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  1. @gandolfication How are you doing today? Any plans for this weekend?
  2. I did the MMPI 2 test and it stated I have been suffering from Persistent Depressive Disorder (Dysthymia) all my life. I have been suffering from Major Depressive Disorder since about 2006. I have been suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder since birth. My point is these illnesses never go away. We have to learn to cope. There is NO CURE. Sorry but that's the truth.
  3. Medications destroy your vital organs if you know what I mean. It's either medication or pain.
  4. I just found out my Twitter account was frozen because i stated the truth about our former Alberta Government. Telling the truth is a crime on Twitter. I cannot believe what the world is coming to. I just have to laugh it off because our new Government won by a landslide. 😀
  5. I have two accounts. One bank has green signs. They are the culprits. The bank with blue colour signs are much better. I am thinking to move my money from the green colour bank to the blue signs colour bank. In addition, the bank with the blue colour signs have a secured email system. When I have issues I email them and it is easily resolved.
  6. I just had a war with my bank. Three times I had to give them my info. They kept transferring me to different people. What a bunch of losers. She kept telling me to phone the same number I phoned to talk to her. Finally, I spoke to a supervisor and he told me in future to call the same number I did. They screwed up my account.....again. One hour wasted.
  7. That's correct. I also wish I did not worry so much and care about others.
  8. I am working on being hostile to people. Being nice has not worked. Time for a drastic change. Because I was a nice guy people abused me. I am changing for the better. I know it will take time.
  9. Tired and exhausted again. I just want to sleep forever.
  10. I am too wound up to sleep. It's 4 am.
  11. That's awesome. I drove through those states many years ago. BTW what year is your Triumph?
  12. I am angry because medical practitioners are clueless and they are causing me more stress. ☚ī¸
  13. I was feeling very angry earlier but now I feel relaxed.
  14. Tired, worn out , exhausted, burning left eye.
  15. I agree Sober. Your own private island.
  16. Exhausted, burning eyes, cold. I am shivering. My sinus has acted up.
  17. I am tired, exhausted, and sleepy. My cricket team is doing poorly. 😞
  18. So you are trying to sell your house and some stranger real estate came to view your home and she attacked your home? She wants you to lower your price. I also feel like crap when people attack me.
  19. Please don't drink. We love you the way you are.
  20. NO! NO! Please don't self harm. We are here to support you.
  21. Just woke up at 4 am after a long nap/sleep. I am listening to sad music.
  22. Damn!!! That sucks. Life is pain and misery. đŸ˜ĸ I am wondering if you could look at things from a different angle? We need you here on DF.
  23. Tired, exhausted, scared by my recent nightmares.
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