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  1. Horrible place. I think the correct phase is Toxic Workplace.
  2. No improvements. I am going to Home Depot again and this time I may find someone who can help me.
  3. Schools open in August? I thought September.
  4. I do not understand why you have to keep paying her since the divorce. I am lucky I am single.
  5. Stuffy nose, burning eyes, exhausted, burning throat.
  6. I hear you sober. I am in the same boat.
  7. I am surviving. My sister just abused me. What else is new? I did not see lonelyforeigner and spirallying mind for some time. I hope they are okay.
  8. I prefer to be around dogs instead of people. I cannot stand some people. Dogs makes me happy.
  9. I managed to do laundry this morning. I am so exhausted I need to go sleep for a bit.
  10. That's good you are working out and you lost a bit of weight. I am trying to do some walking daily but it is not going well for me. Many years ago when I was better I used to work out two hours at the gym. Do you have any suggestions/tips for me to start my workout again?
  11. Many therapists and pdoc's are clueless. They do not have any real life experience. They read some books and they think they are God.
  12. JD another poster was asking if you have dental insurance? If you can fix your teeth that may make you feel a bit optimistic.
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