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  1. Do you write code in other languages? If so, c++ is not hard to pick up. Are you writing code for Windows, Linux, or what platform?
  2. Blues220, So sorry you and your family are suffering. You are not alone, many others here suffering here as well. I have no great words of wisdom, but I send you warm thoughts and wishes. jmg
  3. Welcome to DF. this is a good place . You are not alone here . Many here have an understanding heart for your suffering . sending positive thoughts your way . I hope you find peace in your life . jmg
  4. Jane, Sorry you are going through this . there are many reasons why people don't talk about their mental issues . reasons range from shame , deep mental pain, and terrible experiences trying to talk about it in the past, are just a few examples . Such issues with communication end up wrecking a lot of relationships - just one of many negative results of mental issues . I am not in your shoes , however I applaud you for looking here for answers and insight into the struggles of the afflicted , as well as those family and friends that have to deal with us who are not well.
  5. Chocolate candy bars. Probably not the best thing to do though.
  6. Simon, Glad you found us. We are a friendly group of people. So sorry you are suffering. Lots of experience and wisdom here from those in your shoes. I hope you find peace in your life, jmg
  7. Tigerlove, Good to have you here. So sorry you are suffering. Make yourself at home here. Lots of good people and info. We try to help each other the best we can. Glad you are getting help with your anxiety/depression. You deserve to feel better. I hope you find peace in your life, jmg
  8. Daria, Welcome to DF! This is a good place. Lots of good people here. I hope you find peace in your life, jmg
  9. Birdiexris, Just one more thought... Sometimes the first therapist/professional you find may not be a good match for you. It is common to try several therapists to find the one that works best for you. Also, if meds are recommended, the same situation - it may take several attempts to find the right combination of meds that work for you. And sometimes meds are not the answer... there are a lot of things that end up helping you the most. For example, hitting golf balls helped you in the past. Maybe there is something else that will help you now. Since we are all different, no simple solution works for everyone. You just got to keep trying. -jmg
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