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  1. I got up around 11 am. I am feeling okyish. I am hoping to go for a walk.
  2. I am doing okay. I go to chat but there is no one there. I am in Mountain time zone so I guess when I go on chat everyone has already left. I have been going to various programs so I am rarely at home.
  3. I woke up with a searing headache. I had some awful nightmares. I was screaming in my sleep.
  4. I am staying in my igloo because I am not happy with the snow storm we are having. 🙂
  5. I skipped my men's group as well. It is not helping me as I had hoped.
  6. I hope you get a boost and your car gets going. Enjoy your trip to Orlando. 🙂
  7. @RiverLight we missed you. I would like to visit New England again. I was there several years ago and I loved it. Maybe I can go to the Cheers pub.
  8. I hope it did not cost you an arm, a leg and a foot. Labor rates have gone to the moon.
  9. I agree. I hate this clock changing nonsense. I think I will throw away all my clocks and show up anytime I feel like for appointments.
  10. I have done it a few times. What are they gonna do fire me? 😀
  11. Please don't be so hard on yourself. I have been speaking out more recently and it seems to be working. HUGS.
  12. womanofthelight, I am so happy to see you posting. It's been a while. I hope you are feeling better over all. At least a tad better.
  13. When I phone my friends and they say they are watching tv I say to them, " Make sure it is plugged in and turned on." 🙂
  14. The tax man wants to see my medical receipts. He thinks I am lying. I finally put all my receipts together and sealed the envelope. I will mail it later today.
  15. I am sipping free coffee which I got at my bank. I am on my second cup. 🙂
  16. I have been up since 3:30 am. I did some work on my computer.
  17. Sometimes I wonder why animals are in cages at the zoo. Those cages should be filled with doctors.
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