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  1. NOOOO. Talk to us please.
  2. Christmas presents. I gave $100 to a nice young lady named Rose who works at Starbucks. Her face lights up every time she sees me.
  3. I went for a drive to some places I used to visit when I was working and it triggered my memory? It brought back a lot of pain.
  4. I ordered the iPhone X then I changed my mind and ordered the iPhone 8 plus 256 GB. Three of them. I currently have three Samsung Note 5 Neo. Anyways I love having three phones. I will get new phone numbers for now and keep my old phones for a few months to see if my new carrier is up to par. I will then have six phones for a few months.
  5. Today two of my sisters took the day off to spend time with me. I bought vacuum cleaner bags from a shop I heard about because Sears is no longer in business. Bed and Bath.....a new store boots for winter....we will see how it goes candles lunch.......yummy :) Real Canadian Superstore -------------------------------- Men's Group Starbucks.........Rose was working......she is sweet .......she is like my daughter if I had one. :) Block1912 Cafe Walk with my buddy Ken Phone my brother-in-law. Joe returned my call.
  6. Psychiatry/Psychology : A Sham

    I seeing two psychologists on Friday. A charges $140. B changes $120 Total = $ 260 I love it. I will not have any money for myself.
  7. Psychiatry/Psychology : A Sham

    Sober I am sorry you went through hell with parasites. I am your buddy and no one can hurt you now.
  8. Psychiatry/Psychology : A Sham

    The vast majority of self-help books are written for so called normal people and to make millions for their authors. The do not work for depressed people. Normal people can work on changing their thinking by reading them.
  9. I SHOULD dress up like a creepy clown for Halloween.
  10. salparadise6132, how are you buddy? I hope you are okay.
  11. Hertz, how are you doing? Are you okay?
  12. Psychiatry/Psychology : A Sham

    LonelyHiker, Thank you for starting this thread. It helps me get things off my mind. HIGH FIVE!
  13. Psychiatry/Psychology : A Sham

    Last year I was in a six week psychiatric program at the local hospital. One day a student in her late fifties named Audrey told me out loud in class , "You are the most negative person I have ever met. I do not want to be around you." What a stupid comment since I suffer from Dysthymia since I was born. People who suffer from Dysthymia are often misdiagnosed as being negative. I also suffer from MDD too which makes me see negative in every situation. My point is group therapy is another sham made up by health professionals. They claim it works. How can it work when I have to put up with arrogant group members?
  14. Psychiatry/Psychology : A Sham

    IMHO psychology is only 20 to 30% effective. Changing my thinking alone is not so simple. I have 70,000 thoughts a day so if I change ten of them I sill have thousands more.
  15. Psychiatry/Psychology : A Sham

    HIGH FIVE! You are absolutely correct.