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  1. duck

    Natasha1's "How Is Your Weather Today?" #18

    Today was warm .......minus 17 Celsius/ 1.4 F
  2. duck

    TA's "What's On Your Mind Right Now?" Thread, Part 2

    On my mind right now are the physical disabilities I have developed.
  3. Contact your doctor and ask if you can increase the Clonazepam. Many years ago I was given a good opportunity to work as a teller in a bank. My anxiety was so high I had to quit. I could not take it. I hope you can manage with an increase or different medication.
  4. duck

    Goodnight thread

    Good night all. Sweet dreams.
  5. duck

    Natasha1's "How Is Your Weather Today?" #18

    minus 23 Celsius/minus 9 F light snow.
  6. duck

    Goodnight thread

    Goodnight all. HUGS.
  7. HIGH FIVE for both accomplishments. I paid many bills and got my financial house in order. I stayed home because it is brutally cold outside. Minus 22 Celsius and windy.
  8. duck

    What’s a good reason to live?

    I would like to enjoy summer. I am counting down the days.
  9. duck

    No other to talk to

    We are here for you. Please keep posting.
  10. duck

    What Did You Do Today? #2

    I watched a bit of the Superbowl, then slept, then tried to correct my name on my credit report. Someone changed my name on my file. GGRRRRR
  11. duck

    What Did You Do Today? #2

    family doctor, drugstore, two different banks, anxiety/depression group was full.
  12. duck

    Favorite Talk Shows 8-]]

    I used to like Jay Leno but he retired or got fired. I like Seth Meyers. Trevor Noah from the Daily Show. John Stewart the former host was better.
  13. I agree the way we carry ourselves may have something to do with it.
  14. duck

    How Do You Feel Right Now #10

    Oh no. I hope you do not get ill. That sucks.