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    duck got a reaction from Orso in Working On It   
    orso  hugs
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    Instead of making an entirely new entry, I'm just sneaking in here!  I am inspired by Duck's gratitude journal and want to post a bit of what I am grateful for here:
    waking up in a comfortable place
    remembering it is my stepdaughter's birthday and sending her birthday wishes
    having great memories of my stepdaughter's birthday parties when she was little
    having a job to go to
    having a husband who is so good to me
    having a place like df to come to
    having a really good and kind t
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    duck reacted to TopekaK in Dream: Toby Mcguire Is My Brother   
    PS  Feel free to tell me I don't know what the h - e double L  i'm talking about!
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    duck reacted to TopekaK in Dream: Toby Mcguire Is My Brother   
    I think you're being a bit rough on yourself. 
    I don't know your  ambitions, but why not keep them.  Some people haven't a clue what they want.
    Could Toby McGuire  represent strength?  A character instead of the actor.  Isn't he a super hero?
    You often dream of actors, are you interested  in an entertainment related career?   You're in Science, right? 
    Lofty and realistic is a balance you can try.  Why not both?  Explore..
    I don't know, just thinking out loud.  
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    duck reacted to PurpleStorm in Nobody Cares, So Why Bother   
    I'm so sorry Nataya, I wish there was something I could do for you.  You have to keep fighting, I know it's hard but it's all any of us can do and hopefully one day it may get easier.  Sending love and (((((hugs))))) to you.
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    duck reacted to Shmooey in Nobody Cares, So Why Bother   
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    duck got a reaction from Sakurahana in Lonely And Bored   
    I am in the same boat. I am all alone too.
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    duck reacted to arboria in Dear Fellow Bloggers   
    Hi Nataya! I've been on the site for several years now, and the blogs used to be much more interactive than they are now. I'm glad you spoke up. Aren't we all here for support and perspective? I know I am. :)
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    duck reacted to PurpleStorm in Dear Fellow Bloggers   
    Same here Nataya.  I don't write blogs for the same reason, I don't think people will be interested in what I say.  ((hugs)).  I'm glad you're still with us, you had me worried for a while there that you were planning to do something silly.
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    duck got a reaction from qwerty21 in I'm Okay   
    Glad to hear you are feeling better.
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    duck reacted to Nataya in Intensive Dbt Program   
    That's what I have heard that it has a high success rate. It last for a whole year so I hope it works well with me. It's going to be hard work but I am willing to give it a shot. But this is my last time so if this doesn't work I will give up.
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    duck reacted to Shmooey in Intensive Dbt Program   
    A lot of people find DBT very helpful, I hope it is so for you!  It sounds like you're gonna get a very thorough teaching with lots of support.  That's great!
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    duck reacted to Maverick7777 in Beating Myself Up   
    read what you said about shame and the invisible illness.
    appreciate your honesty.
    i have been thinking about that today after i left my therapist.
    i am not sure what i would say to you exceptt i think it is probably quite true that neither of us ought to feel that way - the concept of shame while living in the invisible illness.
    for me i have to work hard to be kind to myself.
    i don't think you are pathetic either.
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    duck reacted to Lady Mozzer in Now What   
    I`m sorry you are feeling scared Nataya.I`m sending positive thoughts and hugs your way.
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    duck reacted to CallaLily in Home   
    I'm glad that you have someone positive in your life for support. I hope you're feeling better.
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    duck reacted to Nataya in Home   
    I am also still really fragile and don't know what to do or where to go I was ment to be dead :/:/
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    duck reacted to Nataya in Still On Disability   
    I am so glad that you have got such a good support around you and that they are looking after your needs. I hope that with this support they will be able to give you new methods and ways to cope. I hope this will be successful for you. Take care ((((hugs))))
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    duck reacted to Meer in Still On Disability   
    Sorry you have so many issues, but thank goodness it's all being addressed in the best possible way.
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    duck reacted to Hertz in Still On Disability   
    I can understand you are feeling hopeless, but it's apparent you are doing everything to fight, and that's the right attitude. You have a lot of strength in you, and you are supported by excellent professionals, that's a great recipe to go through major obstacles.
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    duck reacted to Shmooey in Loosing Faith   
    I think you should be honest with your team. You haven't done anything illegal, and even if you were to get hospitalized for a while, it may help you a lot. I know you have your three cats to consider, maybe try to find a good reliable pet sitter before you go totally honest. I'm sorry things are so hard.
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    duck reacted to Maverick7777 in Loosing Faith   
    sometimes people make things more difficult.
    sorry for where you are right now.
    putting the pieces back is something done one at a time - maybe that is a strategy as well as a picture created.
    hope better things ahead.
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    duck reacted to Meer in Loosing Faith   
    Having to steer a course with your team uses up a lot of energy. I fully understand the need to be 'economical' with what you do and do not say to them. Perhaps confide in a friend about how this is all making you feel.
    Then, there is the alternative. Tell them everything. That's what they want, but I can see that it can open Pandora's box.
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    duck reacted to LonelyHiker in Remission... Is That You?   
    Glad you're feeling a little better Christina
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    duck reacted to T on C in Remission... Is That You?   
    Chillaxing be a good thing
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    duck reacted to Maverick7777 in Remission... Is That You?   
    i am glad that you can experience some change in your life.
    i agree - take what you can get and be grateful.
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