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  1. On Friday I did over ten thousand steps. I went to pick up a rental car and there was a delay so I walked around the neighborhood and then later in the evening I walked again. on Saturday it rained all day and I had a virtual funeral to attend so I did not walk.
  2. Oh no! This is awful! I don’t know what to say. Sorry to hear.
  3. I slept on and off on the couch. I don’t want to go to bed because I will sleep for hours and hours then stay awake all night. I am searching for a new hobby. Some many choices. Maybe I can learn a new skill.
  4. I saw my family doctor today. My appointment went okay aside from him being late. He showed me hot to use a new medication named Ozempic. It’s sort of like an epi pen or whatever it’s called. I have to inject myself once a week. He did it with me and it was okay. He told me the side effects will make me sleepy , tired, constipated. This is just great because I already have those issues. my Blood pressure is a bit higher than it should be. Ozempic medication is supposed to suppress my appetite Good news is I lost fourteen pounds. I am now 261. Last February I was 275 lbs. (Before I became ill I was 177 lbs. )
  5. Sorry to hear. I have been acting out more and more recently
  6. My headache eased but I am not sleeping. I have been up for twenty five hours straight. I hope to get some sleep soon. My sisters are harassing me again. Earlier today they were asking me for their password for their utility bill online account! This is insane! It never ends. How in the world would I know their password??? Three days ago she was hounding me for another password. She demanded to see the book which I write my passwords in. I had this same issue at my last job. Female employees were hounding me for information when they should be asking their manager. Some of them were cussing/swearing at me. Some of them threw coins at my face. I was just an ordinary employee. This insanity to a whole new level. When I tell doctors and therapists they tell me I am the problem! I am gonna have to hire a lawyer to deal with these issues. I cannot deal with this nonsense anymore. This is harassment! Thanks for listening.
  7. I am still having headaches. My BP must be high. I will be seeing my doctor on Wednesday. I am trying to relax and eat bananas.
  8. We are also in lockdown again. I am sick of this. Lockdown does not help. Cases are rising daily. I am fed up being at home in a cave. This is like being in prison! Vaccinated people are dying.
  9. What happening? Call for help if you need to.
  10. Both of our remote car starters stopped working a month ago. After spending hours and hours online watching videos and reading manuals I was able to reprogram one car. There seems to be a hardware issue with the second car. We need it because our winters are brutal. I managed a short walk this evening. I would have liked to walk more but it is midnight here and windy and cold.
  11. Same here. Once a year bills take up too much time. I triple check everything.
  12. Thank you for your support Bulgakov! I did well last week. I went for long walks and showered almost daily. I also did many chores. I thought I would do better this week but I fell of a small cliff. I get these false starts all the time. Our nightime temperatures are below freezing. I don't like it.
  13. headaches two days in a row, no shower for three days, No energy to do chores.
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