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  1. Hi everyone, I feel like my body is shutting down on me. I have had depression since the age of 13 years old. I also have ocd with intrusive thoughts, bpd, vitiligo, underactive thyroid, vitamin b12 deficiency, dyspraxia and suspected PMDD. Just today I got results from neurology, X-ray and ultrasound. I now have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome in both my hands, pinched nerves in the “funny bones” in both my elbows and tendinitis in my left hand. Carpal tunnel will involve surgery. Tendinitis is a steroid needle which will be given into my forearm next Thursday. I am currently getting back on hormone contraceptive pills and as such my mental health has been even worse. My urges to do things are through the roof. Terrible things. I can’t take much more of this. Why me? What did I do to deserve having my body slowly shutting down on me while others are healthy and enjoying life. I am turning 32 in a couple of months. I should be working and enjoying life. Instead I’m useless, unable to function and contribute and am on the DSP. SIGH
  2. Tomorrow is nine weeks that I have been on the medication. The psychiatrist told me he wanted me to stay on it for another two weeks to see if it will start working. When I saw him two weeks ago as well he said give it another two weeks. I was so disappointed I burst into tears. He said if the Zoloft still doesn’t kick in after two weeks that he will taper me off the Zoloft and start me on Duloxetine (Cymbalta). I am so over this process. If I could make a wish I would wish for the Zoloft to kick in. I don’t want to go through the whole process again of trying a different med
  3. I’m so disappointed. My new psychiatrist wants me to stay on the Zoloft for another two weeks even though I have already been on the Zoloft for six and a half weeks and it still isn’t working. He told me the med may not be working yet because of all the dosage changes that I have had on it and he wants me to give it another two weeks to see if it will start working. He said he is confident that it will. I told him I was disappointed but that I know that he is the medical professional. I broke down in tears telling him how I was diagnosed with depression at the age of 13 and that I am so over dealing with this crap with a medication that isn’t working. I told him how I’m still having suicidal thoughts and went to put a plastic bag over my head last week. Then I destroyed it so I couldn’t suffocate myself with it and instead the thoughts changed to me strangling with it instead. He told me to increase the Zyprexa to 15mg a day instead of 10mg taking 5mg in the morning and 10mg at night. He asked me how my mood has been and I said flat. He asked me if it was always flat or up and down and I said always flat. I probably could have said up and down thinking back on it now. He asked me if I have been doing any exercise and I said how I have zero energy at the moment and he mentioned how exercise releases similar chemicals to antidepressant medications so it is like taking your medication twice. Initially he said he was going to leave it for four weeks to see how I was doing and if the Zoloft wasn’t working to see him in two weeks but after my breakdown he told me he would see me in two weeks and said he would see me on the 2nd of April. I asked him what time and he said my therapy team will be able to let me know. How much longer do I have to be on a medication that isn’t helping me? He said that it wasn’t as though they were going to keep me on it for a few more months or a longer period of time if it wasn’t working, that it was only for another two more weeks, but two more weeks on a medication that STILL isn’t helping me is a long time. I said I wasn’t feeling anything from it- no side effects, no increased anxiety, nothing. I just want to take something that helps :(
  4. It’s hard to not think about what other people say especially when you have ocd and overthink EVERYTHING. Thanks for the reassurance. I trust my GP with every fibre of my being and know he would never put me on something that is designed to hurt myself or other people
  5. I just got told “Zoloft & Lexapro were drugs the USA school shooters were known to be taking. Can be homcidal/suicidal so not good long term.” That was not ****ing helpful. They also said “my son recommends you change drs as he thinks you are being led astray”. Like what the ****. Lexapro literally changed my life when I was on it. It was like I didn’t even have mental health issues when I was taking it. I would love to feel that way again. Just because one person on Zoloft went to shoot at a school doesn’t mean it was the drug that caused it. Also different drugs work differently for different people. What works for one person may not work for someone else and vice versa. I’m very happy with my GP. He actually cares and listens to what I have to say. I was the one that said I wanted to try Citalopram and he then told me that it is one of his favourite SSRI medications. Now cause of my ocd I’m questioning everything. I didn’t need to be told about “homicidal/suicidal” when I’m already feeling horrific
  6. I hope that you get some relief soon. I hope you will have a peaceful sleep and wake up feeling better and refreshed
  7. I was on Lexapro in 2005-2007 and it literally changed my life. I was so devastated when it stopped working. I was curious too what the difference is between Citalopram and escitalopram as I want to try Celexa if the Zoloft I’m currently on doesn’t start working as I had amazing results on the lexapro
  8. I ended up going to the other pathology and they managed to draw blood on their first try. I went “I should have come here first” lol
  9. I just had an appointment with my doctor. The Zoloft still isn’t working after five and a half weeks of being on the medication. I told him I wanted to get on something for the anxiety and he told me Zoloft and Zyprexa are for the anxiety. I told him how I had been suggested Mirtazapine and he was not happy. He said that it was best for “little old ladies who were thin”. Lol. I told him how they had given me a Valium tablet at the hospital and that I am still craving it days later. He said he would increase the Zoloft to 200mg and see how we go. I mentioned how my mental health was at its best when I was on a medication called Lexapro. I said how my mental health was so good that at one point they actually took me off the medication altogether. He said if I feel worse on the 200mg dosage he will decrease it again and if I still feel nothing we will try something else. I asked him if we could discuss Celexa which is a very similar drug to Lexapro. Celexa is Citalopram while Lexapro is escitalopram. He said that the citalopram and the Zoloft are his favourite SSRI medications. I told him that I was slowly running out of medications to try. That I still hadn’t tried Celexa, Prozac and Paxil. He said if we needed to switch to Citalopram we could just switch straight away as they are the same drug class as the Zoloft. He told me to make an appointment to see him on the 21st or the 22nd and I told him that the 21st would be a good idea as it was the day after my psychiatrist session and I could let him know what was discussed. Apparently Celexa isn’t available in Australia and it is under a different name. I asked about going on Baspar or Vistaril for anxiety but apparently Buspar isn’t available anymore and Vistaril isn’t available in Australia. I just tried to get a blood test done because in my last blood test it came back that my b12 levels were low so I wanted to get that followed up on. The lady tried twice but she couldn’t find a vein. She gave me two cups of water and told me they were expecting me at a different pathology. This whole thing is so damn frustrating
  10. Thank you so much Thank you for the suggestions to talk to my GP about Unfortunately not. Still waiting for relief :(
  11. I hope you are feeling better now. I have taken antidepressants in the past that have made me feel anxious and irritable but it was just a start up side effect and it eventually settled down over time
  12. I’ve been having the really strong and vivid dreams while on Zoloft too. I’m at week five and a half
  13. I’m at week five and a half and am still waiting for the Zoloft to kick in. I know from the past that I take longer than most people for a medication to get in my system. The last time I saw my GP I told him I like to give a med three months to see if it is going to help me or not. He said with most of his patients he considers that too long but that for me it is probably a good idea. l hope that the Zoloft starts working for both of us soon
  14. Thank you so much for responding. When I was at the hospital a few days ago for having trouble breathing I was given a Valium because the doctor wanted to see if the Valium would help with my breathing as she thought I could be having a panic attack. The Valium helped a little bit and I said I wish that there was something you could take long term for anxiety because you can only be on Valium for short periods of time as you get addicted to it. She told me that she was going to send a note to my GP to recommend he put me on Mirtazapine (not sure how it is spelled) also known as Remeron. Apparently it is another antidepressant that some people take at the same time. I wonder if my GP would consider me taking two antidepressant medications at the same time
  15. 83 views and not a single response. All I was after was a bit of support. I’m now past five weeks and these meds still haven’t kicked in :(
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