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  1. I'm proud of getting tons of laundry done. (not all finished but good progress). I'm especially proud of getting my bathroom cleaned.
  2. Thanks! I just know I'm going to post a trigger and tick people off. I'm pretty straightforward and usually tend to get in trouble for saying things that I think are fine and all and they end up being insensitive. Thanks. Sh
  3. Wow. I guess i really need to keep reading people here. Thank you so much for writing that because it is so true. I know so many people who do this to themselves.....definitely including myself. I hate it. Why do we pressure ourselves SO MUCH MORE than anyone else can? As for stopping? I don't know. Currently i"m in a horrible cycle of do/judge/punishing myself. WHich is not helpful but I'm currently not able to self-right the behavior.
  4. Hi there..... I'm not really dealing with anything stat/acute so I don't really know what to post. But I was wondering if anyone here posts daily... Like a daily Monday Check in sort of thing where everyone posts their daily stuff on that one post? Just to talk about the specific day. I have found in other forums I learn quicker and get to know people better. But then, I don't know if people here check in daily or what....anyway. I also wanted to know about triggers and such. I'm not really sure what a trigger is. HOw am I supposed to know if something is a trigger to someone else? I don't even know who will read my posts? Is there such a thing as a generic trigger list? Thanks. Sh
  5. Wow! Well, welcome. I'm a newbie here, too. I haven't really posted yet but i have to admit to feeling like your issues are similar to mine. I haven't been to a doc other than my OB about ppd. But I am also a compulsive overeater and am definitely a worrier/obsessive thoughts OCD chick. And depression has been a problem on and off for a years. I've recently gone off zoloft and am finding my temper come out. Which is so unlike me. Anyhoo... So, thank you for posting. I hope this place helps you. Helps us both. Good luck with your abilify and temper and such. Sh
  6. Hi. Since starting out is the hardest I will do a quick info and then figure this place out. Hopefully. 37 yo f Atlanta, Georgia Married 10 years 2 kids 4yo girl, 11mo boy Currently unemployed/new SAHM Previously depressed as a teen, on and off since then. Anxiety is a new thing.... Don't know what else to say. C-ya around, Slc
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