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  1. Me too. My life is too much pain and suffering. I cannot take it much longer.
  2. We love you Sober. You are an awesome person.
  3. I read somewhere happiness come when we find a purpose for our lives. I am trying to find mine.
  4. I feel a bit tired, a bit relaxed, a bit at peace. I do not want to be a slave anymore. It's a strange feeling.
  5. I really dislike those type of issues. It's a pain in the butt.
  6. I was having severe headaches for many months. My primary/family doctor told me he cannot find anything wrong. One day I went to a different doctor and immediately told me my b pressure is high. He prescribed some meds and I bought them and took one. Ten minutes later my headache went away.
  7. I am physically tired and mentally drained. I am counting the days.
  8. That's cool Sober. Please let us know how the tree cutting goes. In the winter all my trees go dead then they come back to life in the summer. My visiting uncle wanted to cut all my trees down one winter. He is from the tropics where the trees remain green year round. 😁
  9. I am feeling down and wanting to cry.
  10. I met a friend named Ken for coffee then I went for a walk. I made a late night phone call to another friend named Warren.
  11. What's going on? I missed something?
  12. One of the main reasons is because the people in charge hire friends and family who are clueless.
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