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  1. Oh NIghtjar, I am a very complex and complicated relationship with my three older sisters. I am the youngest and only son. My second and third sister lives with me in my house. I pay all the bills, property tax etc. Things got worse around February 2019. I decided to transfer my home to them. That transaction was completed February 2020. Back in 2005 my third sister bought a semi/duplex in another city. She claimed she was going to move there but she never did. This semi/duplex has been sitting empty. Recently, she decided to sell it so I travelled to this far away city with her and I am doing chores for her such as painting and so on. I painted the front door exterior today. Three coats. I also did a third coat of paint on the large garage door. I will try to explain as the days go by. I am not sure if she wants to sell it or keep it because she changes her mind every ten seconds. Thanks for your support!
  2. Yes I am enjoying the cooler summer weather. I painted the garage door and I am hoping to paint the front door exterior. This is on my sister's house.
  3. Sorry to hear! Did you go to the hotel as yet? Raining and cooler here.
  4. Sorry to hear Sober! I hope that changes soon and you start feeling better.
  5. I am wondering if you can get a subsidized apartment in the meantime because Covid has delayed your Government housing.
  6. Can you and your husband and daughter move out and get an apartment or house? I think you may feel better living away from mother-in-law.
  7. That's a huge challenge sometimes. I avoid them sometimes. If I am comfortable with them I keep in touch. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just cut the front lawn. The battery has to be recharged then I will do the back lawn.
  8. I thought its always cold and rainy on the island which interrupts my cricket matches
  9. I have been fortunate to have support groups in my town which I attend weekly. I learned lots from them. There are therapists on youtube which may help
  10. I enjoyed reading your post AS!
  11. FJ, sorry to hear you are going through this. I think Another Statistic posted some good info.
  12. Sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. Yes you do need more rest.
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