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  1. The insurance company which pays me Long Term Disability sent me a form to fill. They are asking me silly questions. They have my recent diagnosis and my medication list and my doctors names yet they are asking me again. I am fed up with this.
  2. I had the same issue when I was young but when I met a good doctor who told me I am suffering from GAD I was okay for many years. This is a new issue I have.
  3. I went for my ultrasound but I could not hold my urine so my bladder was empty. I have to return in two weeks. I have frequent urination for two years but my quack doctor failed to help me. Finding a new doctor is impossible. ----------------------------------- It is so cold I plugged in the engine block heaters on our cars to help them start.
  4. Feeling extreme exhaustion. Burning eyes. I am about to go for my bladder ultrasound. Very cold outside. Temps below zero F/minus 20 C.
  5. I took my sister's car back to the shop to get the wheels re-torqued. The X-ray/ultrasound people called. They had a cancellation so I accepted and went in for my ultrasound. She was only able to do my kidneys. My bladder was empty despite drinking lots of water. I have to return on Monday. The post office finally delivered the letter from my LTD provider. Insurance questionnaire asking all types of questions. This evening I went to the dollar store and bought reading glasses then I went to the hardware store and bought a small tire inflator which was on sale. I want to buy a manual air pump to fill up my tires but I cannot find one. I called my brother-in-law.
  6. I am doing the best I can. I did many chores today and now I feel better. Before I became ill I could do a lot more things but now I have to take it easy. -------------------------------------------- I attended my support group online.
  7. Hi AllisonM! Welcome to the forum. We are here to support each other.
  8. Oh no! That's awful. I feel for you. That's a lot to deal with. As a matter of fact is is too much to deal with. I am also battling the insurance company for Long Term Disability and my doctors are lazy to fill out forms which puts more stress on me. My insurance keeps threatening to cancel my disability. Keep posting. We are here to help each other. HUGS
  9. I share a home with two older sisters. They were being childish so I went to the basement and shredded old documents for two hours. I feel calmer now.
  10. Yes shredding takes too long. I could fill a couple of garbage bags and take them to a shredding place and pay them but I want to do it myself. I like to remember the times when I was doing okay.
  11. Had only three hours sleep. I am taking my sister's car to the shop to get a leaky tire repaired. I have been doing a lot of shredding the past week. I have too many old income tax documents.
  12. I am sick of my toxic sisters. I am planning to move as far away as possible from them. I am thinking about an exit strategy. Today I went to three different grocery stores. I could not find the items I wanted in the first two. I filled up my car with gas. I'm supposed to be helping a friend move but I told him my situation.
  13. You hit the nail on the head! Life is about exploitation. People and businesses exploit me for money. The system is doing exactly what it was designed to do.
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