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  1. I am am having a piece of cheese cake with decaf coffee. (yummy)
  2. I am having breakfast now at 7pm my time. I am guessing you are at work.
  3. I just got up for the day. Feeling like crap again. Many people have left DF. I am sad.
  4. Good morning Nightjar Good morning everyone! I hope you all have a peaceful day. I am about to go to bed. It’s early morning my time.
  5. Please don’t go Sober! I will miss you.
  6. Good morning Nightjar! Happy Sunday everyone! I am about to go to bed now. It is 4 am my time.
  7. I believe I had four altogether. I had the last one four months ago. I haven’t heard about a fifth one as yet. I am sure it will be coming soon.
  8. Smart move Sober! I do small amounts at a time. I spread it out over several days.
  9. I just came home from the grocery store. Everything is so expensive. The root of my shoulder blade is hurting. First it was the right side one. Now it’s the left side one. I don’t understand why this is happening.
  10. We should be warm plus 2 Celsius (34 Fahrenheit) for the next seven day then back to winter
  11. I agree with you Sober! I am tired of hearing lies from politicians. How’s the weather today? We are around 34f now.
  12. Thanks Nightjar . It was good. It will be every Thursday for the next five weeks.
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