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  1. I woke up two hours ago 9 am MST. I was sweating like a mule.
  2. Hi nojoy, I am glad you posted. I was getting concerned. I am happy to see you. 🙂
  3. Oh no. This is awful. PM me if you want to talk.
  4. I dislike the Christmas tree because of too many white lights. It seems the tree was on a diet.
  5. I have been destroying old receipts for the past four hours. This was long overdue. I need to do an hour or two everyday.
  6. If you try a walking group or an anxiety/depression group you may meet some good people.
  7. Awesome. I like your positive attitude. 🙂
  8. Yesterday was Cyber Monday therefore today is Cyber Tuesday? 🙂
  9. I also think having a few good friends helps. When I was in the depths of depression one of my friends phoned me every day. I rarely answered but he still called. Being stuck in a dead end job is not good. It would be cool if you could be around fun people. Distractions helped me.
  10. I would suggest you go to a regular doctor and tell her/him how you are feeling. If she/he is not supportive seek help from another doc. Ask if there are any support groups in your area. Supports groups are usually facilitated by psychologists. You can go to meetup.com and look for support groups there or just fun groups. This could be a long process. It took five years for me to feel somewhat better.
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