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  1. Thank you AloneGuy! Today was a bit better. I got up around noon wanting to go to a garage sale but by 2 pm I was so exhausted I had to lie down for two hours. What’s new with you ?
  2. I guess the generator is all hooked up. Is it for emergency power?
  3. That’s good you are getting more sleep
  4. How’s the dog bite ? Are you recovering from it and the trauma ?
  5. Slept all day. Got up around 4 pm. Nightmares!!!! This sucks!!!! Hopefully some of you are doing better. Tomorrow is a new month.
  6. I am concerned about your mental health and keeping your job! Can you try a new therapist?
  7. I gave up on trying to explain to people. I have wasted too much time.
  8. I am very sleepy so I am in bed at 6 pm.
  9. Thanks AloneGuy! I did haved fun. An hour after I came home I started sneezing. Seems like a sinus infection again.
  10. Agreed! They do not understand how much pain we are in. Sometimes I think it's a waste of time telling anyone even my therapist.
  11. That's great Sober! I hope it goes well.
  12. I went to bed around 4pm on Monday afternoon. I had this weird feeling. I slept all night and now I am up at a reasonable time on Tuesday morning. I am hoping to go to the mall today.
  13. I have cousins in Tampa. I am praying for everyone.
  14. Glad to hear your headache is gone. I get headaches when I am least stressed.
  15. When are you moving in? I forgot.
  16. The weather was good today. Sunny and warm. Beautiful fall weather
  17. Smart move. I don’t like my phone ringing when I am trying to rest !
  18. I am doing better. I was out about about doing chores. Still a bit exhausted. Thanks for asking AloneGuy
  19. You are correct. I cannot stand most people!
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