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  1. I have a headache since yesterday. No relief in sight. Today is one more day closer to my death.
  2. I agree. I say life is BS.
  3. Welcome back. I missed you.
  4. I still hate people and this pathetic planet.
  5. Saturday October 14, 2017 See my family physician GP Sobey's grocery office Hughes gas station.....air in tires.....Sienna Van. Walmart Superstore cream cone. Leduc/Airport look at houses. Saw KLM AIRBUS A 330-300. Write post about my childhood and adult abuse for Starbucks......Daelynn and Sydney Block 1912......Ryan saw me and came over to chat. McDonalds.....Sit in my car and listen to music. Phone Joe....his phone died.
  6. I hate people and their stupid world. Life is nonsense.
  7. Friday October 13, 2017 DF chat room Therapist Library Mall Starbucks....Daelynn and Sydney Block 1912....Mikayla and Paulina......Tim and Ryan came late. Sit in my car and listen to music and people watch.
  8. I just came home @ 2:34 am. I am eating peanuts. I am VERY angry with the state of my life. I do not want to speak to anyone.
  9. Well let's say they are on the opposite sides of a coin.
  10. Just saw my therapist. I had lots to tell him. Time ran out again. I told him I will pay him double for another hour but he said he has another client. I am disappointed about the up coming cricket tournament in Australia. Our key England player Ben Stokes got into a fight and now he cannot go to Australia. I waited four years for this tournament. This is BS.
  11. What's up? I am listening.
  12. Peace is silver but silence is golden.
  13. Try to live life five minutes at a time.
  14. "Life, at its best, is a losing proposition. Nobody ever comes out of it alive." - Mark Twain -