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  1. Glad you went out. Sorry you did not know it is a holiday today. Doctor Martin Luther King Jr birthday.
  2. I watched NFL. Sorry about all the snow coming your way Sober.
  3. I will keep moving until the pain goes away then I will start training for marathons
  4. I have been busy taking our vehicles to the shop and getting repairs done. I cry because I used to repair our vehicles but since my major illness I cannot do things like before. I pulled a muscle in my back. It hurts to move. I still keep moving as much as possible. I am out of shape. I need to find a trainer and get back into shape.
  5. Hugs to you too. We are here to support each other.
  6. Sorry to hear you so ill. It’s sucks to get sick!
  7. Yes the original! The cable company gave me some free channels for a month.
  8. I am watching The Honeymooners now
  9. Sorry to hear you are suffering so much.
  10. Please FedEx some to me. I am freezing in Alberta. -23 Celsius/-12 F
  11. I am watching sports from Australia
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