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  1. I just had steamed ripe plantains. I love it.
  2. I would love to move to Florida. I have visited twice and I loved it plus I have cousins there.
  3. I am in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. There is a place named Cardiff one hour north. I would have to assume people from Cardiff settled here. Cricket fans know there is always major test matches in Cardiff, Wales.
  4. Just thought I would let you know we have a place named Cardiff about an hour drive from my place.
  5. Cloudy and warm. Happy Easter to all who are celebrating.
  6. water...I need to drink more water everyday.
  7. decaf coffee and cream soda
  8. Green tea I also need to lose weight for my overall well being and for my niece's wedding which is in October.
  9. I am sipping a bit of Coke soda/pop.
  10. Hi StacyG, welcome to the forum. Please ask your pharmacist if the two medications are safe for you.
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