real issue is that I have nothing going on right now You could be on to something there as when I have nothing going on or in my case at the moment i fell extremely lonely i have turned towards a day of gambling, not good as like you i stopped that many years ago, but it has reared its ugly head again because takes me away from reality for a while
  15. Thats all i do to smoke and drink black coffee, but I dont watch calarioes I just nibble at things and dont fill the stomache up, but I dont actually have an urge to eat
  16. Is there a certain time for chat as no one is there
  17. Is there a chat room here? I would really like to talk to someone, I feel very alone. I play lots of facebook games to keep me distracted but I never have anyone to talk to. It would be really nice to talk to people who understanding how I feel and we can help each other.
  18. Ordinary, just dull and bewildered.
  19. How does someone start dealing with issues? I have for around 5 years maybe a bit longer stopped dealing with all that plagues me. Instead I just keep busy doing other things. I am quite messed up, I just hate life and existing, I dont know how to get to the heart of living again rather then surviving. I do see a psychiatrist but its like I don't stop and do anything, I just avoid it all. Its not that I am not functional as I tend to keep busying all day long doing things, so its not a classic depression as you might say. I think I hurt to much. Just disappointed with life and people around me, I just now suck it up and keep busy doing something else. Its like to think about it is going to cause too much pain so I don't. My day is consumed with OCD which is not helping other then keeping me up right. I dont know, I feel dead inside as a person, but yet I function like there is nothing wrong with me. Help Thread
  20. Does any one use this medication for OCD and anxiety? Does it work? or what should I expect. I do have bipolar but my doctor wants to add this to the mix to help my OCD but I am curious if this will help or not.
  21. How does one keep taking their medication all the time? I find as soon as I get a bit high so to speak I think everything is fine and stop taking my medication. Not all the time but sometimes this happens and like now I am starting up again. I really don't know how to keep on taking it. I do not have support around me to make sure I take the medication. Is there something really wrong with me that I don't care enough to take the medication all the time. Thread
  22. I was wondering if this is just me or this is happening to others as I have been on combo of meds for some months now but I seem to want to drink more and more. Whether this is water, soda, juice or anything really but I seem to drink double or more what I was drinking before and become extremely thirsty all the time.
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