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  1. I am having a late supper of fish and chips. 😃
  2. Apologies to Surfcaster! The above should have read """I will miss you Surf! Hope all goes well!"""
  3. Three weeks??? USA is becoming like communist Canada! How are you doing with the extra stress?
  4. I will miss you. Good night Nightjar 🥰
  5. Today it is 30F and sunny with clear blue skies. It looks and feels beautiful. I went to out and had coffee with of of my buddies. Always good to get out.
  6. I was home all day. I felt like crap so I stayed in bed. I was having flashbacks about things from the past. Around 6pm I got out of bed and text some local friends. All good now.
  7. We got up to 40F today. It was sunny so that helped. I drove my sister to a Health care store. She bought a walker and cane to help her after she gets knee surgery. Later we went to an outlet mall and spend sometime there. My friend Dave joined me at the mall for a coffee so that was good.
  8. I heard traffic in Texas is terrible. How did you find driving there?
  9. Spring has finally sprung. Out daytime temperatures are just above the freezing mark so that’s good. Hope you get the homestead done on time. Keep us posted.
  10. Then our future days will get worse because there will be less people and our taxes will increase.
  11. action, and that's weighing on my mind also. Oh well, I'll march on Hugs for both of you. I hope tomorrow is better.
  12. I love ducks. We used to have them when I was a kid. Just had coffee with my buddy Dave. We had a good chat. While we were there I met a former co-worker.
  13. Good morning Nightjar. I slept all Wednesday evening because I was exhausted. I am now up at 1am. Hope you have a great day. 😀
  14. You are correct. It’s about power and control!
  15. Daylight Saving Time is so dumb! I am sick of it. Now it is dark in the mornings. This is one of my reasons not to trust people!
  16. I stayed home all weekend surfcaster. Yes it it too cold for me to go out. Hope you are doing okay.
  17. Good morning Everyone! I hope you have a pleasant Saturday.
  18. Thank you AloneGuy! I am doing my income taxes. I like working with numbers.
  19. Sorry to hear about your dad's illness! I hope treatment helps him.
  20. Uncle Jerome and friends are going to destroy inflation and the economy 😀
  21. One of the best movies I ever saw. 😀
  22. That's got to suck for people who devoted half their life to the job! I guess uncle Jerome and the gang are partially responsible because they are raising interest rates.
  23. Good morning Nightjar 😆 Good morning Everyone! I hope you all get some peace on Wednesday.
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